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  1. What state are you in? Has the sol run out yet or close to it? paying any amount will reset that anyway not a good thing.
  2. Transunion 2007 FICO 417 Equifax 2007 FICO 510 Experian 2007 FICO 554 Transunion 2012 FICO 743 Equifax 2012 FICO 778 Experian 2012 FICO 790 I was in such bad shape back then. I studied and read so so so so many posts from so many experts here! Everything from judgments, collections, Charge offs were removed by me using the info here and free. Takes patients, time and alot of studying here. Today I walk into my credit union and walk out with $15,000 signature loans (3 times so far) Now I have moved onto my business credit and found it isnt worth it as they hard pull personal credit for the personal guarentee but still you have all helped me so much and I thank you! You can do it. I never had to go to court, I have had JDB's and CA's drop things off my reports because I was able to point out the FDCPA and FCRA statutes everytime. Today the wife and I have in excess of 80k available in credit cards, utilization is below 25% on what we have balances on, have faith and study everything you can it is so worth it.
  3. I just recently acquired 2 S Corp business CL's one for Citi at $11,000 and another for $15,000 through Chase, however as mentioned it required my personal guarentee AND they dinged my score for the inquiries! Transunion 2007 FICO 417 Equifax 2007 FICO 510 Experian 2007 FICO 554 Transunion 2012 FICO 743 Equifax 2012 FICO 778 Experian 2012 FICO 790
  4. I have been around the board for some time now though very quiet the past few years. New job for insurance for the lil one keeps me very busy. Staying persistent though the latest score check for me was EQ 642 EX 655 TU 650 I now have the following to aid in rebuilding my credit. I still have a state tax lien and federal tax lien as well as a bad write off from Household and 1 collection that wont budge. BOMA $1,500 Lowes $1,500 Home Depot $750.00 Household $500.00 Household $500.00 Target $300.00 Merrick CC $750.00 (high pmnt monthly) Dicks Sporting $800.00 Orchard Bank $500.00 All used and paid at $50 per month to pay them off. I will give it another year and request CLI on CC's and possibly cancel the lower ones. Just needed the trade lines to increase my scores.
  5. Ok so it seems none of the radio talk shows want to touch base on this so I will mention something here only because everybody needs to be aware of the ramifications of the new FISA bill Bush signed into law! I just signed up for CIT ID monitoring and needed to call to confirm a few questions (my alerts I placed on my files) and I always ask everybody now what country I am calling. With CIT Identity Monitoring, they are located in the Philippines which places ME and my conversation with THEM within the FISA law for warentless eavesdropping because I spoke with someone outside the USA! This FISA goes far beyond what most people are aware of. Any and ALL COLLECTION calls I receive are of a very BAD quality over the phones now and I ask them as well where they're calling from and it is usually INDIA! So............... Nothing we do as AMERICANS are now protected or private. My broken ice machine blade took me to customer sup[port in India as well. With all the outsourcing it's no wonder Bush passed FISA! You will note that MOST if not ALL of the credit monitoring companies out there are ALL outside the United States now.
  6. Can someone tell me who you use to monitor your credit? I was going to go with Privacy Guard but they now only let you view your credit once every 30 days?
  7. I had a sears card 10 years ago that I couldn't pay. I fell off my bureaus years ago as the 7 years hit. I just applied for one after all this time and they pull an Equifax bureau. I have NO negatives on Equifax at all. A perfect report with a 730 score. I was denied for "Existing delinquent payment history"? I have no delinquencies...... Is it possible that the Big 3 maintain a separate data base specifically for Corporations that lets them know I USED to have a card with them 10+ years ago? if not why would they deny based on this and with a 730 score?
  8. Though they must cease collection activity, they will still report it as a derogatory against your credit report. There are staff opinion letters on this being considered collection activity, but that is just what they are opinion letters. Once disputed, they MUST cadd a coment to the derogatory that it is in dispute by the consumer.
  9. Ok so regarding the laws of licensing in their state and my state. What about these collection agencies out of this country?
  10. Ok so...... this whole thing about NOT talking to a CA because they use everything you say in their attempt to collect works both ways. I received a new Target card 3 days ago. Suddenly Midland has my personal cell number????? Spoke to a Luanda yesterday very pleasant and surprisingly polite. Gave me the Customer Relations number and extension ( I havent called). Today James calls me to see what Im going to do with this collection and I responded with "absolutley nothing". He's like okay..... Went thru the schpeel that it absolutley is not mine and we began to chit chat. He was extremley polite and did honestly sound rather compassionate! He told me things. I mean he told me real things he saw there lol! Get this. Apparently the reason the big 3 keep or at least kept saying this account was confirmed as owed is cuz Midland Consumer relations department has what is called a "Debt Verification letter" The big 3 tell Midland the consumer disputes, and then Midland shoots out this letter and the big 3 take it as Gods word! James did go there once when he said that Conssumer relations is saying its mine cuz the debt validation period had expired and thats why consumer relations wont send me anything. I told him that had I have ever received a letter from them I would have DV's then but that I was the one who initiated this whole dialog a year ago as I found their derog on my credit report. I told him that any consumer who fails to do a timely DV does NOT bar him from DV'ing later and does NOT mean the debt is valid! He whole heartedly agreed and opoligized for the remark. This has so many different amounts and dates from month to month that even Midland believes it to be unlikley mine so they say. If this were the case it would be removed I know! I dont want it just removed, Im looking for it to be destroyed! Household told me they have nothing on this acct period. I know Midland cant get anything from Household because Household cvouldnt give me anything. Just thought you would all find this interesting and I wonder if the "Debt Verification Letter" is a standard tool CA's use accross the board? Any collectors here? Anyway 2 CA's from Midland in 2 days and both were extremley polite, very informative and actually pleasent to talk to. We'll see how this ride plays out though.
  11. My local town court (small claims court) says the same thing, as well as all links Im finding on the internet for sueing in small claims court in New York state (outside NYC) What is the appropriate court I would want to file in against a collection agency?
  12. I know but I went to my local town court, then the county court and nobody knows what to do to assist me in filing suit. Even the county attorney says he has never heard of either FCRA or the FDCPA. I need to know things like are there forms or what is involved in sueing them. Both Midland AND the CB's are in violation and I know it just no clue if my own courts have no clue.
  13. Sorry for the long post but it has been a long road and just keeps going. This is what I wrote up for Midlands Complaince analyst. Is this something I should send or just let them continue doing their thing? Also I searched for MCM, Midland under the BBB in Oaks, PA and none listed? Mr. Lusk, I am sure you are aware of the FDCPA and FCRA laws that protect consumers. Assuming that my information is correct and you are indeed the Compliance Analyst, I am in hopes that you can look into this and educate those collectors working for commission or minimum wage. Last year I had taken the opportunity to review my credit reports and found that Midland Credit Management had a derogatory listing on all of them. I had never heard from Midland in any way via phone, letters, email etc. I sent them out a letter return receipt requested informing them that they had a derogatory listing on my credit bureaus and that I had never heard from them and demanded that under § 809. Validation of debts [15 USC 1692g] they either send me proper validation or immediately remove the negative from my records. Rather than somebody contacting me to assist me in this effort, I received a computerized letter, which was the very first initial communication with no mini Miranda to say the least. This letter also had different alleged dollar amounts owed from what was found to be listed on my credit reports. I had responded no less than 4 more letters to no avail. All I ever received were more computer-generated letters, offers of discounted amounts etc. I realized I wasn’t going to get any assistance from Midland so I contacted the Original Creditor and asked them if they could help me clear this up. I had no information for this account and they based on my social security number and personal information stated that they had no account there for me, and that it appears that what they themselves were listing on my credit report was that the account was sold to another company. Because of this they couldn’t help me in any way. To this day they too refuse to remove the item in question. With nowhere else to turn I notified the Credit Bureaus and after a very long drawn out battle with them, they continued to come back with their investigation as the account has been confirmed as being mine! So. I copied ALL letters sent to Midland, Household bank along with the return receipt cards and sent them off to the Credit reporting companies informing them that obviously Midland doesn’t have a problem verifying this alleged account with them but have refused to even contact me for anything! I demanded that the Credit reporting company send me the proof that Midland had been sending them because they refuse to send me anything. Equifax removed the mis-information from my credit reports after several months of fighting with Midland. Yesterday 5/27/08, I received a phone call from a number that was listed as "Unavailable" from a woman who claimed her name to be Luanda from Midland. After completely disregarding everything I had to say she finally gave me an 800 number to what she called consumer relations who deals with any and all validations. Midland has ignored my pleas for over a year and now has the audacity to call my cell phone and make false claims that I owe this money on the alleged account. I have credit reports dating back to 1998 long before Midland ever showed up unannounced onto my credit reports. Reviewing each report year by year shows clear re-aging on this account. Balances have climbed higher than triple the alleged original creditors amount and yet to this day I have received absolutely nothing. To add insult to injury, I was informed by Luanda that Midland has indeed reported this and added it back onto my bureaus 3/13/08, 4/14/08, and again 5/15/08! I am supposed to be protected under FCRA and FDCPA laws at the Federal and state levels. I have not received a single notice of reinsertion from any of the credit reporting agencies! Between Midland and the credit bureaus it appears that there is a very serious lack of communication. Worse yet is if this ever gets cleared up with Midland, it will just get sold to another junk debt buyer and I get to start the whole process over again! Americans should not have to go through this total lack of humanity and lack of respect for the laws that govern this free nation! I have given up counting the numerous violations between Midland and all 3 credit bureaus. I am demanding that this trade line be removed once and for all from any and all of my credit bureaus. It is obvious Midland cannot show me anything at all that I am responsible for the alleged account. Be advised that I am aware that there are no laws that make Midland have to respond to my requests for validation, they must however stop collection activity until such a response is given! This is still being ignored and all of this continued collection activity is against the law! I have pasted the Wollman letter below for your reference. Though it is an opinion letter only, it clearly states the FTC position on these types of actions. Midland is to get verification of the alleged debt from HOUSEHOLD THEMSELVES who couldn’t help me when I called, then they (Midland) is to mail me that information! Because the alleged Original Creditor is showing a much much lower balance than Midland, and the fact Midland has at least 5 different dates of last activity indicating re-aging, I need an explanation of these dates as well. I need an accounting along with definitive proof I am the one responsible for this account. Seriously I can’t believe this is still being reported after over a year of pleading for help!
  14. Doesnt a CO have to get validation from the OC? MCM has been running me around and around. They finaly sent me their version oif validation and it is just their letterhead saying that in 2004 they bouthe all rights to a collection account and that my name and last 4 digits matches and gave me the balance to pay. I know I used to have a statute I saved from here stating that wasnt enough to be considered validation. I dont know what to type in the search box to find that.
  15. legend

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    Please dont scream at me I cant find the right words in the search box to find the post a couple years ago I believe? on a list of collection agency names and all their AKA's? help.... I'm running and hiding under the chair now
  16. I just received a collection letter from Debt Recovery Services for a phone bill. I noticed as I was placing my DV letter into the envelope that the address is the same as that of Midland Credit Management? Is this normal? Is MCM the same as Debt recovery services? Wasnt Midland once Encore? Theyre in Oaks, PA which is a hop skip and a jump from me I may have to take a drive. MCM never validated and yet CR came back verified, and today I received another dunning letter for the same account from MCM while in validation grrr.... None of the courts here know what the FDCPA or FCRA is. Been there done that and am getting no cooperation at all.
  17. Just fired off this email to Michelle Lusk, I will keep my fingers crossed!! Dear Ms. Lusk, Re: Acct #xxxxxxx Aspire Visa I am writing you in regards to the above mentioned account. On 11//2007, I sent your organization a formal request for validation of this account. It was signed for and received by B. Sanchez on Nov 20th 2007. Me likewise and ignored me yet verified with the Bureaus!You are falsely reporting to the Credit Reporting Agencies that I have made a payment on the alleged account; in Jan of 2007 (This is referenced on my Equifax Credit File). I have made no such payment to your organization at any point in time. Midland can provide no proof of such payment. Trade Lines reporting on Credit Files must be accurate or the tradlines must be deleted by law. Your organization may not falsely submit information that does not exist regarding payments on the alleged account. Ms Lusk, as you know, this is a direct violation of Federal Statues: 1) Misrepresentations by the collector about themselves or the debt are actionable regardless of intent. Protection under the FDCPA / Case law- Gearing v. Check Brokerage Corp Cacace v. Lucas, 775 F. Supp. 502, 505 (D. Conn. 1990) $1,000 fine 2) Creditors or collection agencies, and credit bureaus if they try and “Re-age” your account by updating the date of last activity on your credit report in the hopes of keeping negative information on your account longer -FCRA Section 605 © Running of the reporting period I have proceeded to file a complaint with San Diego BBB against your organization in which you responded that the debt in question is being reported accurately. In a response received by the BBB of San Diego written by Ann Stipica (Dated Dec 28th 2007), It was stated that you have outsourced this account (xxxxxxx) to Burton Neil & Associates on May 19th of 2007, going forward I should contact them directly. If this account has been "outsourced" to Burton Neil & Associates, Midland Credit Management is in violation for currently reporting inaccurate information on an account they no longer own Is there a statute regarding this one?) I have OC's doing this and letters from them telling me they sold the account long ago.to both Experian/ Transunion and Equifax, and for "validating" this account with the Experian & Transunion during the month of November 2007. In Ms. Stipica's letter she stated that, “to date I have provided midland with no documentation to substantiate my dispute”. I have no obligation to provide you with information as to why a debt is NOT mine. If you are reporting this debt lawfully, then you should hold in your possession validation that I signed for these items and agreed to be held legally responsible for any debts & interest. Please remove this account from my Transunion, Equifax and Experian Credit Files immediately, as I am prepared to take legal action against Midland Credit Management. Please note Ms. Lusk that I will be filing complaints with the PA Attorney General’s office, as well as the California Board of Collections. Please know that I have detailed documentation, and Midland is breaking the law by claiming to have received in form of payment from me, in an attempt to re-age the above mentioned account. Regards you rat bastards!!! Kel IF They want to be a pain in my side, I will be a pain in their's!!!
  18. I still have a Household charge off that they themselves continue to claim I dont owe, yet it has been sold to the 18th debt purcher so far! 18 different collection companies have over the past 4 years been placed on my credit. I have been saying for years now that there ashould be some legislation towards OC's on the number of times they can just hand out alledged debt. "collection efforts post removal" why not? if the OC cant confirm you owed a debt, why should they be aloud to sell or transfer it 18 times????? Im forced to monitor my credit, Im forced to go thru the DV process over and over and over with a family to raise and a company to run I barley have time for them! Not plausible?
  19. Who can still access my report if I freeze it? *disregard just read NY states law on it and it saeems worthless????? CA's CAN still screw me! Just found several CA that were removed from age AND removed for lack of DV were reinserted at saome point! Damn this is a fu;ll time job>?????????
  20. I don't get it? Does the freeze only freeze opening of new accounts, or stop anyone from accessing my account? What good is this to those of us not experiencing credit fraud? It is the JDB's and CA's who snoop around inthere at whim. WHo's to say they dont commit ID fraud when I angered them to such a degree?
  21. Ahh thats what I used to think as well. Yes after 7 years it dissapears UNTILL a Junk Debt Buyer gets ahold of it. Then you get to start ALL over again and again and again and again. I have 3 summary judgments against me in my own clerks office and courts now that were filed over a year ago and I just found out! Never heard a word on them just I was NEVER notified that I was supposed to be in court and bam they win! Yes they were mine, no they never did answer the DV which theyre not required to do
  22. Actually this would be a time barred issue in PA. The SOL is 4 years there on everything. They can not sue you in court and win because their time has run out. You automaticaly have a winning defense. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/statuteLimitations.shtml
  23. I just spoke to Kelsey on the phone at their Amhurst NY office and she politley told me (serious) that they send me a letter then report in 14 days. I told her they better not. I wasnt mean cuz she was nice but still, I DV'd this 400.00 debt over a year ago with Van RU and they sent me a confirmation letter that they would look into it then they dropped everything and deleted from my credit, now Zenith says they do and will report. There was a guy screaming in the background.. I asked Kelsey if she was in a Dojo and she laughed and said it was the manager screaming motivation to them all! PS: Im not that far from Amhurst, NY I dare him to call here talking like that!
  24. I disputed a cap one re-aged account with TU and they put a 7 year fraud alert on my file? Is this something I want to make them get rid of, or is it a good thing? Jennifer