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  1. Trying to collect on a old credit card debt
  2. Federal credit corp is in texas I am in florida
  3. I was wondering if anyone has delt with Federal Credit corp?LOL,I am now!Any experience shared would be help at this point.,thanks
  4. I just recieved a letter from ca on a debt lets say at least 16 years old,I had moved a couple of times to 3 different states but held jobs for a couple of years in each state now live in florida,question is,do you think there was ever a judgement?never had a garnishment,never heard anything more about it,what course of action could they take?this is on a credit card and they say they want interest and total is over 11,000 dollars now,I have great credit now and this could ruin me,I have sent them a validation letter today.Could they stick me with this or is it beatable?thanks
  5. I open mail other day to ca asking to collect on 16-18 year old credit card debt,I know sol is past but if there was a judgement will I have to pay this?I never had a wage garnishment but did move a couple times out of state but wouldnt they have caught up to me years ago?Ca is federal credit corp are they licensed in florida?How would I know if a judgement was passed on me from years ago?please help