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  1. @BV80 It was in Magisterial District Court (small claims). There was absolutely nothing attached to the complaint. Their lawyer didn't even have anything except a one page printout of Asset's account info screen for each of the 3 accounts.
  2. Lukawski v. Client Services, Inc. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA It's a non-published case and I coudn't find a cite for it. It's mentioned in this article:
  3. @BV80 SOL in PA is 4 years. I'm in that limbo state now. All my derogs are 5 to 5 1/2 years old. I figured instead of just sitting around waiting for stuff to age off, I might as well try to get stuff deleted. The only case law I found for PA is a ruling where the court found it was an FDCPA violation for a debt buyer to add interest and not disclose it in their collection letters. I have 3 sets of letters from Asset, each subsequent letter showing a higher balance, and no mention of interest in any of them.
  4. @BV80 When I went to court, the lawyer tried to get me to settle. When I wouldn't, he withdrew. We never went in front of the magistrate. Wells shows the charge off amount as $5726 as of April 2011, the same month they sold it to Asset. Wells hasn't updated since.
  5. Yes, Wells is also reporting. I never DV'd Asset. They added the dispute comment to their reporting some time after dropping their lawsuits.
  6. Asset sued me on three accounts back in April 2013. They sent a local lawyer to try to settle and when I wouldn't, he withdrew the complaints. They report every month like clockwork and apparently, they have been reporting it as "disputed by consumer." I never DV'd them and I've never disputed any of the accounts with them or the CRA's. I have old EQ and EX reports from May 2012 and the disputed by consumer comment is not there. I don't know if a disputed by consumer comment is good, bad or indifferent. All I know is I've never disputed the trade lines. Here are the CRA entries for one of th
  7. At some point, the lates should start dropping.
  8. I guess that would be up to the particular dealer. Some dealers are pull crazy. I don't know your cash situation, but it seems like the CU should be able to work with you if you have a big enough down payment.
  9. I think that would depend on each card's credit limit. If you put the whole 2500 on A, that should free up 40 or 50 bucks a month that you can use to start bringing B's balance down.
  10. I can only speak for myself so, that said, I'd want the tax lien gone.
  11. I agree with @willingtocope. If the car is turning into a money pit, replace it. I was also approved for a car loan shortly after buying my house.
  12. Thanks, @BV80. Sounds like it could be either one. I'll give the postal inspectors a call.