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  1. I had an Orchard Secured for about a year and nothing ever happened. So one day I decided to go on their website and apply for a regular card. I was approved instantly, so I just closed out my secured account.
  2. As far as the bankruptcy is concerned, I wouldn't have him file for just this...he has MUCH more debt. It's old credit card and medical bills. But like I said I am trying to pay them off. They will let us make payments on this, but then it has to be paid in full. That's why I think the $1300 is a good deal for us. She did not offer anything in writing and wants to do it all over the phone. I read that they are supossed to file a Satisfaction of Judgement, how will I know they did I just trust them?
  3. Ok they say the amount he owes is $2176.96 and this includes all fees and interest. She said if I pay it all at once it will be $1300, does this sound right? She said I could pay by check on the phone, does THIS sound right? I can get the $1300 without using a cash advance. If I give them the $1300 will they go being a judgement ? I cannot get actual checks from my is mandatory that I have direct deposit. Our budget is good, I use MS's his past debt that is strapping us, but I'm trying really hard to pay it all off as fast as I can without having
  4. Thanks for the replies. It is only him that has the problem. I have opened my own separate checking account, but it could take up to 2 pay cycles before the direct deposit changes...I am payed monthly so that's not good. I'm going to call the lawyer for the cc company this morning and see if they will make a payment arrangement. Last time I called them they wanted all the money in 3 weeks, that was not possible. Actually it still isn't...we are pretty much month to month with bills and expenses. I guess I could use my credit card to get a cash advance, altough I hate to do that. What hap
  5. Ok...even though I personally find this hard to it is... He was served (properly) for a credit card debt (we're in FL). Everything is proper, the debt is his. After getting the summons I tried to call to settle with the lawyer, but I couldn't afford the payments they were offering. So I read on here that it would be good for him to go to court and explain in front of the judge. Fast forward to today. He gets a notice in the mail from the clerks office, it's a Notice of Default Judgement. After much fighting...he tells me that he forgot about the court date. I think the rea
  6. I have an Aspire card. They sent me an offer in the mail. There are no fees except a $30 annual fee. The only thing I don't like about it is that SOMETIMES they charge you to pay the bill through their website, sometimes they don't...I never know until I log in to pay...weird. The other strange thing is that although they said my credit limit was $1000, they said only $500 would be available for the first few months, after that all $1000 would be available. Anyway it works for me.
  7. Thanks. I understand that. We don't have a lawyer yet...I'm just trying to feel out what's going to happen with all this first. I am just wondering what kinds of things are allowed to be entered on this line.
  8. Hi My husband needs to file BK. We are in FL. He has a 1998 Ford F-150 truck that he NEEDS for work. The last payment will be in October of this year. The NADA value is between $5500 and $8000. I know the amount in FL is $1000, so what will happen with the truck, without it he can't do his job. Thanks!
  9. Hi Can someone explain line 17 "Marital adjustment" on the CHapter 7 means test form. My husband is filing BK, I am not. Thanks!
  10. Yes they sued in the county we live. We live in Brevard COunty. I don't have a copy of anything. The process server left his card on my door. When I got home I called him to see if I could be served for my husband and he said yes but he was in another town by the time I called. So we never actually got anything yet. The process server is in no hurry to get the paperwork to us, he basically said he has plenty of time as the court date isn't until May 18. Anyway...I know the debt is his. I tried to look at the docs on the clerk of court site but they aren't there yet. I'm sure they'll lie
  11. First I should say that the amount is actually around $1800, we misread the clerk of court website. I found the account on his credit was a Chase credit card. The $155 was the filing fee...duh! I tried to call Chase, who sold it to Collect America. Tried to contact them...they don't have it anymore. I have no idea who Centurion Capital Corporation is (I found 2 using google, 1 in CA 1 in NY). According to the clerk of court, the lawyer for the plaintiff is Stanley Erskine in Ft Lauderdale, FL (we are in central FL). There's about a year left before the SOL runs out. I cal
  12. My husband was just served today in a small claims ($155) case. The Plaintiffs are Centurion Capital Corporation and Chase. I ordered all 3 of his credit reports today to see if I could figure out what this is for and there is nothing in the amount of $155 and nothing from Centurion Capital Corporation. He does have an old Chase charge off for around $800, but that is about 6 years old. Any idea how I can find out what this is and who I am supossed to pay? It's not worth the $155 to even mess with this, it'll cost more than that if he has to miss work to go to court. Is it typical for a
  13. My credit reports are now clean (thanks everyone on these boards!), but my husband is going to end up having to file bankruptcy. My question is, how long would we have to wait after his bankruptcy before we could get a mortgage? Is it possible for me to get a mortgage in just my name, while using both of our incomes? Thanks! Trish
  14. If anyone has successfully paid for deletion, I would love to hear your story. The only bad stuff left on my reports is 4 medical collections. They have all validated (I didn't use HIPPA, because I didn't read about it until after they validated). It only adds up to about $1000 so I am trying to get them to delete for payment, but so far they are just ignoring me. Thanks!