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  1. camilomachado..I really did want to know how you proceed, expecially with Experian and their "previoulsy investigated" letter. Are you still out there? Are you continually disputing with the OC or the CRA or both? I only started this in February and Experian is already refusing to "re-investigate" so how do you keep disputing, disputing when they ignore you? Just ignore their notices of "previously investigated or verified" and dispute again?
  2. We'll be taking up a collection for bail money. Let us know when you plan to walk through their doors.... There you go! I'll contribute. Please do go and let us know what happens!
  3. I have the same thing going on with Experian. Anyone have any idea what part of the FCRA they feel they have the right to do this under?
  4. Maybe you just drew an idiot for a cs at Equifax who pushed the wrong keys. Perhaps you should send the letter from NCO to Equifax again? Maybe someone who can read and work the keyboard at the same time will get your letter this time around? Stranger things have happened.
  5. Are you continually disputing with the OC or the CRA or both? I only started this in February and Experian is already refusing to "re-investigate" so how do you keep disputing, disputing when they ignore you? Just ignore their notices of "previously investigated or verified" and dispute again?
  6. I've heard it's almost impossible to get rid of AMEX and I can believe it. I disputed back in February, and lo and behold....just this week received a big fat manilla envelope with a copy of every single transaction posted and I had an account with them for over 15 years before disaster struck. They won't let go easily. Mine is sceduled to drop off anyway next year, but they went to all that trouble to keep it on my record. So....I wouldn't waste my time with them. Spend your time and energy on another that may bend a little. My 2 cents.
  7. You've got that right. Friends that I have encouraged to pull thier reports are going into orbit right now. Methuss, Thanks for the info.
  8. My nearest "big" city is Houston. If by some miracle you could find one in Conroe, Texas which is much, much closer that would be great, but I'll bet money there is not one in Conroe. I can get into Houston if I have to for a good lawyer. I looked on the naca.net and there are a few in Houston, but I had read someone's post (maybe yours) that they had gone further in their search and found the ones listed on naca.net had never even tried a FDCPA or FCRA case or had lost. If you have the ability to find one that has successfully tried some FDCPA/FCRA cases in Houston, I would really appreciate the information. Thank you in advance, Sarah
  9. Legend, Just so you will know you aren't alone. I had the same problem here in East Texas. The clerk for the local judge was quite honest with me and said they had no idea what I was referring to and asked me to send them copies of the law so she and the judge could review. They didn't even know of the Texas Debt Collection Act. I made copies of both the Federal and State laws and sent to them last week. It just shows you that if the court systems/judges who are suppose to rule on these laws don't know them, how are the consumers suppose to know them? Very frustrating!
  10. Thanks Lady! That is what I was hoping you would say. It made sense to me, but with the IRS, things are not always logical. Thanks again!
  11. I know this is more of a tax question, but I thought one of you guru's out there might be able to help. I was divorced in 1998. We had tons of credit card debt. A credit union has filed a 1099C on me retro by 3 years. I understand that I can file an insolvency report along with an amended return with a form 982 for the year they filed the 1099c (I was NOT notified by them of the 1099C filing). The credit card debt for the most part has been "charged off" as bad debt by the credit card companies. It is all still on my credit report. My question is; does anyone know if in making out my insolvency report, can I include all the credit card debt even though it has technically been "charged off"? I could have easily qualified to file bankruptcy at the time all this took place, but didn't.
  12. Not gonna happen! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it all looks too new to me for you to be able to get back up to where you were any time soon even if you start throwing some money and goodwill letters at them. It is going to take some time.
  13. ROTFLMAO That was priceless!! Do it again! Do it again!!!
  14. That's good to hear! I'm glad I was able to help. There are a lot of good people in this forum who are always willing to help. Please do keep us posted. We like to hear of success or failures or any bumps along the way. They may help someone else. Good Luck!
  15. No, you don't ask the AG for a remedy, you are just reporting them for violating Texas law. The AG will take whatever actions he deems necessary, and he may ask for deletion, I don't know. I just filed one myself and it hasn't had time to make the rounds, so I don't know what action he takes. Just write a letter reporting them for engaging in collection activities without the appropriate bond (if this is the case) and all the other Texas laws they have violated. You can ask Nina for a letter stating such to include with your correspondence with both the AG and the CA. However, I would take Methuss' advice above and get a lawyer as I think you could be entitled to some $$. I don't know of one, but you can go here http://www.naca.net/ and look for one in your area with expertise in FDCPA and FCRA. Also, be sure and report them to the FTC at https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 Bring as much pressure to them as possible.
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