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  1. What a small world @shellieh98!!! I have been gone from the boards for years and just popped back. I read your post and there is in Grand Junction. I grew up in Western Co and we are preparing to move back. Such a wonderfully small world. I will have to stop in!
  2. How are you all doing in CIC land??
  3. I was getting nostalgic about CIC and wanted to come back in visit... I may hang around a bit.. I have a little bit of clean up to do, and it never hurts to take a refresher and read up a bit! Hi back!! Great to still see some friendly faces!
  4. Great to see everyone is still kickin'!
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    Mega Post Whores

    ((((((MAMA K AND EVERYONE!))))))))))
  6. This place always holds a place in my heart! Home away from home!
  7. Hiya (((JAY))) I thought I would stop in for a brief moment as well.
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    Mega Post Whores

    I haven't logged in since.. forever! I can't believe I am still in the top 10!!!
  9. I KNOW! I am SUCH a slacker :) I never forget CIC though
  10. Yay!! Congrats! Seems like you just got engaged! Funny how times flies, isn't it?
  11. New job, new promotion = very good thing = busy = less times to be on the boards Also doing the 3 day breast cancer walk... so I am a walking fool! Just livin' the dream! How are you doing?
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    Chevy Volt

    car porn! who knew?
  13. Hi Everyone How's it going? Thought I would drop in and say "hola!"
  14. Happy Belated Birthday Mama K!!! :) I Hope you enjoyed your day! We LOVE YA!
  15. Trim away.. I still have it! Hehe!
  16. This insurance company uses various resources, they look at current NADA, Blue Book and local area value. They take into account modification and such and sometimes it is a good idea to mention things (ie.. if you just bought new tires, etc) For most insurance companies when the damage is around 80 percent of the value of they car they start looking at totallying it because most of the time they can only assess what they see. If they suspect damage beyond that at it is sitting at 80 percent they may order a tear down to know for sure and still end up totallying it. Many times there are "supplements" once the car is in the shop of additional work or additional cost that people aren't counting on or hidden damage. Frame damage can be fixed by the way. It just depends on how bad the frame damage is. There really isn't a list of things that will deem a car totaled because each car is different. I have seen cars such as a 92 Honda accord involved in a small fender bender. The Accord was in perfect condition but when it was hit it dented the front quarter panel and half the bumper was torn off. Just that alone deemed the car totaled even though it could be fixed for next to nothing. I have seen a complete overhaul on a ford truck that I would have never believed could be fixed (before I knew anything about the estimating process) that was in for about 10 days and looked as good as the day they bought it when it left. It is just important you find a good body shop with good warranties. And just so you know... it isn't always they dealer that does the best job. The dealer can't do any better of a job than a reputable body shop. Many people believe that, but it just isn't true. Fact is that many times if they are backed up they sublet the work to said shop anyway so that the customer isn't waiting 3 months for their car back. Hope this helps. If you have questions on windshields I can help too
  17. They don't make cars the way they used to.. Not having a big boat of a car or full framed vehicle is a good thing.. it is meant to absorb the impact and fall apart so that your body doesn't absorb the impact.... I don't suggest BMW or Jags for that matter... because if you do have to get them fixed, it is an arm and a leg. I recommend Honda and Toyota...
  18. Move to Utah!! If you have debt (secured or unsecured) including mortgage, I personally think that one should have enough money to cover those things. This makes it much less of a nightmare for people that would have to deal with your estate if something were to happen to you. Esp if you have children. So there are a few options there. You can get insurance that decreases over time as you pay off your mortgage and then the premium shrinks but then you don't really have anything. I am generally pro-term and then save the difference you would pay and invest it in a low risk account but I am very conservative with my money... others (including other agents) do have other views but that is my personal feeling on the matter. I do have some perm life but that is because my mom started it when I was about 10 and it just worked out that way.
  19. I have said 12 of those.. guess I am a weirdo! LOL... Either that or my BF is just VERYYY Lucky! haha
  20. Life insurance... is very VERY different for each person, and when there are kids involved it can get to be a sticky situation. I have a strong insurance background and I have noticed that most people are either pro-term or pro- whole life. Not too much in between. I would suggest that you sit down and discuss your situation with an licensed agent in your state. There are many things to consider and not all insurance sales people are out for your money. Many of them actually care to give you what is appropriate for your situation because if it isn't truly what you need, most will realize that and stop paying their premium or go to someone that takes a personal interest. Previous posters are right.. there is much to consider. For example if you put the beneficiary of your children and something were to happen to you before they turned 18 the money wouldn't technically go to them, it would go to their care taker. So that raises the question of who should take care of your children if something were to happen to you. You can leave the money behind for specific things but then you usually have to look into setting up trusts at that point, etc. It CAN get complicated, but it doesn't have to be. For what you have presented so far, if you were sitting down with me I would probably encourage you to look into term insurance but there are many questions left to be asked (do you have a mortgage, lots of debt, any special situations, etc) and it is best to sit down with a licensed professional to figure it all out thoroughly.
  21. heehee.. Tina had great stories!!
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    I am SOOO proud of you Jay!!!! Congrats!!
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    Phone response

    LMAO...!!! I would love to see this done to a debt collector!
  24. awww! Congrats bumpy! :)