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  1. pardon the double post from across the street..but these folks at Experian need a little lesson taught: 1) "Social Security number variations"==they act like having a few SSNs and about 15 different names is about the most normal thing in the world..all subject to Sect 611. NEVER HEARD SO MUCH BOLOGNA IN MY LIFE, ALMOST JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW TALKING TO THE "COMPLIANCE OFFICER" If THAT does not fall under Sect 607(, I dunno WHAT does. 2) "INVESTIGATED BEFORE ON 3/5/2003" is a frivolous or irrelevant determination lacking the Sect 611(a)(3)©(ii) notice of 'acceptable documentation'...no biggee
  2. gang, not good to be derrogatory..grrrr...but lemme fill you in: During my FCA research, I contacted the folks at financialcollectionagency.com I told the lady who answered that I spoke to a gentleman some time ago...... and she abruptly cut me off and said "WE DON'T HAVE ANY MEN THAT WORK HERE AND WE NEVER HAVE!!" LMAO
  3. Tyrelle! classic! I saw Georgiaboy over at cnet. I posted at FCM as lawguru for awhile..I got booted (I think) by the boss there as I "disputed" the "weight" of that one single case that was cited many, many times over there...I dare not say the name of it, but you know it!! It starts with an "S" and rhymes with "tears." ROTFLMAO! those were good days. My eyes are seriously tearing. )
  4. her, thanks for the insight, I am slowly learning the scammy tactics of lenders in addition to those of the CRAs. Half truths are not a good thing as you mentioned, and affirmative misrepresentations are punishable. Swede, I am speaking of FCM and it was >2 years that I posted on that site, the first credit site that I found. Ok, it wasn't THAT long ago..this past two years of credit battling seems like a decade though.
  5. yep, Billy Boy..lmao, they used to stamp them, I guess that they figured it was a good idea not to assist the consumer in documenting the date of receipt.
  6. Folks, I am placing this CRA on FIRM NOTICE and wish to make it as firm as possible. Any additonal offices and/or contact numbers are requested: Here is what I have: TU in Fullerton fax 714-447-6027 TU in Crum Lynne, PA fax 610-546-4606 The "firm notice" pertains to the accurate telephone number for the former offices of Financial Collection Agencies. This CRA is knowingly handing out a tel number with an incorrect area code, not to mention a name that is close but not quite accurate and an address of the same level of accuracy.
  7. what scammers..one can however enter the tracking# on usps.com for the date of delivery.
  8. her, so they derive a PP out of these communications? or allege to? I am a bit (very, lol) ignorant about buying homes/financing.
  9. Crane v. Trans Union, LLC, 282 F.Supp.2d 311, 317 (E.D. Pa., 2003), Cushman v. Trans Union, 115 F.3d 220, 225 (3rd Cir. 1997). (“The ‘grave responsibility’ imposed by §1681i(a) must consist of something more than merely parroting information received from other sources.”) thanks Swede, nice thread..I will have more to add to this when I close my present TU file. cheers
  10. I missed the thrust of your post..excuse me. It gets deleted to destroy the record, in short. Almost anything at all will prompt a Sect 611 "investigation" that promptly results in deletion and a failure to provide results of the "investigation." Why fail to provide results? That would defeat the purpose of the "investigation." "Please provide the following information: the specific permissible purpose that Fin Coll Agency had for obtaining my credit report. Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation." This request was regarded as a "dispute." My repeated requests for identifying inf
  11. anyone at all who has a Fin Coll Agency inquiry on their consumer report is encouraged to consult with an attorney. I am not an attorney and this is not entitled to legal advice. Any consumer's attorney is welcome to contact me in order to obtain whatever information I am able to divulge, and I do have a substantial amount of it.
  12. Folks, if you have an INQUIRY under "Fin Coll Agency" and one or both of the following hold true: 1) it is deleted rapidly or claimed not to actually be on your credit report, even though you see that it is or 2) you receive bogus identifying information from the CRA regarding the person that made the iniquiry I encourage you to report it to at least the FTC: 877-FTC HELP phone 202-326-2012 fax I am not suggesting either method to be the preferred one, but I mention my understanding is that a phone call to the FTC will get you a reference number that can be included with any documentati