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  1. I'm curious, is the firm SAFE RENT considered a CRA ? I'm curious since they report about credit history for renters. I'd like my free report from them
  2. nope, reporting to all three bureaus, and its owing as 5K limit
  3. i finanaced through them. I did it for about two years before being able to refi. But i was able to pay online with them every month, and no hassle, no issues.
  4. Got blue nile with very low mid to high 500 scores www.bluenile.com mbna great for a backdoor into MBNA Also had lots of CO and collections
  5. better bet would be to trade it in. The older it is...like yours running on seven years, the less likely as well. Not to mention you are still $4k plus upside down. That would be very tough.
  6. hawk3254


    jsut move to california..... Just have a po box there and say its your residence..... LOL I got out of a few this way
  7. well, I had a great experience with them last week. Did the whole blank check thing, got aproved for $50k, went to the dealership, bouight what I wanted, wrote the check, and all done. No hassels. got what I wanted, in and out in 2 hours 30 mins. Funny thing is one dealership wanted to run my creedit saying they need "back up finanacing" just in case it falls through. i said no thanks. They lost a sale because of that. I understand some dealersips may not like capita one, but funny thing is this dealership des lots of promos with them and has them on hand at the events.
  8. submitted a request for $35 k from capone auto for a blank check. Got approved for get this $50k !!!!! At a decent interest rate too !!! at 72 months !!!! Well, my car was a peice of junk i was financed through Americredit. Then refinanced recently ......my rates 2.5 years ago thru AC was %24 then refi at %16 Now approved at 6.9 % !!!!! Guess what I traded in for today ....back to luxury !!!
  9. well basically, if you shopped there before, they want your business back again. they still pull your credit.
  10. yup, jus checked. . you have no financial obligation. I would kindly tell teh lawyer that represented them that you are reporting them to the sate bar asap
  11. hawk3254

    EQ Help

    Well, my scores on PG took a big jump today. Everything on EQ got ereased so my scores jumped from 519 to 589 in one day. RMA still shows. I wonder what gives ? If I ahev a split file maybe ? I wonder if its better to have it this way so that when lenders pulls they see its clean
  12. so they won;t give a credit limit increase anytime soon ? I just for the card...
  13. Ok, got a quick question for you experts. I have Aset saying I owe them $9k and $7k. says dated opened is in 2002. Now , I know these charged off in 2000 from the OC. Being in California, the 4 year rule, its out of SOL. So are they reporting wrong saying 2002 ?? So is my time frame 7 years from 2002 or in 2007 since it was charged off in 2000 ? thanks !
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