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  1. You can always turn them over to your state attorney general, @Been_Ponzied. But you need some kind of proof - if you were homeless, do you have any records?  

    Oh this is funny. Any records that I was homeless? When all you can think of is where to park your car that night so the cops can't harass you (and they almost always wake you up and do), the last thing on your mind is getting records! Apparently you don't believe me. I am on SSI and therefore my checking account, which has ten cents in it, is exempt. For them to try to sue me would be stupid and I told them that. Oh, and I had to sleep SITTING UP at the wheel because my car was so small. I had to keep waking up to start the car and run the heater. In the snow. Oh and I am stuck with complications from diabetes because I couldn't afford the $2 a day in ice to keep my insulin cold. 


    For being a  moderator, this stupid question takes the cake. Its because you can't even imagine getting down that far. I had to do this for nine months to save up a security deposit to get into a roommate situation. I had to crap in an open field once. You don't have a CLUE  .BTW, I'm a female in my 50s.


    I think I can find my own answers from now on rather than ask some rich bitch my questions here. I just need to brush up.  

  2. There is no such thing as "judgment proof." What you might be right now is collection proof. Not having a job or assets at the moment only means they cannot collect NOW on a judgment. In some states judments are good for 20 years and are renewable enabling them to sit and wait until your financial picture changew.

    They have probably already flagged your credit reports and at some point when you stabilize and try and clean it up they move to collect.

    Now they are sending me letters. And my financial situation is NOT going to change. I'm old, retired on SSI. I don't own a house or anything. Anything in my checking account is and always will be from Social Security. Gee, I didn't get any help over posting this question at all. 

  3. Pinnacle credit services has re-aged my debt 3 years and is harassing me by phone. It's been so long since I've fought any collection agencies, that I've forgotten everything! Can I turn them into the Sate Attorney or something? How do I prove they have re-aged my debt 3 years and what do I do next? I don't even know if they own this debit anymore. 

  4. That is SO true. I came to an agreement with AT&T on my bill, and so I pay the new amount and every month, they creep it up a little more to see if I notice it and call them.

    They are greedy bastards, all of them. And Comcast is the worst.

  5. I just applied for the NFL Extra Points Credit Card and got approved for $500instantly.

    Previously I had only a Capital One Secured Card with a $1050 balance, which was opened in July. My FICO scores are currently TU 667/EQ 636 and EX is 616. My Credit Karma FAKO is 601.

    It's apparently an easy card to get, and according to reviews I've seen the initial Credit Line go as high as $2500.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just got approved for $500 with only a 590 score. Now I have two open accounts.

  6. What stress? I think most want you to write as they prefer to receive verification of Identity, a copy of DL, SSN, with request. CMRRR insures that no one else has gotten that information. That and a simple.heh what's the DOFD and signature.

    I won't send information of that type without knowing who to ding if they lose it.

    OK, I think I understood that. Thanks. I just don't like talking to companies on the phone at all.

  7. UPDATE #2:

    I was now approved for the USAA Visa! $4K credit line. First they tell me denied. Then I'm approved. I'll believe it when the card arrives in the mail.

    Hmmm....I have USAA insurance. I wonder if they'd approve me?

    My credit score is only 577 yet I have a Capitol One unsecured. I am happy with it. I need to find a few more accounts who will approve me, but everyone turns me down now.

  8. I am posting this here because I cannot get to a new page on this site without the window for Lexington Law popping up. I filled in my phone number, very regrettably, and they call me 5 times a day with a recording and also a very pushy salesman. You need to get rid of them as advertisers. The only thing they do is to charge you for getting a settlement! I called them and demanded them to stop phoning me and they still call me. I am turning them into a consumer agency. They act more like BILL COLLECTORS and deny they are salesmen, saying they are all paralegals on the phone. STOP LEXINGTON LAW.

  9. the entries of the CA that have "date opened" and "first reported" do NOT pertain to the original default...they pertain only to the CA's entry. They do NOT re-age the account.

    And yes, EX and TU don't typically show the DOFD, but it does get reported to them

    Thanks for answering, but I still say its irrational that they have the original default date as secret and we can't get it.

  10. I filled out the little pop up windows here to get a call from Lexington Law. Come to find out, they only help people settle and I can't settle with anyone. Now they won't stop calling me and bothering me. I'm disabled and can't afford Caller ID. I hate the phone ringing all the time. How do I make them stop?

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  11. how do you think they've been re-aged?

    if the CA's entry has a recent "date of payment" or "date opened", that's normal...and only refers to the time the account in their office was opened. That does NOT re-age the entry on the CR.

    Because the only dates that are filled in are "date opened" and "first reported," not the date of first delinquency. The accounts don't have a secret date that only the CRA knows, do they? It says on one of your links that the "CRAs have it on file." Since when do they have secret information that we can't get?

  12. The important date is the "date of first delinquency" with the OC. Dispute that...if the CA doesn't report it, they're in violation of the FCRA and FDCPA.

    None of my credit reports except Equifax have "date of first delinquency." And no one at all seems to report that date to them! Its totally blank on all items.

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