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  1. This is happening to me too. They move the "date opened" date forward a few years so that they have more time to bother you with collection calls, and it falls off years later. This must be illegal, but I have yet to find out more about his practice. I would say talk to the credit bureau.

  2. What say you? Do I dispute big 3 with the charge off date incorrect letter or that the account was paid as agreed and the CA stated that this account would be deleted? (though I don't have the letter showing that anymore)

    So, what really happened - was the total charged off or was it partially paid in a settlement? A settlement is more positive than a complete charge-off. If you have proof of the settlement, I would definitely dispute those charge-offs with the proof.

    P.S. I like your question about authorized user. I'll bet you could get it deleted, but I just don't know and would like to know the answer to that, too.

  3. I'm thinking of putting my very, very meager savings on a green dot card, since I am on SSI benefits and cannot open a savings account. Besides, I need to use it - for possible veterinary expenses on my dog. Has anyone tried this method of savings? I guess nothing is reported to the credit bureaus, that you have a card in use? What do you think of this method and in what ways do you use it?

  4. I owe AT&T $97 and I don't want to pay them because their reps lied to me repeatedly and treated me horribly. They have turned me over to a collection agency, who re-aged it a year forward. Do I have any recourse at all? I have never had a problem like this before with any other utilitiy company. They have all been nice, except for AT&T. My daughter has them too and she refuses to even call them or speak with them about her service!

    I just talked to them and they insisted they would run a CREDIT CHECK on me, and make me pay the balance for LIFELINE service, which is only $5.

    AT&T is so rude; they just think we are sitting ducks and have no options but them. I will NEVER pay them. I have plenty of options for a phone.

    Any ideas at all are appreciated. This is a matter of principle, I feel. Thank you.

  5. I signed on with USAA last December, after they repeatedly told me by phone that I had $100 coming "in a few months" after I had my direct deposit done.

    Finally, I pinned them down in a couple of emails on their site, that they would deposit the $100 on April 30. It never happened.

    When I called them, they transfered me to the CEO's office, who would not admit they owed me these funds! They just double talked around on it. They KNOW I have emails stating otherwise.

    I told them I was going to report them to the Office of Thrift Supervision and the BBB. They didn't care.

    They advertise that their customers are more important than their profits on their website yet it has been as though they blacklisted me, when I complained about their auto insurance.

    I don't mind making these complaints but I just really need the $100 ASAP now and they know it (I'm on social security disability). What can I do?

  6. I know it's still in practice today because a credit card i was an AU on from my Grandmother that was closed in 2005 shows up on my credit report. And this is my sister I'm asking to do this so if it's only immediate family i'm good. But my credit is clean and the score is so-so. Really i wanted the credit history more than a credit score booster. I'm hoping the history shows up too, not just "AU since yesterday" on my report.

    My Ex husband forgot to remove me as AU from a gas credit card, and my CR shows balance and payments by him, so it definitely is showing history that's helping me! Of course I would never attempt to use it.

  7. I am an authorized user on someone's card and my credit files reflect the payments that person has been making. It helps a little to be an AU but not a great deal, IMO. Because the credit file still states that you are only an authorized user. It's better than nothing.

  8. So my question is should I haul them into court since they did not comply with my request fully as per Title 15 USC 41 ? I have already filed a complaint with the FTC. I am so tired of EQ.

    What does that law say? I did a search and could only find a code that establishes the FTC and their seal on it.

  9. Credit Bureaus do the verifying; Original Creditors do investigating. So you can ask that it be investigated. Maybe in the investigation they will find out that yours is one of the receiver problems and if so maybe they'd cancel it.

    I have a Direct TV charge off for $207 and its the only one of my charge offs that went to a lawyer or JDB. Since I don't want to stir the waters, I'm going to leave it alone. (Not saying you should).

  10. It may not be ID theft but that doesn't necessarily mean a crime wasn't committed nor does it mean that you can't sue for damages.

    If you feel that strongly about it why not talk to a criminal attorney and see if, in their opinion, a crime was committed...if there was then you can petition the DA to act (may or may not get her indited but if you do nothing then nothing will happen).

    There may also be redress through civil court...if this woman's actions have caused you provable damages then you have a basis for a suit.

    I am thinking of suing in small claims court, because my damages are small. The $80 refund plus my higher premium due to "lapse." I don't have the money for an attorney to get involved, with this small of a thing. However, that's interesting that you can petition the DA to act! Are you talking about a legal petition? Or would a letter maybe do the job? I hate to think that just anyone could legally cancel my car insurance for revenge sakes.

  11. My ex husband's girlfriend called my car insurance company and cancelled my car insurance! The only security questions they asked her was my name, address, phone number, and email address. A refund was made in my Ex's name and my name to him, for $80. I have a new insurance company now, but my premium is higher because I had a "lapse" in insurance!

    The cops won't write a report because they say the penal code says that Identity Theft is only when an account is opened in someone else's name, not when an account is messed with! If so, don't you think the penal code needs to be re-interpreted or something? Laws changed?

  12. Thank you everyone!! The bad thing with my husband's credit is that he has 2 car loans showing(joint with me) never been late and then 1 medical collection from 2003 and then this collection and then the most recent when we early termed our apartment lease a year ago. No other credit. Is there any way to get 2 points to get a 620 for a home loan?? I dont want to be on the loan because I am waiting for my student loans to be out of rehab in 2 more months!!! yeah for that!

    How about getting a secured card? You can do it with several different banks and I would think it would be quick because they take your money (min. $300) to open it.

  13. Your knowledge is incomplete in that case. Your right to be offended is noted but irrelevant unless you want to petition for a change in the law :roll:

    FCRA: You are also entitled to a free consumer credit report under the Fair Consumer Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) if any of the following apply:

    You are unemployed and will apply for unemployment within 60 days from the date you certify your unemployment with the consumer credit reporting agency from which you seek the report;

    You receive public assistance; or

    Thanks, you found the exact law, too! The unemployed part is really good to know, as well. I know many unemployed people. I'm not on county welfare; I worked all my life and became disabled on Social Security. I believe my SSI/Medicaid card qualifies me as on public assistance. Of course there are other ways of falling on hard times!

    P.S. I already knew I could get a free report from AnnualCreditReport.com, but I believe you get it slower that way and/or they have more time to investigate than usual; am I right?

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