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  1. Holy crap! Over the years we've had some real winners as tenants but you officially beat me. A couple of things.....landlord insurance and a drug and criminal clause in the lease? Those are things I never heard of and I thought I had every type of insurance product available! Please keep us informed and keep your family safe.
  2. Went from $7500.00 to $9000.00 on SF Visa. Automatic. Disappointing as I use this card A LOT. Really wished I pushed for the 10k CL at the card activation rather than having stayed at $7500.
  3. Check out circlelending.com and see how you like it. Maybe you and I can work something out.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Loyola can probably get away with this since it's a private school. I went to a public one (state U) and it became illegal for the state schools to charge the 1.5% per month. Looks like I'll have to go searching for the law.
  5. This is BRILLIANT! I can't tell you how much I've paid in parking fines over the years. Too embarassed.
  6. I've bugged you about this before and you've been great with the responses. Soooo, here we go again....... I've got an UNPAID tuition balance (state school in IL). It is now with the IL Comptroller who will (and has) seize any IL tax refund due to me. Now, I'd like to finally get this behind me but there is something that is bugging me: the university had assessed a 1.5% fee every month this balance went unpaid. I recall having read in the newspapers that the state considered this illegal and the practise was stopped. The amount they claim I owe is inclusive of this compounded monthly fee. How do I dispute this debt? Do I have any consumer rights I can use? Keep in mind this was NEVER on any credit report. It was sent to a few collectors but ultimately it got to the comptroller. I do have a letter from the university accounts receivable office saying that I can speak to them if I have a issue with the validity of the debt. The same kind of verbiage that CA's usually give debtors which is why my suspicions were raised. How should I handle this? Do you ever recall this practise of 1.5% late fee added to student unpaid balances?
  7. And don't be the least bit surprised when TU starts to delete good TL's as a punishment for your hard work! Miracle's advice about disputing a few TL's at a time is right on the money.
  8. I do know that as of last year (almost exactly one year) JKH was being sued by the Conneticut AG for exactly the type of letter you received. I received one as well and my atty wanted it for a class action in IL. You may have other problems, but that letter alone will get you some $$ that you could use toward your present situation. Get a lawyer to help you. Stay away from JKH.
  9. Finally!!! I used to see all kinds of crap (and associated reasons) across all the boards regarding the SOL for IL debts. This is the first thread that got all the elements right. Congratulations. And just for good measure......utility debts DO NOT fall under UCC for IL.
  10. Scroll down to the second article (2/9/05) and enjoy....... http://3banklawyers.typepad.com/3_bank_lawyers
  11. Scroll down to the second article (2/9/05) and enjoy....... http://3banklawyers.typepad.com/3_bank_lawyers
  12. State Farm pulls every Jan and Jul for me. I see the Choicepoint soft pulls on my TU reports. And yes, my premiums reflect my credit scores. From all the posts I've read about SF pulls, it would seem that either a) it is broker specific or state specific as to whether pulls are performed. I know I'll be asking my broker about this.
  13. I have to say it anyway: Sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. Now to the other stuff: Even before I finished reading the thread, I knew the car was paid for. Believe me, there's more where that came from. Now, you have to go find it. Did she own a business? Have a safe deposit box? Insurance policy? Stocks that were liquidated? Aliases? The type of person you described is never without means. EVER. I know plenty of "deadbeats" that only operate with cash. Check the home she lived in. Especially the furniture. You're looking for cash and I know of someone who had 200K stuffed in the sofa. He went to jail for 2 years and didn't tell the wife about the cash. She changed the furniture while he was away. Happens more than you know.
  14. I'm curious. Just how did you get that contact?