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  1. I thought I read on PG website that they don't allow both husband and wife to get the $1.00 deal.
  2. Thank you Ravenous. I appreciate your information. I will check out credit unions this coming week. And yes, I did need the furniture. When we moved I gained an additional living room for which I had no furniture. Plus I needed a new mattress. I had no idea these companies were sub prime. They were all the store carried in the way of financing. My father told me also to be sure and make my payments on time otherwise they will come back and charge me interest from the beginning. So this one will be top of my list for payments. One last question - will this help my credit? I would like to get a credit card soon that gives you airline miles. Thanks! P.S. I received a credit card in the mail in association to Slumberland Furniture. It says Home Deisgn and on the back it says Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia. Is that still considered sub-prime?
  3. A while back I was told by a CA it was "against the law to delete the TL from my CR unless it was an invalid debt and this is NOT an invalid debt".
  4. The $3000 loan is with GE Consumer Finance and it is 24 months, 0% interest. The $500 loan is with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank 0% interest until 2007. Is the GE sub prime? The GE and Wells Fargo is who Slumberland uses for everyone wanting to finance.
  5. Lucky - the $500 is for more furniture. But they can't combine the two loans because they are two different loan companies. I just wasn't sure if I had two new loans instead of one if that would hurt my credit or if it looked like they checked my credit but didn't give me a loan - if that would hurt my credit. I am leaning toward taking the loan - after all it is only $500 and can be paid off pretty quickly. I just wanted to get another person's perspective. Thanks Lucky!
  6. I went to the furniture store to purchase new furniture. I was at first denied with Wells Fargo. But approved for $3000 through another company (24 months no interest). I called Wells Fargo because they told the salesman I was denied because I have too many installment accounts. The problem is that I have no installment accounts and I had even checked PG the night before to make sure. Wells Fargo told me that I was really denied because I don't have enough credit (which I am working on). However, they said they would approve me for $500. My question is two-fold. I could use the $500 or not - either way it doesn't matter to me. 1. If I took the $500 would that lower or raise my score because I also now have the $3000 loan. 2. If I don't take the $500 would that lower my score because it shows they checked my credit but yet I don't have a loan with them so would that look like I was denied and lower my score? By the way - I was registered under another name several months ago and I can't remember my name or passwork so I re-registered. But I want to thank everyone here. 1 1/2 years ago I had no score because I had no credit plus the stuff that was on there wasn't too good. Through this board I learned enough to raise my FAKO score to 680 (Equifax) within about 6 months. I qualified for $185,000 house loan and we are now in our new "dream" house - 3,000 sq ft with over 6 acres, barn and shop and with excellent schools. Of course we are paying out the wazoo as far as the interest rate goes but can refi in 2 years. Thanks again to everyone here!
  7. Thanks. I think I understand it a little better.
  8. Can anyone please explain it to me in simple terms? The loan papers we received show a higher APR than Interest Rate.
  9. Well, they approved us! Just waiting on title stuff and whatever else the other side has to do. They're also waiting for my landlord to call back. Yeah, good luck with that one! We can't ever get her to call us back to fix stuff. So I doubt she'll call them back. Anyway, keeping fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong...knock on wood! Hopefully we will close the end of this month or beginning of next. Yeah! No more wasting money on rent. Thanks for your help!
  10. That's what we're doing - bank statements. However, they only want one bank statement. Should know something by tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. I make more than DH at the moment. He has his own account but they don't want to see it because they say we could be transfering money back and forth. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We were out of town on business.
  12. Everything was a go and then... I was preapproved on my own without DH for a loan using just my bank statements. However, since DH is listed on my account (it is a business checking account), they said they HAVE to include him on the loan. They did state they will not look at his score and the tax liens will not matter because it is a first mortgage and the tax liens will come second. They said they just have to make sure my ratios are still okay. They want to include DH but they won't include his income because they figure he probably puts money into my account. First of all, he hasn't put money in my account in over a year and I end up putting my money into his account. Has anyone had dealings with any of this? And what about the info they gave me on the tax liens. Is this correct? We're supposed to close the last day of the month and now I'm afraid we won't even get the loan. Thanks!
  13. I believe unpaid tax liens stay on until you pay them. And then they show "released or paid" on your credit report for 7 years. But if you never pay the lien, it will never come off.
  14. Are interest rates different in each state? Is it possible Missouri is higher than other states? As far as shopping around...does that mean I just go to different mortgage companies and they pull my credit and everything? I really don't want my credit pulled that much.
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