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  1. For the first time dealing with Experian was a very nice thing. She returns my phone calls and I really felt that she was trying to help. She felt the same way than me that a CA with a suspended license can not be verified with. My problem is not solved yet but at least I did not have to deal with a rude person.
  2. If a CA has a suspended license ,does this mean that the credit bureau can not verify with them?
  3. can experian verify with a CA with suspended license?
  4. what should I do when Experian verified with a collection agency with suspended license???
  5. I have a collection with American Agencies >When disputed with TransUnion it has been deleted but experian verified?? what should I do
  6. I do have a collection account with my school. A CA is handling the account. I finally got the amount of 7000.00 to pay off the loan. When I asked the CA to delete the account if they want to get paid they refuse. Can CA report or not report at all a collection??