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  1. When exactly does CHOD start? Thanksgiving??? I'm getting my letters ready!
  2. The SOL is 6 years. I want to pay this account. Is there anyway at all they'll re-open my account?
  3. Oh. Ok. I didn't even think it was possible. It hasn't been a year yet. I think the SOL is longer than that. Thanks, I'll check.
  4. Its not too old. Last time I paid on the account ($46.89) was last October. The next bill was due November 23, 2004 was for $302.67 ($15.00 min payment) Should I call the OC instead of RAB inc. I'd rather do that and settle with them. I now owe... after fees, etc... $698.07. And...I just found a letter from RAB offering to settle for $558.46. This letter is dated 7/26/05 which is before the Capital One letter telling me to call RAB and settle for 70% of the debt. I hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  5. Hi everyone! I got a letter from them offering to settle my debt for..."as little as 70% of the balance. The letter further reads, "This is your opportunity to settle this debt for a portion of your balance. Plus, when you fulfill this offer we will let the credit bureaus know that your charged-off debt has been paid by settlement." (That's not good for me is it? Charge-off paid by settlement is negative right?) They wrote that this is a limited time offer that expires 9/30/05. I got this letter a month ago but have been holding off untill I had $$ to give them. I have $$ now to pay. I just need to know the best way to go about this. The letter says to call them and another part of the letter says... "The solutions team at RAB is helpful and courteous." Does anyone know who RAB is? I know I won't be talking to Capital One directly.
  6. Thanks. I'm getting a loan for school and I'm getting a refund. I want to give them $1200-$1300 to settle but how do I go about it?
  7. If I started paying the interest on my student loans, will it help raise my score? If so, approx. how much?
  8. I tried to negotiate with the OC, in the past but they wouldn't. They threatened to garnish my wages and said they wanted the money in full. I told them if they can't take payments, they get nothing. I just have to figure out what $$$ is reasonable to settle for.
  9. Great! Thanks for the info. When I do pay them, what should I ask to settle for? I owe $1800, so they say. I'm sending some things I don't need from my old apt and clothes I don't wear to the refugees on the gulf coast. I have to do my part and I'm broke. I'm going to use some of my refund from my student loan to pay these jerks.
  10. I haven't gotten any letters from them. The first time I spoke with anyone was yesterday. All they kept saying was if I don't pay they would have to proceed further with their lawyers. I think its just a collection agency. I know its not the actual company. They said the people I borrowed $$ from filed a complaint against me. I'm waiting for them to call back so I can get them again to reveal who they are and get them to send me proof by mail of these debts. I'm going to tell them, "I'm not sending anything or giving you my checking account #'s without it." "I don't know who you are!" "How can I trust you!" The debts are a year old.
  11. I have a similar problem. Is it valid in PA?
  12. Thanks so much for responding. I've read the posts before. I just wasn't sure if they could actually take me to court. I live in Pennsylvania. I'll chack with the state attorneys office tomorrow. Here is what she said to me... "We are offering you an opportunity to settle thses accounts. _________________(names of three loan companies) have filed complaints against you for failing to pay them back loans you took out." They have nothing to do with you being unemployed, or your lack of hours. You owe them money and I'm trying to help you settle this. You have two options, do you have a lawyer? (me: "no.") "Well then I'm documenting that you are waving your right to an attorney." (me: "NO! I'm not waving my right, I don't have one. I never needed one before, but I CAN get one") "Your second option is to make a arrangement with postdated checks to pay $315 dollars a month for six months. (me: "I don't have any money, I'm not working, I'm still looking.") "I don't care about that, you have 48 hours to come up with a checking account, a job or the $$$." "If not, we will take further action in the courts" "If you can find the energy to get a lawyer then you can get a checking account and a job!" That's the best I can remember of the conversation. I don't even know the name of the company who called. She said it so fast. How do I get their info. What do I say to get it so I can send the letters? Should I just wait for them to call me again?