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  1. I owe Sears $1900. I have several lates on my credit reports going back several years. I am current now, but was late as recently as a year ago. Can someone tell me what percentage Sears might accept along with deleting the lates and showing me Paid/Closed or Paid As Agreed? I realize by being current now and asking for deletion of lates I'd have to pay a high % of what I owe. I am unemployed and it is hard to justify paying my minimum only to go further in debt due to the high interest rate (which they will never reduce). A family member would let me borrow some money to settle this , but
  2. I had started a similar thread about my experience at So when you ignored EQ's requests, did they still go ahead with your investigation? I'd like to do nothing since I've already provided them with plenty of info in my previous letters, but how long should I wait now before taking further action?
  3. I disputed several tradelines in a letter which was delivered to EQ on November 24. I enclosed a copy of my DL. I waited and received no reply, so on Dec 31 I sent another letter demanding removal of all disputed information, along with a copy of the first letter. That 2nd letter didn't include a copy of my DL although I did include my SSN & DOB. Today I received a form letter stating that they need documents (copies of DL & Social Insecurity card) to verify my identity. They haven't investigated anything after all this time. Aside from spending more $$ to re-send everything and repeat