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  1. OK, then they re-aged, because they have all 9 defaulted in March of 06. I didn't even live in that state then!
  2. Thanks; but I never made any payments and never even received a bill for these 9 (I even doubt the number) of visits to the ER. Will have to look up what DOFMD means....thanks....
  3. A hospital re-aged 9 small co-payments I owed them for misdiagnoses in the E.R. It is in some internal collection agency they have, for some reason. They set them all to start 3/06, when I moved out of that state in 2005. Can I sue them for this?
  4. Call your Medicaid office and talk to a state pro bono lawyer. There may be a way to get off that responsibility and put him on Medicaid. Unless he has assets. Because usually they take the person's assets, and then tap Medicaid instead of going to the kids!
  5. Hi, no I haven't had problems anywhere else. I had been warned by a friend not to move to that town because of all the fraud and unethical people there. She was right; I found a lot of them. I don't want to tell my story to a judge, I just want to get that address off my credit file. I see on the Housing Discrimination complaint that they try to work out a compromise with the landlord. I also found out that a lot of what they did were "hate crimes." Maybe I can get the Housing Discrimination dept to take that address off my credit report, but I'll ask my lawyer, too. THANKS.
  6. The reason why this has to do with my credit is because I am handicapped and need to apply for a HUD subsidized apartment and they really check your background and will find this address on my credit files. I had an experience at an apartment complex in Northern California that just about defies the imagination. I need to either get my address there off my credit files (which really isn't possible as I obtained credit while living there) or to file a really super good Housing Discrimination/Harrassment complaint, and I am having trouble finding the words to put on my "Pre-Complaint Questionaire" that describes my experience *concisely*. What happened is that I lived in a "retirement" apartment complex for mostly disabled people. A lot of mentally disabled. Some elderly. There was a coveted corner unit that is just a super great apartment, which apparently has been rented to many different people and who were all driven out by the methadone addict/crazy female next door to this corner unit. I was, according to the neighbors (who are all too intimidated by management to testify for me), the 4th tenant driven out of this apartment. The manager is a sociopathic retired nurse who is power hungry and who wields powerful control over all the vulnerable people in the complex. The very first day I moved in, this methadone addict/crazy woman next door warned me in front of my ex-husband, "I am the bitch of the complex and you ARE ON YOUR WAY OUT." She proceeded to bang on my doors and walls and call the police on me at 10 pm rather frequently, even though I cowered and kept my TV/radio way down. If I happened to have a male guest over (which was rare!) she managed to talk to them and tell them that I was "mentally ill" and "have a terrible private life" (all lies) and so they would leave. It was obvious that this woman had her ear to the wall constantly, as she didn't have a life of her own... During the 4 months I managed to live there, she would play a confidence game and act like she wanted my friendship, and ask me personal questions. (How much I weigh, etc etc). During all this time, the manager/nurse/nazi leader of the complex decided that she didn't like me, and she would get other, very vulnerable mentally, tenants to come to my door and demand that I move out. The landlady would also do the same and several times I had to shut the door in the landlady's face. I did NOT cause any problems there, and kept to myself in fear. When they complained about my bird, I sold it, but I wouldn't get rid of my small dog too (paid big deposits for both). Finally, the landlady and the methadone addict woman figured out that they could get rid of me easily and legally by filing a falsified temporary restraining order. So the addict/neighbor filed this totally falsified restraining order that said I used obscene language to her daily, and the entire package was FALSIFIED. The Judge, of course, signed it, as it sounded terrible. Rather than fight it and lose (because the landlady was behind this) I moved out. My ex-husband was a witness to all of this that went on, because he would visit me to help me do things around the apartment and he saw the severe harrassment I was under. I have 4 copies of complaints I made to the management about my neighbor's intense harrassment, and I'm sure there were more that I just didn't keep because I was so stressed out and having a nervous breakdown from all the harrassment. Whenever I asked a neighbor to stick up for me, they would admit that the last 4 tenants had been likewise "driven out" but they were in fear of the management so they wouldn't stick up for the new girl on the block. I tried so hard to make friends of these 2 people (manager and neighbor). I bought them flowers; gave them pretty cards, but all along the harrassment kept up. My last days there under this false restraining order were a nightmare. I was told by the (unethical cops in this town) that if I went outside my apartment to get food or take my dog out, I would be breaking the restraining order to stay 50 feet away from my neighbor's place. I knew that all this was done as retaliation for standing up for myself to them, and they wanted me in jail BAD. But I got my ex husband to stay there the last 2 days and move me out so that they couldn't find reason to say I had broken the restraining order and put me in jail. ALL this I have written is only a small percentage of what happened. I am trying to fill out a State Discrimination/Harrassment complaint, but who is going to believe me and my ex husband against this nurse/landlord? She used to laugh at me, too, because she knew that since I am low income that my references would be checked and she can say anything she wants about me. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this more concise? I am going to run it past my pro bono State Legal Aide attorney, too, but I still can't make it concise. It is so stressful just to think of how close I was to having a complete and total nervous breakdown.
  7. I tried, but because I fought so hard against the fraudulent charges, they retaliated by telling the PUC that I have to have the entire amount UP FRONT.
  8. Universal Lifeline is a cut rate for people on low incomes. There is no other phone company other than AT&T. It has a monopoly in most areas; that is why their customer service is sooo nasty. Even the service guys who came out said they knew that customer service has a bad reputation. They are a monopoly and act bad, just because they can!
  9. The phone wasn't turned off for non-payment. My husband, whom they would not allow me to put on the bill as co-responsible, cancelled the service so that he could put a VOIP phone in. It cancelled a DSL contract, and for some reason the bill was up to $400, but it was not for long distance service. I remember that AT&T repair insisted they had to come out to turn on our service at one point, and my landlord was by the box all that day and said they did NOT ever come out, and that "they always say that." I fought them with the PUC in that state initially and lost, because they wanted to retaliate so bad that they wrote pages and pages of response to the PUC. Much of the bill is fraudulent charges but I can't prove it.
  10. I can't find the link where I posted for help on this awhile back (are links cleaned off or expired?). I am still trying to get a Universal Lifeline phone from AT&T but they insist I have to pay them a very old bill from when I lived in another state, PLUS deposit, before I get a Universal lifeline phone for $5. (I am permanently disabled). The PUC in both states is going along with AT&T. I can't get a VOIP phone because I live out in the stix in a forest and can't get fast enough internet, or I would. Is AT&T subject to SOLs? Does anyone know? I have even contacted the Cerebral Palsy organization to help me, but they don't answer my emails. I need to get this old debt thrown out BAD.
  11. (I can't find the link...its a couple years old). Thanks to this board, I had a Citibank case dismissed in Nevada against my husband based on a technicality (they didn't serve him within the time limit in Court Rules). Citibank tried to intimidate us after we moved to California, with a letter from an attorney, but thanks to this board, we intimidated them back with a letter and the whole thing just got forgotten ultimately by Citibank....
  12. I was a victim TWICE of two different kinds of rental fraud by landlords and these addresses are on all my credit reports. (I subscribe to Bank of America Privacy Assist and they are very helpful). I need to apply for a HUD subsidized apartment, and they do extensive background checks. If I lie and say I did not live in these two places, I won't get approved because HUD will find out I lied. I MUST GET THESE ADDRESSES OFF MY CREDIT FILE, as the landlords who defrauded me (looong story about how they did it but both were very serious). BofA says that the only way I can get these addresses off is to tell the credit bureaus that I am insured for Identity Theft, and hope for the best. Any idea on what I should do?
  13. In a case where the OC "disappears" like this, wouldn't the Secretary of State want to know or else have a forwarding address for them?
  14. This happened to me. Send a letter to your State Attorney General. They may try and brush you off by sending you pamphlets about "how to request your credit file," blah blah. But stress that this is a consumer problem and that you have already disputed. It took me 2 years to get GE Care Credit to remove mistakes, and they went to extreme lengths to keep the mistakes on, but finally the federal banking organization (forgot who they are right now) got them to promise to correct the mistakes. However, I just found out all the mistakes are not corrected.
  15. Yes, I am honest about what I am saying (why do people question that? She has so much MOTIVE, as she got evicted too, for running the rental scam). I need paperwork and lots of it to show to the judge. Can the opposing party give the judge an old temporary restraining order that is false and has NO bearing on this issue? The scammer is showing it to everyone and so no one believes my story just because of an old, falsified restraining order done by another woman scammer.
  16. I rented a very nice room from who seemed like a very nice lady and ended up homeless and she ended up with my $900 brand new, flat screen TV. Her scam was to rent out the rooms in the large house she was leasing, for enough so that she would only have to work part-time. She gave me a letter saying I had "verbal" permission and kept complaining to me that her "very mean" landlord just wouldn't give written permission. I ignored the red flags that she also kept procrastinating giving me a key to the house. She stayed in her room 20 hours of every day, and I kept trying to get her to get help for her severe depression and agoraphobia and social phobia. She asked me to call her mother for financial help, but her mother warned me that they had been dealing with this flakiness for over 5 years now. Her best friend said she had been trying to get her hospitalized in a psych place, too. The woman was a Master Manipulator. She used the old trick of gaining familiarity by coming in and sitting on my bed and being my "best friend" and asking personal questions over and over again. She won my trust completely. Then one day her doctors caught her going to different doctors to get narcotic pills and they cut her off her drugs. She went ballistic and attacked me. I called the police, and she ran away, but the police did nothing. They said it would be my word against hers and impossible to prosecute. My pro-bono lawyer said I had 30 days even though she was given a 3 days notice to Cure or Quit from the landlord when she called him to complain about me. I tried laying low...I was responsible for babysitting two dogs at the time and had nowhere to go, but she went ballistic again off her drugs and called the police. The police told me to pack my stuff and get out because of the 3 day violation of lease eviction. I was afraid to death of her by that time, so I packed my things in my car and one deputy helped. I couldn't fit my brand new HDTV in the car, so I told him it better be there when I return. Two days later it was gone. I have filed reports with the Security Gate over and over (it was a gated country club). The police finally took a report of the stolen TV and assault, but she was so slick with them that they were clearly on her side. (I don't know what she had on me, but she had something!). Now the police say that there is no evidence to gain a search warrant! She changed her story about what happened to the TV at least 7 times, and I wrote a list and showed it to the Gate Security. The Captain believes me, but then the real landlord stepped in. He believed his tenant over me, and now the Captain of Security won't get involved in any criminal or civil prosecution to help me recover my TV. Meanwhile she is calling everyone who knows me and emailing them, saying that I assaulted HER and that I was the scammer and that I "framed" her for stealing my TV. What kind of evidence am I going to need to win against her in Small Claims Court? I can subpoena the Security Gate's records, but I may not get them; it's such an ultra secretive country club. The police are not on my side and I'm not sure why. How many witnesses would I need to try to flood the courtroom to say that I had a TV there (I have the empty box, brand new, receipt, and manual!). How can I win if the police report makes me look bad somehow? I do not have a criminal record except for one arrest in another state when my husband hit me and the cops thought he looked so old that he must be the victim (case was thrown out of court). I did have a temporary restraining order filed once against me when I was victimized again by a jealous woman neighbor who falsified everything to get me out and I didn't fight and I ran. I am shocked that women can be such vicious manipulators! I've never been abused by a woman before this year and it's happened twice. I do know that this roommate/scammer got hold of that temp. restraining order that is entirely falsified, so I guess that is what she she showing the police, and they figure it must be true. I have an ex-husband who can testify that it is falsified, but I don't think Small Claims Court will allow it into evidence. It would be mentioned in police report, though, by this woman. Any ideas for me? I feel that I most definitely have a red target painted square in the center of my back by now. Or else, someone pasted a sign saying, "Kick Me" and so everyone is.....the persecution has been so stressful this year that I've seriously contemplated suicide because it feels like no one is ever on my side (I cry and don't stand up to people like I should, which invites manipulators). Believe me, I'm getting in therapy now, but I still want to win back the money for my TV.
  17. Thanks, I will give the PUC one chance and if that doesn't work, then I'll go the AG. I found out that it's not good to file complaints all over the place at the same time. Oh and I never said that they are denying me basic service....several people here didn't read thoroughly and thought I meant that...they turn on my basic service, then add that old $400 bill to it. And if I don't make big enough payments on the whole shabang to satisfy AT&T, they CAN shut off my basic service!
  18. I made a complaint to the PUC online using tips you guys gave me here...maybe it will work, as it isn't right that SBC took cancellation from my ex-husband when my name was on the bill only!
  19. Thanks for all the tips and I will report back. ALSO, I thought of making a complaint to the PUC, and if that doesn't work, then maybe a complaint to my congressman would work with them....
  20. This is all so unfair that I'm thinking about writing to the Governor. I doubt he would do anything. The congressman and senators only help you with FEDERAL agency problems. AT&T looks me up by my SS every time I call them. So they find the old bill right away. I doubt Verizon has any service out here where I live at all. I live waaay out in a rural area.
  21. Let me tell you exactly how they got away with it. They DID give me phone service and I turned it off that day because all services were blocked and when I tried to call Customer Service, my line automatically went to a recording that said to call a Collection Agency in San Francisco. When I dialed "O" then I did get AT&T, but only their collections department. There was NO WAY to get hold of the regular customer service. Then, I found out that what they do is AFTER you have this very limited LIFELINE service with them, they tack that old, old bill onto my current bill and will turn off service for not paying on my current bill, which by then has the old bill on it. See? They CAN turn off my LIFELINE service if I don't pay enough on the bill.
  22. That's the problem - the base would be in the 20 year old girl's room and her mom and her don't understand anything about VOIP. Oh and Comcast doesn't have phone service out where I live in the stix. Thanks for trying to think of something for me though! Both are too expensive for me now anyway.
  23. That is what I asked them at the time. They said it's becasue I "didn't have it on file NOT to accept cancellation from him." See, how corrupt they are.
  24. I am a divorced, disabled woman on SSI who has lived in California for the past 2 years. (I have used VOIP phones like Vonage). About 3-4 years ago, I had SBC in Nevada before they were AT&T. The service was in my name because I was the one in our marriage who ordered it and SBC refused to add my husband on the bill, saying they only have one person on the bill (which is not like normal utilities). My husband had a disagreement with them and cut off our service, which cancelled two DSL contracts prematurely. The bill came to $400. Now I am in a roommate situation where I need my own phone line and I need LIFELINE service because I'm disabled. (My roommate has her own LIFELINE service and cannot have two lines in her name because of it). I cannot use Vonage because the Comcast modem is in her daughters room. Our divorce is final and we forgot about this debt and did not put it in our divorce papers. My husband admits to me that he feels responsible for the bill, but since its in my name, he won't pay it. I have tried to get phone service, and they turn it on but then put a block and a recording on it that says I must call long distance to a collection agency in San Francisco!!! So I cancelled their service the same day. I finally had a long talk with AT&T about the problem, and they YELL at me about the old bill in Nevada and say that I would lose my LIFELINE service if I had a line turned on and then didn't make payments on the old bill. I cannot make any payments at all - I live on $800 a month, if you call that living. I am judgement proof, but I am not worried about them suing me. I just need a phone line and AT&T is a monopoly! They treat me terrible when I try to talk to them. I have thought of writing to the PUC or my congressman, but I would just lose and they would say this is a civil matter. I can't sue my ex husband because we are trying to have an amicable divorce, and I need him still to help with some things because of my physiclal health problems. Does anyone have any idea how I can get a LIFELINE phone line? The state of California verifies my SSI income, so it has to be in my name.
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