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  1. Doc, congrats, lol. legend, not sure what you are confused about. Nothing prevents anyone from filing a lawsuit. My file is "blocked" from the view of anyone at TU's 800#. This means that I cannot discuss my file with anyone at the 800#. Is all that they can do is transfer me to a voice mailbox. My voice mails do not get returned--they have not been returned for what will be two months on April 5. 99.9999% of consumers can speak to a representative about their files. I can't. See the problem? The fact that the Priority Department has no 800# is a violation of Section 609©(1)(. The fact
  2. If you're coming up I-75, you'll notice that one of our "gateway" cities into the metro area is River Rouge. You'll know when you see birds fall out the sky - you won't forget the smell. Carry a plastic bag with you. Put it over your head when the first wave of stench hits you. If you drive 82mph, you should make it to the other side just before passing out. I will remember to put the sunroof down and "open wide." LMAO
  3. J Snow, no response in writing to speak of. It is going to get litigated shortly I am quite sure. Don, so you are not in "Priority" anymore? I can't help but put "Priority" in quotes, because it is truly an ironic description of my reality.
  4. J Snow- (is that short for JT SNOW? LOL)- Please read my recent post on TU Priority Dept for the answer to that question. In short, it enables TU to avoid speaking to a consumer by routing them to a voice mailbox--this is precisely what is occurring with me. I have little doubt that most consumers (the vast majority) in Priority do get their calls returned. My calls were returned for nearly two years, but not in the past two months. BK, do NOT, I repeat do NOT fail to voice your dispute THROUGH THE CRA. Excuse me for being so adamant and repetitive, but it is very important because an OC
  5. Hi, fellow "Priority" consumers. The purpose of this post is to request that anyone who has had particularly negative experiences in this Department please contact me privately or post your experiences here. I have reached the conclusion that this Department is established for the purpose of isolating those consumers who assert their FCRA rights more adamantly than 99.999% of consumers. The most negative result of my placement in the "Priority" Department is not the (now obvious) violation of 15 U.S.C. Section 1681g©(1)(, a class claim almost definitely, rather it is the fact that I have been
  6. storm, you may find yourself in TU's "Priority" Department very shortly. Regarding the tradelines that are disputed, my suggestion is to obtain a letter from the furnishers (creditors) stating the correct status of the account. Attach those letters to your next dispute. In the meantime, you may wish to make a copy of the tradelines as they are reported by Experian and Equifax and attach that to a dispute letter to TU. Say something to the effect of "TU is the only CRA taht is reporting this tradeline inaccurately." The OC letters are by far more persuasive, IMO. GL with it. If you do fi
  7. Funny pic on your sig, I just noticed it. LMAO! Yeah the attorney up there...I don't recall his name, but I will update on it later when I find it out. I hear that there is good mtn biking up in MI--it is not bad at all in Minny despite the lack of elevation. I will drive my DIESEL up to MI one of these days soon. Pardon my fumes in advance...LOL, they are actually denser than gas fumes and therefore have a lesser impact on the ozone layer. (That is my "excuse in advance") Ok, we can bury this thread now...LOL
  8. If it IS Citibank, that is important to know as Citibank is the company that I feel most able to assist a consumer with. Please find out if it is Citibank. If it is, please PM me or post it here. If it is Citibank, I will ask you or her to get the Card Agreement in hand.
  9. If we are talking about a single delinquent bill in the amount of roughly $1500, I would consider an Accord and Satisfaction. Whether or not it is a good idea to resort to A and S will depend on many factors. Which credit card company are we talking about here? Feel free to PM me if you are hesitant about divulging that info here. An A and S that is tendered under the right circumstances and in the right manner can produce a very desirable result.
  10. Dear CRA: For purposes of identification, my name is __ , my ssn is ----, my date of birth is ---- , my present address is =-=====, and my home tel # is ----. The purpose of this letter is to dispute the following tradeline: (state information of tradeline including name of furnisher and account #) At no time was I "30 days past due" on this account. The information contained in this letter proves my assertion, and (name CRA) is thoroughly advised to consider the information provided in this correspondence with respect to its reinvestigation of the disputed tradeline. (I would cite the FCRA
  11. I can post a sample letter upon your request and will comment on a sample letter upon your request.
  12. 7-10 days late cannot be accurately reported as "30 days late" In response to your next question, I respond by example: Four payments that were each 8 days late do not amount to a single payment that was 32 days late. In sum, you are describing inaccurate furnishing of credit information by the jeweler. Be sure to voice your dispute THROUGH THE CRA in addition to any dispute that you might voice through the jeweler. The reason for this is because in the event that you wish to claim FCRA violations against the furnisher (the jeweler), the furnisher is not liable under Section 623( unless the f
  13. Don, lol, you "know too much" about the 404 to 770 changeover for a MI resident. Are you on the FCA Case as well? Only kidding. I hear that there is an FDCPA attorney in MI. that hands out dictaphones to all of his clients and potential clients. I don't "know" that MI is a one party consent state; the law looks a bit fuzzy to me. MN is very cut and dry, one party consent all the way.
  14. The OC is usually not bound by the FDCPA because the OC is usually not using a name other than its own to collect a debt that is owed to them. If the OC is using a name other than their own to collect a debt, then the OC may (and very likely will) meet the definition of "debt collector" under Section 1692a(6). Is the OC using its OWN name on the collection letters?
  15. Doc, yes and thank you. Thanks to both of you. I got some feedback on another site that the particular address on Paces Ferry Rd. was not subject to the change of area code. That # for Bell South does work from my home, so no need to provide an additional number, Don Thanks to both of you--cheers.
  16. Hi, the question is: Is anyone aware whether or not the address 2675 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA. 30339 was at one time in the (404) area code? It is presently (770), this I know. I do not have a phone number for the phone company (Bell according to my recollection, I have it written in my notes) in order to check with them. I got a toll free number that does not work for me since I am in a distant state. Thanks much.
  17. lead, thanks for the post. I have done a lot of research on this and you are welcome to benefit from it. I will be retaining counsel shortly. I don't want to divulge too much on the public board, but a PM has been sent to you. cheers
  18. good question above, I will try to address this at some point in the future, just want to earmark it.
  19. Side Note but not really: I am not aware of any portion of the FCRA that requires inquiries to be displayed EXCEPT for those inquiries made w/respect to a credit transaction not initiated by the consumer. For that matter, Experian makes a false statement of law on (either their Summary of Rights or on another form letter.) I am prepared to be wrong..but I have yet to find the portion of the FCRA that EXPRESSLY requires inquiries to be shown other than those mentioned above. Of course, an argument is that Sect 607( requires an accurate list of inquiries. ("maximum possible accuracy")
  20. I would add to that: Section 607(a) requires the CRA to verify the identity and in doing so they must obtain enough information to comply with Section 609. Section 609(a)(3) requires clear and accurate disclosure of the identifying information that is requried to be obtained by the CRA pursuant to Section 607(a). Just adding to it, nice thread, thanks.
  21. VERY INTERESTING thread. Deletion of a "factual record" is deemed appropriate when the CRA discovers that it is liable for allowing a purely falsely certified subscriber to pull a report. This is a means to attempt to deny that the inquiry ever happened. I do notice that TU has indicated previously that an inquiry made with a fraudulent application (certification in reality) may be deleted. However, the rationale for deletion in this instance is ???? what is it?? The inquiry happened, therefore it should stay. "Accuracy" calls for leaving the INQ on and a notation that reads "Impermissibl
  22. I hear that Billy and "Edwin" (from TU) are lovers. ROTF
  23. I remember Tyrelle's avatar, the man holding the briefcase. Bumping every few days, thanks, as this inquiry is definitely appearing on consumers' CR and they will get stumped by TU for sure. I have heard one report of the "Fin Coll Agency" on an Experian report. Careful though as there actually IS a real company named Financial Collection Agency that legitimately pulls from EX. There are a handful and not more than a handful of companies named Financial Collection Agency, NONE of them are located in Georgia. If the CRA provides an address on "Paces Ferry" in Atlanta, GA., you are looking