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  1. Thank you GreatGadsby and Blacksurfer, The order was not out of the SOL, because the CA continued to renew the order. Something that I thought would be important is that I do not think I was ever served. When the order was sent to my old address I think I had already moved. I was trying to find out if any payments had been made after the collection started.
  2. Yes, Radio Guy, I have followed through with the DV and I did receive the contract authorizing the CA to collect. The problem with closing the account is that I have scheduled payment coming out and would not be able to redirect them before it is time for them to come out. I have sooo many questions. Also, I am wondering if the remainder of the 1450 will now be part of the debt? Will the CA now continue going in to court to renew the order for this portion? Is there some way I can go into court and fight this? They are trying to collect a lot more than the original amount. Thank You, Radio Guy
  3. Hello Everyone, For anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.I will try to make this as short as possible. I was contacted maybe three monhts ago by a collection agency regarding a bill over 10 years old. Because the bill was so old I asked for proof that this agency had the necessary paperwork from the original creditor to collect. I spoke with the agency by phone and was sure to let them know that I was willing to pay as soon as I received the necessary information. Well, in the meantime while waiting for a response the CA went through their attorney to garnish my bank account. The original debt was for 603, the CA was asking 800 some odd, but while waiting they got a court order for 1450 and did manage to garnish 840 or so of that from my account. So now I am being told that I will continue to be garnished every 30days until they have gotten all of there money. Is there anything that I can do? Maybe close my account? Will they continue to come after me, because I really can not afford this? Thanks,
  4. Methuss, may I ask what you do for a living? Is it something related to credit repair?
  5. Methuss! Methuss! I must tell you, I know this is way off the subject, but I really like your style. I like the way you approach the questions here, and just how you come across. You alway have something interesting to write. Keep up the good support. We are really lucky to have you here.
  6. I'm sorry! Thank You Methuss! I was more specific in my letter that I sent EX. In fact, I posted it here for your personal approval, and you told me that it was fine. what I asked for was the furnishers names, addresses, phone numbers, and copies of documents for furnishers. I maybe should have specified a little better. However, what should my next step be? Thank you again Mehtuss.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am doing a procedure request with experian an wanted to made sure I am on the right track. So, if you all would be so kind as to follow me. Experian received my certified letter on the 16th, which would have given them until the 16th of April to respond. I received a letter back on the 21st. This letter basicly stated the step EX takes to verify being by tape or letter to the creditor, and that all of the item had previously been investigated and remains. So, now should I wait until the 21st of May before I send a second PR? This would give the 30days + 5 to make sure they are finish. Also, what should I make sure is in the 2nd letter? I am looking for violations. If after this 2nd request I do not receive the info are these the ground upon which I can sue? What other violations can I look for? Thank You,
  8. I have American Family also, and they did pull my credit. Although when I started a new policy and ask AF not to pull my credit they did not. I have had the best result when trying to avoid inquiries, by letting the creditor know up front that this would weigh heavily on my decision to go with there company.
  9. Taxlein, I am going through this at this very time. The SOL should be up. Paid tax lien can stay on your report for 7yrs from the date paid and unpaid for 10 years. You can call the liens department of the IRS for your state and order a copy of your 86 tax forms( for 39$), or if you know who prepared your taxes that year. I think they go back this far. I have just ordered my 91 taxes. The liens dept will be able to give you a date for the SOL having run out and they will let you know what steps you need to take to get this off. Hope this helps, If not do a seach on liens here on this site.
  11. There is a company who still offers 3 months. Although I signed-up through this company I do not remember who it is. Just wanted you to know there is still someone who gives 3mo. I got the name from this site, maybe if you post someone will say or you can do a search. GOOD LUCK!
  12. So, Customer initiated inquiry means I have looked in on my report by some program, making it a soft inquiry? Because there are so many softs the CRAs bumps the hards? Is this what you mean by the CRAs take them off? Thank you DocDon I appreciate your help.
  13. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!! are you all saying PG is deleting item? Or are you all talking about the CRAs? Please! Don't get me excited.
  14. Hi Everyone, Cincityplayer, I hope you will not mind me adding my question on to your post. I have a next step question also. I am about to send a PR letter to TU. I guest long story short- I have 2 paid lien and 2 unpaid liens, which were disputed and came back verified at the same time. Should I include all liens in my PR letter. I ask this because I think I may have a better change for deletion of the paid liens, so should I just include the paid liens in the PR? Thank you in advance. Another question: I received a frivolous letter saying the creditor previously verified item as accurate. Therefore, under the FCRA, TU considers the dispute frivolous and refuses to reinvestigate unless I can provide court papers or a recent authentic letter from the creditor that explains what information should be updated. CAN TU DO THIS?
  15. Can anyone tell me if there are any free programs to use for bumpage aside of Privacy Guard? I have already used CreditExpert. Thank you all in advance.
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