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  1. I have some collection accounts that apparently have re-aged my debt to 3 years later, as reported on the "Date Opened" and "First Reported" boxes. Who do I write to to fix these, the OC or the CA? I tried disputing it and all the CRA did was to note it is disputed. That didn't help at all. I have to wait until these fall off my report, but I"m not waiting 3 years longer than I should have to! Thanks.
  2. I don't have very good credit, but Capitol One gave me a card a year ago, and I just applied for Lowe's and Penney's to rebuild my credit. They said I will get my answer by mail. Does that mean its a "no"? How hard (or easy) are Lowe's and Penneys to get?
  3. I learned a long time ago to send disputes handwritten only, as brief as possible, and don't write down laws. Just act dumb in your letter.
  4. No, it doesn't have the same info. It doesn't have a "fall off" date.
  5. Thanks, but that doesn't help, as I'm talking about past addresses.
  6. People on this forum used to post as their signature the progression of their credit score, but I don't think there are many regulars here anymore. I can't get the CRA's to remove ANYTHING.
  7. How can they get away with having such a crappy report? Equifax does not even respect its customers enough to give a fall off date on a negative item? Their whole report is crappy and hard to read.
  8. Can I do anything about this? Equifax will not remove addresses that belong to my ex husband of 5 years ago. They only placed a "statement" that nobody reads, saying I did not live there. I don't want fake addresses listed on my file!
  9. I have several debts 5 yrs ago from a divorce that I cannot pay on disability and am waiting for them to fall off. Seems they have all re-aged, and the date it falls off is often wrong. How can I get the correct write off date so that I can have these fixed? Should I write to the OC or CA?
  10. Each CRA doesn't seem to care if the others delete it. They go on their own merits. Also, watch and make sure it doesn't pop back the next month!
  11. Doubles by whom? The collection agency and what do they say its for? I'm not sure whether to send a debt validation or not.
  12. A collection agency doubled my debt for a Citibank card I defaulted on 5 years ago. Do I have any recourse? I am waiting the 7 years for it to fall off....I can't pay it and am judgement proof.
  13. I have been at my wits end with AT&T for years, but this time I am really stuck. They put me on hold and never pick up, after talking to a guy in Mexico and they do not address my issues. They cut off my service when its their mistake and they even admit its their mistake, but rather than correct it, they put me on eternal hold. I am nice to them. How can I force them to do the right thing with my service? In my experience the Public Utilities Commission is there for the utility, not the customer. I'm willing to write to anyone politely. Thanks.
  14. I applied for a SECURED card from First Premier, which of course I got in the mail, because I am supposed to give them a $99 deposit (and then they charge a large annual fee and 49 percent interest). I changed my mind, because I later qualified for a "regular" credit card, but they call me all the time and are very aggressive and snotty. They are so mean, that I have even threatened them with the police, but they continue to call me. I don't have Caller ID so there is no way to screen my calls. How can I make them stop calling me? Again this is not for debt collection as I never activated their card with the deposit!
  15. 77 year old Amish man defrauded 16.8 million dollars out of people for 20 years. Beware...Ponzi schemes are always happening somewhere. Watch "American Greed" on CNBC if interested. Amish man "Madoff" with 16.8 million running Ponzi scheme | God Discussion
  16. Do you mention to them its over the Statute of Limitations?
  17. I guess Crap One is a bad company, from what I've read here, but they are the only one who would give me a credit card and I'm shocked. I am not sure what my score is, but its not good. I don't even care what the interest rate/annual fee is, because finally I've got something in case of an emergency, and a chance to rebuild my credit.
  18. Also, they probably don't sue people for such a small amount. I've never heard of that happening. But writing or calling them may just draw more attention to your file, I'll bet! For instance, if you've moved since 2007 then you'll probably start getting demand letters all over again if you contact them.
  19. Don't worry about the account number...just give them whatever you have and they will find it. If you really want it bad anyway they might give it to you by phone, or a credit monitoring service like Privacy Assist would have it. But unless you have multiple accounts with the same OC, its not that important.
  20. What about when the OC reports the date of default as at least a year afterward? Isn't that reaging by the OC? How does one prove that?
  21. I have a 4 yr old Direct TV collection because my ex promised to give them their equipment back, and he didn't (it was in my name). They sold it and now its not due to be off my credit report for many more years. The credit agencies do not have "reaging" as a disputing point, but it can be written under "other". However, do they even regard it as a problem to be removed?
  22. I have a couple of medical bills that would never be on my credit file if the hospital had just billed my insurance correctly. Should these be disputed with the OC, even if they are a few years old? (I have a feeling they would not do anything about it). It does note on my CRs that I stated it was due to billing wrong, but that doesn't help my scores.
  23. NO, I was not trying to hide resources.....I am honestly poor and have nothing to hide. You are being a big jerk to infer that! And act like you are threatening me. I thought of using the green dot card only to be able to save a little for my dog's future veterinary expenses. It would NEVER go over the $2,000 limit. I am not on 100% SSI. I have mostly SSDI, which I paid into the Social Security program and worked for. I was a waitress and the pay was low, THAT is why I get a small amount of SSI to supplement my SSDI. I'm still subject to the SSI rules and would never try to hide anything. I'm poor and that's the way it is. I've accepted that. You don't need to threaten me; I have nothing.
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