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  1. Hi. Thanks for all your imput! DH is working, therefore we do have reported income. He just took a salary cut so therefore the budget is stretched. I thought I had read somewhere that we wouldn't qualify for a loan mod. if the mortgage was included in the bankruptcy. ? If this is not the case, I would think we could possibly qualify. ? One would think the bank would rather restructure/refinance the loan because as it is set now, we could just walk away debt free. But, I wouldn't want to get behind on payments in order to do that.
  2. Our mortgage was IIB and we are still living in the home. In today's market I think the home is maybe worth 20k+ in equity. The loan is currently with Citimortgage at 7.25% and a PMI that should be canceled in late, 2010. DH had a salary cut and in November, no more commissions coming in. We are just barely making it. The loan, including PMI, taxes and insurance is over 80% of his income. We do not have any other loans, and no car payments, credit card payments, etc. We have savings now, stocks and other investments. But we are becoming budget stretched with son's college costs and mi
  3. We are now considering refinancing our current home mortgage. DH and I had a BK7 discharged in 3/05. Back at that time we didn't reaffirm the mortgage and the BK lawyer never suggested doing so. Up until now, our lender has not reported the loan to any of the CRA's. A recent report had now listed our loan with balance,"0", and IIB. I just pulled another report, and EXP is reporting our mortgage now. We have a correct balance owed, but there are two lates from 2005, and a C/O in November, 2007! We had only been late on one payment because of an online payment error. They will not remove th
  4. We filed BK7, and I forgot to list an old Phone company debt on the matrix. The company sent me a collection letter several months later. I sent them a copy of the discharge and never heard from them again. I also had a commercial Home Depot credit card in my name that I forgot to list on the matrix. I called our BK lawyer before the meeting and told him about it. He said not to worry about it, and I doubt that he listed it. But, at that time, there wasn't a balance owed on it. I still have the card, and they haven't cancelled my account. It sure did help after we filed BK and our washe
  5. How would you dispute a Creditor's TL's when the account #'s are not shown on the CR? I have several BOA accounts listed with no account #'s and they are listed as IIB. I am confused. I know we didn't have 4 accounts with BOA that were included in our Matrix when we filed our BK. I cannot associate and compare them with previous reports, other than matching one of the balances. Grr! All that is shown are XXXX's!
  6. Be very careful and get documentation with any agreements that you make with the loan servicer! I have a friend whose home is now in foreclosure because they made an arrangement to put the two late payments onto the back of the loan to catch them up to date. This was an agreement made over the telephone. They then sent (WF) the next on time scheduled payment, and it was returned to them a week later. My friend called them and the associate told her that whom ever she spoke to about this agreement was wrong in doing so, and that they do not qualify for that particular program. This person
  7. I believe NACA does NOT use FICO scoring to determine a qualification for a loan. I just attended a meeting last week. I was planning to refinance with them, but am currently working with a few lenders. Our current mortgage is below the 10% minimum that you must be at to REFI, so I don't know if we can qualify. The workshop was very imformative though, and my sister is planning to buy a home through them. It was worth the time spent, although we hit the casino on the way home and I lost 40 bucks! LOL! I do have the NACA book, so if anyone has any questions about the program, I can look
  8. Boy, was I off the mark about our scores! DH and I are average around 650. I didn't think they were up that high. I have been pulling the CR's but haven't checked the scores in awhile. We have been working with another local lender whom said we were approved but has to submit our application through Fannie Mae. He quoted us at 5.75%, 30 yr term. Not sure the points, fees, and closing cost as yet. I also hope they will not need a mortgage history from a credit report if it takes that long to get it, yikes! I was quite surprised that we were quoted that low with our situation. Maybe th
  9. I think the last I looked at it, FICO was average 580. I have recently disputed incorrect TL's, with more work to do there as there are quite a few incorrect. I just didn't know if it would be like putting the cart before the horse. We are not in a big hurry to refinance, but would like to get out from under this lender a.s.a.p. We also can pay off our auto loan early if it would increase our score. We do not have, nor applied, for any credit cards. Four years without using them and have gotten along just nicely without them (really don't want them). DH talked to a lender just today whom
  10. We are almost two years post BK and with the mortgage rates falling, would like to refinance our loan. I inquired to lenders online and now am getting many calls. Talking to several of them, they are willing to help us. We are only looking to lower our interest rate, get out of the PMI we have on our existing loan, and possibly borrow an additional 5 to 10k for a new roof (can get roofing materials for free) and update our kitchen (DH also does home remodeling). We also have some extra money available for this. My father died in November, 2006. We do not have any outstanding loans other
  11. I am finally working on credit repair! YIKES! I tried to find an answer to this question here, so forgive me if I have overlooked it. DH and I both filed BK and was discharged last year. I recently pulled my report and noticed that the accounts IIB that my husband had (me, authorized user) are now on mine. I am assuming the OC can do this? Any way to get deleted? Also, I understand the accts IIB history can report anything, but what about PAY STATUS on CR's, can it report Collection/Chargeoff?
  12. My friend fell behind on mortgage payments. Her DH lost his job, and missed a payment for April this year. They arranged with their lender to make a scheduled payment for June and the late payments (April and May) would be added to the back of the loan. This arrangement was handled over a phone conversation with the lender. My friend then tried to make this June payment over the phone and the associate denied the payment. He/she said that it was incorrectly handled and that the mortgage company would set up the payment correctly and add the June payment also to the end of the loan. The
  13. I checked my CR a few months back. I have two creditors that were listed on my BK, that have pulled my report after my discharge. What a mess! I also have about four others that have not updated, and are still listing as C/O with balances. It's going to be hell trying to clean this mess up, I just know it! Argh!!!!
  14. Thanks for the quick response Willing. Yes, of course. It is for personal taxes although I am also filing a Schedule C. I think I was mixing up biz with personal in my head. Been a long day already! Need some fresh air, lol. Willing.. Did you file your taxes yet? I am mailing my return although completed through TurboTax. Are you submitting a copy of your 1099c along with your paperwork? If you remember, I had one from AMEX. I found an example of a letter to send along with the tax forms and the 1099c, explaining the reason why it will not be listed as income. I was just curious if
  15. I just realized while doing my taxes that I didn't send a 1099G for 2005 to my BK lawyer and I paid over $600. in fees... YIKES! I think I am supposed to, yes? Anyone know?