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  1. After talking with a couple of banks I cannot refinance due to money owed vs. house worth. So after talking with Wells Fargo today, they guy recommended calling a company associated with them and sing a sad song. Perhaps I could get 1/2% lower. My question is: What is this called? If I do it, what should I be aware of, for example does my credit report get a note on it like you do when you are dealing with debt consolidation type people (I learned the hard way on that one). Does this work, he said he has seen mixed results.
  2. So we got in and the plaintiff had like 20 cases against people. I think 13 or so were default judgment because no one showed. Of the other 7 he was able to get 5 to come out in the hallway with him. When they returned they had a signed document agreeing payment. Two of us wouldn't even talk to him, and when he asked us to step out we said, "were all set". Dring trial we said we do not know if this is ours and we just want a signature. The judge said "Which they will have to have today, do you have this sir" he said no, they offered a postpone to which we said no, he had nothing, and we will have the verdict in the mail soon. Im pretty sure we won. One guy was talked into a postone so the JDB could get the proper documentation, and the judge said "and you agree to this?" he said "yes". And I saw a second JDB who was there for other people give a little smirk. It's such a shame how these guys bully these people around, im so greatful to this message board and cant thank everyone enough!
  3. Ok, so if he does call me to the stand and ask me these questions, I obviously have to tell the truth. So admitting that I did have this card and such is going to make me libel for the money, right? And if so, can I get the interest and fees and such taken off the total amount so that all I would owe is what was originally charged? I mean the credit limit which was never gone over except for fees after the card was already delinquent. Can I just say I dont recal if this is my debt? and that i require proof per the fcra
  4. Im actually going to court tomorrow. Are there trick questions? Should I avoid saying anything? Should I just say I do not recall this account and I would like proof that it is my account? How do I demand the things that are needed? If I do not bring up those things they need will I lose?
  5. The SOL has not passed. Tomorrow is the big day. Are there going to be trick questions? What should I say, what should I ask for? Should I not answer any questions?
  6. I stopped DV'ing because the CA's wern't reporting to the CRA's on some old debt's. Now I got a small claims coming up and would like to answer yet all the answer sample letters say that I DV and they never provided proof? Should I send it anyways? Am I screwed? They still have to prove that they own the debt and have the same exact things (signed agreement, staements, etc..) they need when DV'ing right?
  7. Woops I mean "they aren't reporting" So with that said, I DV in a timely manner, nothing or inadequate proof comes back, what should I do? Leave it alone and hope they stop? Send another DV threatening a lawsuit?
  8. I received a letter from a CA, they are reporting to a CRA but are claiming I owe. I will DV but what do I do when they do not validate the account? Should I still send another one and waith fifteen days? Then threaten to sue? Sue for what to stop sending me collection letters? If this goes to court will I be better off than not DVing?
  9. Hello, we made an offer on a hosue with no more or no less than say 6k back at closing. It was accepted and were were expecting to use the 6k to pay back the closing costs and use the rest for home improvements, but our bank says we dont get any cash back, it can only be used for closing costs, and the leftovers can go towards points to get a lower interest rate. So that was weird. Now, after inspection we asked for the seller to fix a couple things with the house and he accepted but offred money at closing instead, so we accepted and expected to get the money to fix the stuff, and now our bank is saying the same thing, it has to go towards closing and if theres any left over it can go towards points or a lower interest rate. I understand that is a putting it towards points is a good thing, but I assumed that all of this stuff had nothing to do with the bank. I thought the bank gave the seller the check for the amount, then the guy cut me a check for both the 6k and the amount agreed upon for repairs. They shouldnt have anything to do with it?
  10. I went for a preaproval in december and was preaproved for the package that needs a 680+ credit score with a 682. I opened 2 credit cards and have been doing the 15% balance thing always paying on time and barely using thing. My scores dropped initially but haven't rebounded yet? It's been exactly 6 months. How much longer before my scores are back to 680+?
  11. I understand that, but I have heard many times on this board that a TL wont effect your score as much as if you had it for 6 months at least, or a year. So In my case I have a 0% finance and 6 months of payments, should I space the next 6 months out and half a full 12 month history of OK'S or pay it today. I take it your saying either way, my scores will be the same?
  12. I have a TL from a dental finance at 0%. They gave me a Credit Limit of 5k and I used 1.5k. I have been paying for 6 months now and only owe 500 left. I have the 500 and was wondering when I should pay off the full amount? We are going for a house in a couple of months and we need to keep our scores right where they are, although I wouldnt complain if they went up a bit .
  13. Iv'e seen posts where they say TU says investigating is frivilous. But I have never seen someone get a letter that says they can't find my Credit Report. What kind of information should be put in a letter to the CRA's?
  14. I DV an OC no response, then sent the GC along with a letter to the CRA's asking them to remove. TU replied saying they cannot find my credit report. They ask me to send additional info, and they also attached a form askin me if a 3rd party is helping me and to give them the name if I am unhappy with them. I put my name address and the account number in question. I didn't think I should have to put my SSN? Should I resend with a SSN or call up?
  15. I have a family member who is being called by a CA. Everytime they call they say were not here (Becasue we live there, but it's not our phone). We tell them to say we don't live here but they never do (I have no idea why). I don't want to ask them to send a C&D, nor do I feel comfortable asking them if I can send one in there name, so can I send one saying that I don't live at the location they are trying to contact me at, and to Cease and Desist? It sucks getting postits with the people who called there phone for us.
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