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  1. That would also state " a new collection agency" that bought it to correct?
  2. I have a situation I hope that I can get some help on. I was sued by a CA that is also a OC but they bought a debt while it was charged off. I made payment arrangements to their CA and the debt was about paid off. I stopped paying because no reporting or update took place. I was then sued by the CA, however they did not appear in court. I hired a lawyer because I thought that this would become a bit sticky. They informed my lawyer that they were dropping the case. My lawyer appeared in court any way because she did no trust their word. The judge signed docs say WITH OUT PREJUDICE. Tw
  3. I disputed the last date of activity as invalid date/ account status incorrect and both Providians are off my account and 1 CC,, I am so happy for someone's mess up Thanks for the help,, Dispute those NA's!
  4. Samething here with CAP, collector was Arrows. I paid their settled amount. They were supposed to send the money to CAP. Cap says that I still owe the money. Arrows sent me a letter stating my payment history. I sent all the information that I had on the account to CAP one/ some bigwig in the collection department. He sends me a letter to call Customer care? I have now written a letter to the CEO., I am not getting anywhere. I informed the big head over there that we can battle this out in court. No such information from him.. Just call. I am at my witts end. They had no reporting h
  5. There must be something going on with Providian. I have read on other boards that they are being easily removed these days. I was in a simuliar situation with them. Reporting was all chopped up. Paid/ sold or transferred/collection account. Looking at the reporting history, that is where I think I scored! Both Tr's were reporting in good standing/OK but then there was a collection status. Appeared that all of a sudden I was in collection with them again. I reported to EXP invalid account status/ appears to be reaged. They are both of EXP and also TU. Keep hounding them! They are g
  6. Not very good at this. Can someone point me in the right direction on where the post is?
  7. I am a member of the Truecredit, so I pulled my free EQ report and noticed something diffrent. OC' charge off accounts are listed with N/A as last activity date but has the last payment date listed. What is considered the last day of activity? The last payment date that they have on file? Also the CA's tradelines have nothing in their fields. Are they not to have the same info as the OC's?
  8. I have to disagree with Xanathos just a bit. I counter suit a case against a major CA, my counter sue was that they were not licensed. Judge took my information/ jotted it down. Had someone make a copy of my letter from the state and awarded me me the win. *** now it could have been judge also*** that let me win! So if you fight the battle with " they are not licensed" pointing out the law. You may stand a chance. I am suit right now with these guys. Weltman. I don't know where they came from but they are appearing all over with suits around the states.
  9. Capital One has not been charged for this>? This is ilegal, if this is their practice they should be stopped!. I just dont understand any of this how they can get away with it.
  10. If you are asking if that account number is Providian, No. I am believing that it is a made up number.
  11. Can a collection agency charge off an account they purchased while it was already charged off?
  12. Some help is needed I am looking for FCRA violations. I know there are here but I am in need of pointing them out. This is an account that was bought by Cap One/ while it was in collections. Cap One bought a block of charge off’s. So here is a report from TU concerning this debt. Capital One #xxxxxxx Balance $864.00 Pay status charged off as a bad debt Date updated 04/2004 revolving account High Balance $1,439.00 individual accoun Collateral Providian Date opened 07/2002 Past due $864.00 date closed
  13. Here some information about Blatt, they will buckle. If they don't have the proof they will not be there. I was in suit with them and I denied the debt, counter complaint. They did not appear. As you know, while sitting in court all the default judgments or people saying " yes, it's my debt, they are hoping that you do not appear" That collection firm has nothing on you. I have dealt with Portfolio before. I asked for validation, Poof! They were gone. I am hoping this is the way it goes for you. I would take lesson to what they all tell you here. Always " think" they will be there
  14. Go to and check out his blog about these guys. No. one on his list this month!