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  1. I had found a website a while back that listed all states and the Credit Report agency most commonly used and now I can't find it. It wasn't Who Pulled My Credit - it was something else. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Finally received letter from CA confirming conversation with President of OC. After 2 unsuccessful attempts - 3rd time was a charm.. Letter says they will remove from CR (already gone) and states the agreed upon amount as full payment. Thank you again everyone - Never would have been able to do it without all the good advice and guidance from this board. One thing I will say - this takes ALOT of PATIENCE and will not happen overnight - so don't get discouraged!! Keep at it and if you don't get the answer you want keep going higher up! Thank you again!
  3. Quick Update - I contacted all the CRA's and the CA has already removed from both my DH and I reports as of today! Still haven't sent payment though sent them a letter express mail which they received Monday - telling them to send me a letter saying they will remove it after I pay. WHOO - HOO !!! Patience and Persistance paid off! Thank You Thank You Thank You to everyone who has helped me down this long journey to removed this CA from CRs. Even though it is easy to get discouraged just don't take no for an answer!
  4. Well the President of the OC called me back today and said he spoke with the CA and they said they would remove it when they receive payment. I told him Thank You but I would need to get something in writing from the CA. He said no problem. He said his company is this CA biggest client and if I had any other problems feel free to call him back. YEAH!!!! I guess a little patience and persistence pays off. Anyways sent a letter to CA today confirming this conversation and telling them to send me a signed letter on company letter about removal from credit report and so forth and I would send them their money. Keep your fingers crossed!!!
  5. gdouglaslee: The debt has been assigned to the CA. Not sure what the difference is deliquent (late?) or default. Also what is a JDB? Also the President of the OC finally called me back yesterday (6/9) and said he was calling the CA to tell them that if I pay to take it off CR and that he would call me back to confirm. (Obvisouly I would get something in writing before paying) Since it took him well over 2 weeks from 1st conversation, I will only give him until tomorrow and then I will proceed with C & D to CA. One question should I send a copy of the C & D to the OC along with the settlement letter to sign? Thanks again for all your help and advice!
  6. 1. Can collect in my state by mail/phone - however may not sue without license (which they do not have). 2. Did send letters CMMR re violations - and oc can be held responsible in GA. 3. Will do! 4. Checked state laws- they said they mailed something - I never got it but it was never returned to them. So according to law they met requirements. 5. I knew we owed something but we never received anything from them - I even called and sent a letter with our new permanent address. I admit I never followed up again and now almost 2 yrs later here I am. We have come to an agreement on the amount however CA refuses to remove from CR. 6. I have done almost everything in writing by CMRR. However, have this have been going on for 3+mths and would like to get this off. And for gdouglaslee - the reason I said a complete cease & desist is because the OC and I have come to an agreement on a settlement amount - the CA is not license in AK - which they are not required since they are collecting for an out of state business - but they cannot sue me in AK without a license. So my thinking - which could obviously be flawed - was that if I sent them a C&D, I could then just pay the OC and the CA would have to remove from CR. Just a thought. New to all this. I tried the 1-2 punch which I believe I have them on some violations but all are Federal FDCPA & FCRA - so couldn't sue in small claims. (I think ) Thanks for any advice!! Trying to understand all this and sometimes it is so confusing with all the info!!
  7. Would a complete C & D work on this occasion since I have a dialogue and settlement amount with OC or could the CA still sue? Just not sure what to do next. This is kinda long will try to summarize as briefly as possible. Found CA acct on CR 3/04 - ($4000 - still in SOL) Have never received anything from them - placed w/them 11/02. Sent DV request CMRR but simultaneously contacted OC who said work w/CA. Received 1 page computer printout from CA in response to my DV request - also says - This is attempt from debt collector blah blah - however it doesn't state I have 30 days after receiving this notice etc etc. Disputed as not mine w/all CRAs. Came back verified. Send 2nd DV request letter - saying nice try but no go. Wait 30 days no response. Send 3rd final request saying 15 days. Contact OC after 15 days expire - saying I would like to work something out and pay them directly - send her copies of all correspondence I sent to CA . Sent removal and PR request to CRAs and has been over 25 days w/no response from any of them. OC calls said she received paperwork but CA says they have mailed me info I requested. She will talk with her GM. Next thing I know CA sends me copy of lease agreement and more detailed printout of charges. (dated same day OC talks to them and they say they have mailed me abunch a stuff long time ago) OC calls me and we come to an agreement on an amount but says I still have to pay CA (ask her about removal from CR she is ok with it but doesn't think she has authority to approve) Call CA and say I will send money but they must remove from CRs - they say no. I then called and talked to Pres of OC and he listened to me and said he would look into it and call me back however it has been 2wks and no call back. (I did talk to girl I was working with and she said he did call her to get info and he said he would call me) Now What??? Any suggestions??? The CA did verify with CRAs before validating and have not listed acct in dispute with TU although they have with others. 1st letter didn't have mini-miranda? By the way I live in AK, OC in GA and CA in MD. Thanks in advance - sorry for the long post. Need to get this off DH and mine CRs. Thanks again!
  8. Can someone help me dissect this code for Georgia??? 10-6-100. Any person, corporation, partnership, association, or any other entity which engages in the business of receiving cash from patrons as payment of obligations owed by such patrons to third parties, with the understanding that such person, corporation, partnership, association, or other entity will act as agent of the patron in making payment directly to the third party must, as a condition to engaging in such a business, post a bond as security in the amount of $50,000.00 with the clerk of the superior court in the county in which its principal place of business is located; provided, however, that no such bonding requirement need be met by any person, corporation, partnership, association, or other entity who or which handles or administers fewer than 20 payments per month; provided, further, that no such bonding requirement need be met by any person, corporation, partnership, association, or other entity who or which has received written authorization from a third party to act as agent for the third party. Written authorization to the agent from one or more third parties does not relieve the agent from posting the security bond as required by this Code section if the agent is receiving 20 or more cash payments owed to one or more other third parties from whom no written authorization has been received The way I read it is an out of state CA has to carry a $50,000 bond in their own county if they are collecting for a GA company. Is this correct? I have checked with the CA home county and they said they only carry a $5,000 bond (which is required in MD where they are). So my question is are they violating this GA code?? I am not clear on the part that follows regarding written contract and # of payments. I know this a CA only doesn't do anything else. Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry for the long post.
  9. On my PG Equifax report I disputed a collection account and my FAKO score went up 33pts when it was noted as "in dispute" - nothing else changed not sure about FICO. This is just my experience - happened this week!
  10. I didn't think that was right? Thanks! Will do immediately!! Appreciate all the advice and time everyone takes on this board to help people! I'm gradually cleaning up mine and DH reports!
  11. I called equifax today to dispute 3 accts that are listed as IIB but showing open (had previously disputed as IIB before found this board ). Anyway the lady said if they are IIB they are considered closed. I said no they aren't and it is effecting my score she said at EQ it is considered closed and that is that Not what??? Send a letter CMRR??? Thank you for your help!
  12. I have sent 2 requests for DV to a CA. They responded to first DV letter w/ cover letter and 1 sheet that broke done the charges. Sent letter saying nice try but try again at validating the account. They have not responded to this letter. They have reported the account in dispute with only 1 CRA and verified with the other two but failed to mark it in dispute. (assuming CRA contacted them) So what is my next step?? Estoppel letter? Thanks so much for your help - have gotten 3 neg deleted from EQ on DH and 5 negs removed from DH EXP! Finally some success. Obviously this CA is killing his scores.
  13. Yes it is due to pulling PG daily. However - I was curious if a creditor sees this won't they be concerned about the unusual amount of inquiries? Thanks for your input!
  14. On my DH CR it has a "Special Message" at the end - Special Messages: Input SSN has been used (026) times in the last 30 days on different inquiries??? What is this and will it hurt in obtaining credit in the future???? Should he send something to TU or what??? Thanks for your help!
  15. I just found out 3/16 after reviewing my PG - they removed it from TU but had the nerve to add it to Experian 3/16/04 after sending me a letter dated 3/6/04 saying they were no longer collecting on this account. I went from excitement to rage! Unbelievable. I sent a CMRR ITS letter to the President of the Co. yesterday as well as made formal complaints with the FTC & BBB. Gave them 72hrs to correct after they receive letter hope this is right. Very new to this and getting frustrated fast - seems like for every correction a new problem pops up. Will keep plugging away though. Thanks for all the help!