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  1. Sorry to hear it, but it is a sign of the times. I myself have never been late (at least in the last 10 yrs. anyway) or defaulted on a loan and have lost thousands of $$ in available credit in the last 12 months from several banks. Amex used to be my go to card and I had a $70K limit across two cards. I'm now sitting at $5,500 total. Total wipe out. I believe the only reason I still have $5.5K is that I was carrying some heavy business expenses that month of the CLD of about $5K. Been paid off long ago with no further CLD's though... YET! I have just been doing damage control and am trying to get things paid off. Trying to get back in the habit of cash except for business and major purchases. At least that is the plan....
  2. In the last year there have been quite a few slashings in my wallet AMEX - $55K - $4.9K Juniper - $32K - Closed Gap Visa - $2.6K - $100 Bon Ton Store card - $10K - $600 Chase Disney $15K - $4.5K Chase Platinum - $5K - $2.2K Cap 1 - $7.5K - $4K Target Visa - $7K -$3.5K What a year!!! On the Upside Sears - $2K - $3K JC Penny - $2.5K - $3.9K Best Buy - $2.4K - $4.2K Wells Fargo $8K - $11K The upside is way short of the downside, but what can you do in these times but just keep moving forward.
  3. Juniper really sucks. Gave me a $32K credit line two years ago and offered me some 2.99 for life loans so I used up about $8K of the line for them since it was a good deal. Early last year they chopped me to to $8,500... $500 over the balance. Last month I decided to pay them off considering they now had me looking maxed out. Three days later CLD to $1K and two days after that they closed the account. O well at least I do not owe them anything....... They seem to be worse than the skittish AMEX guys.....
  4. Lowe's is GEMB, but Sears is either Citi or more recently HSBC. Not one in the same.
  5. I second this information. By them adding you it does nothing but help you. They will see nothing negative from it. They never even need to give you the card........
  6. My wife uses mine at different times and I never get a HARD. However, I have seen some softs come through. YMMV.
  7. I actually went for this. Not a bad set once it arrived. However, beware I am now on a list for annual additions at like $50 so you will have to cancel if you do not like them.
  8. Exactly, which is why I don't normally respond to these types of calls. However 95% of it was me just saying "Yes that's correct", they already had all my information, and read it off to me. The only thing I gave was my DOB and last 4 of SSN. If they had wanted my full SSN, I definately would not have continued the call. I misunderstood as I thought you were all the way down to your birthday suit. Heck you just took off your hat. In this case I thik you'll be fine so don't sweat it.
  9. To make you feel even a bit better HSBC issues cards from Las Vegas I believe. I reverse looked up area code 702 and it comes back Vegas. I think your OK, but I would call to be sure. Results:17 listings matching "702" ZIP Codes for Las Vegas, NV Sort: By Population | Alphabetical City County Time Zone Major Cities By Population Las Vegas, NV Clark PDT Henderson, NV Clark PDT North Las Vegas, NV Clark PDT
  10. HSBC number on my card 1-888-385-8916. I'd definetly call to just verify your app. I do get cold calls for credit, not all necessarily CC, and I just make it a habit of not giving my info out unless I initiate the call. In fact I received a call from Wells fargo one time as I just bought some furniture using their credit product and wanted me to apply for their CC. I was about to stop him as I thought he was going to ask for all of my info. However, to my surprise all he wanted was my HH income and they approved me. That was not bad as I basically did not have to say anything other than HH income and yes. Don't get naked unless you decide to do so FIRST....
  11. Green is easier than other credit products. I got Blue with a 675 and a few old (two year) lates and low utilization.
  12. I actually received instant approval on one and the second did just like yours did. We received your application and let me pick options for the card. Did they notify you by mail for the docs or just call you up? How long did it take for them to ask?
  13. Did you get instant approval or we'll notify you in 30 days message when you applied?