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  1. Great! Thanks! I figured that it would be beneficial but I wanted to make sure I knew for sure to make sure I didn't do anything stupid! Thanks again so much for the quick responses!
  2. I recieved a note in the mail from one of my credit cards that due to my account history I've been approved for a line of credit increase ..... would this be beneficial to my credit and my credit score? Any negatives to a line of credit increase? Thanks!
  3. I disputed an account with the OC and they sent me a letter stating that they are removing the tradeline with the CRA (and they sent me a copy of the paper they are sending to the CRA's) ..... how long should it be before I actually see that tradeline deleted from my reports on PG?
  4. I've had positive tradelines deleted from my reports for absolutely no reason at all and they were only a couple years old .......... nothing was ever disputed and just one day while pulling my reports I would see that a couple paid off car loans and a paid off home mortgage would just totally be gone, I sent of letters and just got bs answers ..... If these positive paid off trade lines were on my report I think I should be up atleast a good 50 in points maybe, it is really aggravating! I think I might try and make contact with my attorney general
  5. I'm in the process of trying to type up a letter to pay for delete ...... is there anyway you could post your letter for others who are trying to figure out how to best word a 'pay to delete' letter? Many Thanks!
  6. I started the process of cleaning up my credit on January 23, 2004. I wanted to post my updated scores for those that are new to this and need hope (some things will be easy for you to 'clean up' and others will have you banging your head on the wall but you will get results if you just hang in there) At the beginning of this process we were turned down for a home loan but now we are in the process of building our dream home and will be moving into our new home in December! scores on January 23, 2004 Equifax - 557 Transunion - 533 Experian - 525 scores on August 9, 2004 Equifax - 635 Transunion - 670 Experian - 636
  7. I have been working on cleaning up my credit since January and I've had great success (thanks to everyone on this board) with TransUnion and Equifax but Experian has been one tough cookie! I have 2 collection accounts with them that I are for very small amounts and I'm wondering if it would just be easier to pay them in agreement that they'll be deleted upon receipt of payment. What type of letter should I send them in order to get them to agree to delete the tradeline upon receipt of payment? Thanks in advance for any advice on this situation!
  8. I had filed a ch. 13 but a year later before it was discharged I 'converted' to a ch. 7 and the ch. 13 was then dropped off my credit reports and replaced by the ch. 7 .... If you are just 'converting' then chances are your ch. 7 will just be replaced by the ch. 13 on your credit report
  9. Thank you so much for your great help! You really helped me out a bunch towards making a good decision!
  10. I have a question about how an 80/20 loan works...I've heard that on the 20 part you only pay the interest on that true? And for any loan people out there...I'm trying to get an 'estimate' on an 80/20 loan of $184,474 if the 80 is done at 6.99% and the 20 is done at 10.5 and the yearly property tax is $5600 and the yearly mortgage insurance is $1080 .... I know I can't get an exact payment but I'm trying to get a close estimate to see if I should even be considering this option .... Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. What is a split file and the negatives of it and how do you get one and how do you avoid it? Thanks so much!
  12. yes, it's a mortgage loan ......... we've already been approved and are in the process of building our house but I'm hoping our score goes up before we close on the house so our interest rate will be better and according to myfico, my scores have all gone up atleast 12 points so I was hoping myfico scores would be what the loan company would see when they pull our credit a month before we close
  13. Is myfico scores the same scores that the loan agents see when they pull your credit? Thanks for your help!
  14. WOW! thanks so much for disecting that for me! I'm thinking of sending them another letting and explaining that I just don't fork out money to any 'joe schmo' who claims I owe them without first finding out if I really do owe them or not and I might use part of your disection to 'back me up'. This people on this board are AWESOME!