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  1. I am just curious, and don't have a judgment on my credit report yet, but it may very well be coming. I was just wondering in the scope of things how hard or easy it is to dispute a judgment on a credit report as compared to a BK or a tradeline. Thank you
  2. I ask this because I was able to remove a tradeline from a creditor from all 3 reports. At a later time, they came back and sued me. I don't know if they are going to get their judgment (beyond the scope of this post really) but if they do, I was wondering if it will appear with certainty? Would it also be less likely to appear if the original tradeline was removed from the credit report? After all the FCRA states that CRA's must take steps to ensure that the tradeline never appears again once it has been removed on a credit report. Not sure if this is the same thing, but it seems to me that I could argue with the CRA's since they removed the tradeline pre-judgment. Thanks
  3. I am in special handling, and special handling never EVER will call me back. My online credit report is locked down so that I can't dispute anything. I was thinking about going CMRR, but now I hear that I can't dispute via CMRR? I can't believe this! What do I do? Thanks
  4. I need to send a dispute into EX, and EX likes to pretend that they never received a copy of my driver's license. I was thinking of copying my DL and tracking number onto the face of my one page dispute. My only concern is that by giving them a copy of my DL and tracking number that would obviously mean they only got a copy of my dispute. This dispute will probably make it to court based on my past experiences with them. I don't want them to be able to say that all they got was a "copy" of my dispute. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. I know that this is widespread, but I think it can be used to unfairly manipulate consumers pockets. Example: I live out in the country and have to take my infant to the doctor. I get completely snowed in. The closest doctors office is 50 miles away and there is no snow in that locality. I cancel that morning since the snow storm started that night, and get a $20 cancellation fee. I can site 1,000,000 different examples, but to me it seems like doctor's offices now have a unique tool to hold you hostage and trash your credit report. Say I am a police officer, and I just issued a citation. I miss my appointment due to that. Any way to fight this stuff? Very curious... Thanks!
  6. Just curious. We have more than one vehicle and both vehicles are in both of our names. Thank you for your thoughts.
  7. So far my two TU inquiries wont bump with CIP. I have been pulling for nearly a month.
  8. I have been to lazy to become a joint account holder, and was wondering if and which credit reporting agencies no longer count authorized users towards the FICO score as of todays date. Thanks
  9. Wow, life is good then. Maybe I can move forward in circuit court for injunctive relief. Heck this time I will be sure to book a day off!!! Thanks!
  10. Really? For the same specific account? So in other words, I can still rack up violations on the same account? REALLY?????? This issue is legitimate. They are populating an account that they can't verify.
  11. Not suprising, but not right either. I am entitled to a non-suit as a matter of right. Some judge....
  12. Thanks, I have already been banned, then reinstated. Will I get banned again potentially?
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