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  1. Oh my gosh!! Sharky!! Hi!!!!! And you too, Wickeday! *sniffle* Good times, good times.
  2. As always, I'm still on top of Doccy. #2 whore, baby. Even after a couple of years. Hi (((((((((((((Momma K)))))))))))))
  3. Oooh, that's right!! You're getting SOOOO close now!! Woohooo for you guys! And, it's wonderful - it just gets better and better. LOL whocares! Ya know, it's been a couple of months since I've made cupcakes. It's time to make another batch! (((((((((((Cav))))))))))))) How the heck are ya?! I've been...um...doing stuff. I guess. Not getting online much at all, actually, other than school stuff. Your mom called. She said suck it! ((((((((((Jaybob)))))))) (Yes, you're still programmed into my phone as Jaybob Gaypants. LOL) Oh Momma K, how you're missed!!! I'm coming down to Sedona for a few days this May. Maybe I can take a drive and come see ya!! It's been WAY too long! Doccy...Musey...Kimmy...where is yous?? Oh, and Rav....you can't handle the truth.
  4. Just thought I'd drop in and say hey. It's been so long, I'd forgotten my password here. So, uh, from what I gather, Doccy is driving a truck now? Hmmm?! Doc, are you coming through town anytime soon? Do you still have my number? ((((((((everyone))))))))) Has Nimmy been back at all? I haven't heard from him since the day before my wedding when he backed out of his RSVP. He knows he woulda got a beatdown! I think of you, Jay, every time I see the lady at work with green boots. *le sigh* So, we've been married almost a whole 8 months now...have a new beagle (Obi)...back in school (yet again! Only one more year left! LOL)...got certified to do reiki (energy healing) and am about to start doing it as a career at my job (w00t!)...which I still love, btw....still ain't having no stinkin' babies....miss you guys tons!...am addicted to sweet tea and my new iPhone.... Umm....that's about it. How's you people?
  5. Meana Weena texted me yesterday and said you guys started a thread for me....so I wanted to stop by and say THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU for the bday wishes!!! *huggles* Hope you're all doing fantastic! Love yas!!!!!!!! p.s. (((((((((Musey)))))))) got your text messaging fixed yet!? LOL!
  6. Could be that. Or the meals all the other yummy places we sneak off to. You look totally hot, though! And I like the blonde even better in person.
  7. The wedding pictures are up! WOOOOT! http://clients.jessereich.com/cart/index.php?gnum=156 Type in your email address and the password: sexyback At the bottom of the page, you'll see links to the sets: PreCeremony, PostCeremony, Ceremony & Reception. If you're using IE, you can see these just fine...if you're using Firefox, you can just barely see the tops of the letters and will have to search for the links.
  8. Well, lady time may not have even been an issue...a lot of birth control now puts a stop to that time anyway. However, 101 days in a row? No thanks. I'm surprised the lady didn't get a bladder infection after getting that much booty.
  9. I've gained all but 2 pounds back.
  10. c m chase

    Its Time...

    Have a blast!! Wish I could be there!!!
  11. I can't even keep up the one...uh...two that I have.
  12. Oh gosh, no...I've only had the camera for a few months, actually (though I've always like taking pics in general). I have taken one photography class - and that got me to know enough to never use the 'automatic' setting again. Once you get off that, you can do all sorts of stuff! But thanks! LOL And someone did just email me today saying she wanted me to take her maternity shots for her....so there's my first paying gig. Grrrr, I KNOW! I really debated between the 1.4 and the 1.8 and only ended up getting the 1.8 because I was too impatient to save up for the other. The 1.8 was only $89 on Amazon!! *drool* I'll have to check out the 85mm. It sounds delicious! GIRL! It was awesome!!!!!! When we got there, Tango noticed the guy giving us the car had the same wedding ring on as him and commented on it. That led into a 'we just got married' conversation and the guy upgraded us to a hybrid for no extra. It was soooo much fun to drive! Thank you again! You rock my socks!
  13. XTi. I have the f/3.5 18-55mm (which is just the kit lens, but isn't nearly as crappy as I once thought! LOL) and the f/1.8 50mm. I friggin' LOVE my 50mm!
  14. Here's a few to last ya until the actual wedding pictures show up.
  15. Here are some pictures to get you started. We have TONS of pictures and videos to show, though, and I'll get those up when we get back from the honeymoon. But for now.... The Photobooth Pics (just enter your email address...there's no password) Bye all! See ya in a week! And I LOVE YOU JENN! You were a lifesaver.
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