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  1. About 6 years ago I was going south on I-85 when an Averitt truck going north ran off in the median and flipped his truck on it's side. The truck proceeded to skid through the median and into my lane of the interstate (all on it's side). When we both came to a stop we were literally inches from eachother and the driver was hanging sideways from his seatbelt with eyes as big as saucers. I will never forget that. It was like a slow motion scene out of some action movie. Needless to say, I hate Averitt trucks. Carry on.....
  2. Ohhh. It's going back up out here. Up to $2.05 from 1.97 last week.
  3. $2.72 this morning in S.C. I got duped. I want my Excursion back.
  4. I'm good. Super busy. We've actually sold down a good many of our goats. We have the fewest we"ve had in a long time. The economy is scary. We're trying to be responsible. ::tina::::tina::
  5. Facebook is my newest addiction. Anybody else got a page?
  6. Hated not being able to TEACH because of all of the POLITICS.
  7. :roflmao: I have a visual of someone opening a package to find a stem cell.
  8. My sister got her teaching certificate and went straight on to get her masters. She entered the classroom with a masters degree and quit after 2 years. She said she has never been so disillusioned by anything in her whole life. She hated it. Never went back. As for uniforms.... our district sent out a poll last year asking parents opinions. The district wanted to go to uniforms this year. Well, I pitched a royal fit. I have 4 in school that I would have to buy for (among other reasons). Anyway, I must not have been the only one who didnt like the idea because we didnt go to uniforms. Whew! I feel your pain.
  9. Got my reminder!!! I will be away from home, but I have set the alarm on my Blackberry. I will log on from Blackberry for the sake of being counted, but I can't read or post for **** on that tiny screen!
  10. Where is "here"? Cali I assume???
  11. I'm still here. Just got back from a 4 day weekend at the beach. Consumed way too much alcohol, and was tempted by a seafood at dinners. But I stuck to my plan by day and I dont feel too bad for it. My weigh in is Thursday morning. I feel like I'm going to be down a few pounds. Then I jet off to Dallas for another long weekend. This traveling thing is gonna kill me!
  12. Ew. Never heard that scenario. Interesting....
  13. I'm back in the game 2 weeks today. Weighed in this morning and I down 6 pounds in 2 weeks. So, now I just have to lose 4 more to be back where I started before I fell off the wagon. Nothing like having to re-lose what you already lost before you can start losing again.
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