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  1. I plan on doing it. Aside from the collections, Credit One it is the only negative on my report.
  2. I called one of the original creditors, Credit One and they wouldn't do it. Instead they offered a courtesy deletion of their tradeline with a letter from the collection agency that the balance is paid in full. I haven't talked to Sprint. And the other is a medical bill.
  3. I'm wanting to get approval for a VA Loan. My scores run from 580 to 600. I spoke with Veterans United a few days ago, and Quicken Loans about three months ago. QL advised me to get my collections off my report. Presently I have 3 collections on my report for $875, $420, and $81. I plan on doing a pay for delete on all of them. VU advised me to pay down my credit cards to 30-50% of their limit. One card has $3000 and the other is my overdraft with a $500. VU said paying the cards would have more of a positive influence on my credit score than my collections, and bring my score up. VU said everything else looks good on my credit report. I think with income taxes I can do one option or some of both options. Just not sure the best way to spend my money. Any suggestions?
  4. Okay I have roughly $2500 left of revolving debt... To make a long story short, I'm moving cross-country and I was thinking about selling my motorcycle to pay off the debt I have and start fresh. Presently my FICO is around 560 averaged between them. I presently have myfico.com, and was playing around with the FICO sims, and noticed a big difference between paying off the debt immediately versus paying it off gradually over several months. Paying off my debt immediately did not change my score significantly, but paying it off over 3,6, and 12 months my score went up to almost 700. I am curious as to how my score would increase if I paid in full immediately. That would depend on whether or not I should sell the bike, pay off the debt, or keep making payments like I'm presently doing.
  5. the account has been closed by Chase, so I cannot use it anymore.
  6. I put down $1,000 on it, and paid off two other credit cards with low balances (about $275 each). Kinda hard to see that money go from my tax refund... but I need to pay it off. Anyway, the cards... I finished paying off a $3,000 Bank of America Credit card, with an original credit limit of $2,000. Got it down by paying about $300 every two weeks or so, whenever I could afford it. Some months I'd be good, and other months I'd be off, but it's paid off. The one I'm working on now is through Chase, had a credit limit of $2,200 or so. The account has been closed, and I'm paying off the balance. I'm down to about $2,500... I think, after I paid the $1,000. Should I call and try to settle with Chase? Since the account has been closed?
  7. I agree too. However I paid down another credit card with a high balance, but putting down $300 every two weeks. Only took a couple of months. I think thats what I'm going to do. Thanks.
  8. I'm going to be getting about $1,000 back from Federal and half that from the state. I currently have one credit card I'm paying off with a balance of $3,600 or so. The limit is $2,300. I don't have much of a savings, and I'm planning on moving out of state in the near future. Looking for pro's and cons about putting the money toward the balance on the credit card, or toward savings. I currently have my credit card on Bill Pay through my bank, and I'm sending them about $250 every two weeks. Suggestions?
  9. Yes I did. The Tradelines are with the OC's.
  10. I've been trying to fix my credit by disputing with the EX, EQ, and TU. So far I've heard back from EQ, and they verified all of my tradelines and didn't change anything, except for one tradeline which they erased the late payments. How should I proceed? Another question, I think there should be some clarification on exactly what to say when disputing a tradeline. Most of the information I've read here, says simply "dispute the charge", and thats it. I've only read a few post where individuals have said to dispute the balance, account number, opening date or something. For most of mine I have disputed them as "not mine", and they all came back verified. Thanks.
  11. Got my green card back. Time to get my pen and pad and rack up the violations.
  12. I just got off the phone with someone at Cambece, and told him firmly to C&D (although I believe my letter has not been recieved there yet, and I've not recieved my Green Cards). I denied the debt, and told him "until you send me some validation, I have nothing further to discuss" and hung up the phone on him.
  13. Just when I had stopped hearing from Bronson and Miglicaccio from out of Buffalo, NY, I'm getting calls from J.A. Cambece Law Office out of Peabody, MA for the same debt that B&M was trying to collect on. I DV'd BM, but never got anything back except for phone calls which I avoided after my DV/C&D letter. After a while the calls stopped, and I hoped that I was out of the water. Well Cambece has been calling for the past two weeks. Today they called my grandfather, looking for my father in order to get to me. Chances are they have been calling my job too (i've not been at my regular work station for a week or two so I've been missing the calls). They sent me a letter last week, and this is what it said. This office is a debt collector, and has been retained to collect the ebt owed by you to CACV of Colorado, LLC. This is a demand for payment because you have had ample time to pay your creditor. If you are represented in this matter by an attorney, please give us the name , address and phone number of your attorney so that we may communicate with your attorney rather than you. If you work and do not wish to recieve phone calls from this firm at your place of employment please notify us orally, or in writing, and we will not contact you at your place of employment. Please call our office toll free at 1-888-535-6161...
  14. From what I've been reading from this site, the CA simply making a phone call after they've recieved my DV/C&D letter are violations within themselves- since no collection activity can occur until the debt is validated (which they never sent). In total I believe B&M called me 23 times in the several months when they are after my cash.
  15. MBNA charged the debt off this year- back in March I believe. It went to Bronson and Miglaccio and they tried to get money from me. I sent them a DV/C&D Certified Mail (didn't get RR- but kept the reciept with the tracking #). B&M never validated it, but kept calling my home and cellular phone. I kept a running log of every date and time they called, and if they left a message on my voicemail I wrote down everything that was said. They often threatened legal action. My phone stopped ringing about two months ago, and I assumed they were selling it to someone else. This is the only debt I have had charged off, so I am assuming it came from B&M.
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