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  1. UN COLL TOL I figured it was something like United Collection something but can't find any info on that. Thanks SHawn
  2. I think its a great Idea. I would send like that and I work for the Postal Service. Look at it this way. With all these credit cards and Xmas card coming through the mail do you think some Postal worker cares about your messed up credit. Plus we are like a damn casino. There are enclosed catwalks in every postal building you never know when they are watching you. My 2cents Shawn
  3. On the report is shows 13 accounts all medical that Insurance Co should have paid. Why do they not put the Full Name and address? How am I supposed to fix these??Should I contact the OC to see who they use? Here is a list of what I got: COMPRHV SRV UN COLL TOL PICI OSI COLLECT NCOFINSYS Any help would be great Thanks Shawn
  4. Have been reading alot on here and I thank you all for your information. Its a great site for people lost like I am. Here is my story Hope you can help. First Im Shawn from Michigan. Nice to meet you to. (FICO Score 740) My wife has some pretty bad credit. Not from spending to much or student loans or anything like that NO it just plan lazyness. I ran her report on MyFICO.com (with permission of course) and seen that she has unpaid Medical bills. TransUnion shows 13 and Experian shows 4. You'll love this TransUnion with 13 has her with a 632. Experian with 4 has 612?? Whats with that. Ok Ill move on. Out of the 13 the biggest dollar amount is $387 for a total of $1338. Now she had INSURANCE FOR ALL OF THESE!!! Ok now when the Insurance co didn't pay for some reason which they should have on all she was sent the bill and never called to say anything about it. I have had 3 different Insurance Company for these bills. 2 or from 97 and will fall off by the end of the year. The rest I need to take care of becaue I want to buy a house in the next year and will need her credit. My question is Can I have the IC still pay these bills?Do I need to contact the CA or the OC. Do I send a letter or call? Any help would be great. Can I get copies of the bills? Will they have to take them off if they are paid? Thanks again, Shawn
  5. I just used the MYFICO122 and got each report for $10.36 ea 20% off thanks guys. Shawn