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  1. Hi guys, I havent been here in a long time, good to be back. I just recieved a letter today from an attorney acting as a collector regarding a vehicle repo that was TEN years ago. Long story short I had the vehicle repoed and after FMC sold the vehicle I still owed a little less than 3k which I never paid and they got a default judgement against me in my local court jurisdiction sometime in the year 2000. They are about to get a lovely (sarcasm) letter from me needless to say. This is past the sol ( I checked) and the OC ALREADY got a judgement against me for the remaining balance. This judgement and original account are already long gone from my credit report due some serious disputing a few years ago. On top of this the collections letter states they are trying to collect almost 10k! How crazy is this?
  2. I'm sorry you are correct, I misworded that. It did increase my utilization% which is the whole reason I have the problem with Chase right now. I was previously at about 25% on this card but since they lowered my CL , I'm now around 50%.
  3. even though they lowered my credit limit it did not go below my balance, oh they better be glad they did not do that. so no the only negative impact is that it lowered my utilization %.
  4. So I've had this Chase card for over a year, been loving them all along, giving great cl increases, etc. Well I put in for a bt basically to consolidate some lower limit cards and sock drawer those, and then a few days later my bt is denied and they have lowered my cl by almost half. So I will be paying Chase off asap and they will be relegated to the sock drawer. (and btw not CM CHASE, she's not evil, as far as I know)
  5. Thanks Angel, I had thought to dispute the balance with the CRA, but just didn't want to take the chance of getting it deleted. This is looking like my only option to get it updated ASAP.
  6. I got an unsecured card with Orchard with unpaid chargeoffs a few years old, and scores lower than that.
  7. I live in Mississippi, so for many months after Hurricane Katrina, most of my accounts didn't update, basically showed no activity and all had a note"affected by natural diasater". Which was fine with me! However most of these started reporting again in February, again fine. One of these cards is still showing a item reported date of Sept 2005, which wouldn't be so bad, but in September it had a balance about 75% of my credit limit, now it has a $0 balance, which I know would help my utilization if only it would update! How do I get it to update?
  8. Found a new code on myfico today 5YRANNIV good for 20% off, it says for limited time, don't know the expiration date.
  9. So these accounts are 6-7 years old and the late payments are over 5 years old? If that is the case I would probably first try disputing maybe " payment history incorrect, paid never late" or something to that effect. That in my opinion may be the best option, because then you will have a positive tradeline with that history. If it doesn't work then on your second dispute maybe you could try the "old/obsolete please delete". I think in my case I just got lucky, the rep probably just didn't bother to verify and they deleted, or they contacted original creditor and they didn't have the records/ or they just didn't answer within the 30 days. I think the best way to dispute on this would be a letter cmrrr.
  10. Hmm, I'm not sure about disputing just the payments, I just used this method to get an entire tradeline deleted. Example: I had a car repo that wasn't set to expire for over 2 years, I disputed it as old/obsolete and it fell off. The same with a couple of chargeoffs that were about 2 years away. These were things that I wanted absolutely off and didn't care about the age. So if you're wanting to keep the age you may want to use this method with caution as it may get the entire tradeline deleted.
  11. I have heard this before, and I am really curious. How would fico know if you have a checking/savings?
  12. I usually dispute those as "old and obsolete" even some that didn't expire for up to 2 years (5 years old) and they usually come off.
  13. I just wanted to post something for Miracle In the very early 70's Mississippi the legislature set liability limits 10/20/5, and it stayed that way for over 30 years until Jan 1 of this year, when they changed it to 25/50/25! When I moved here and found out about this I almost passed out! The sad part is about 60% of all the policys I have looked at in my company had these limits. People here go in to there agent and say I want the lowest limits possible to get the cheapest rate. Same with deductibles, people go to 500 or 1000 to TRY to get cheaper rates, and end up not even able to pay that when the time comes.
  14. I have never disputed an inquiry with the OC, I have always done it through the CRA. I don't know if they are deleting them, or supressing them, but I do know they DO NOT show up the credit reports that I request myself. I have had every inquiry deleted(supressed, or whatever they did to it) from EQ and TU that is not attached to a TL, however I was only successful with EX on about half of those that I disputed.