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  1. I currently live in CA, most of the "problems" that I am having with old debts is when I lived in NY. How does the SOL work/apply? To the state I signed the paperwork in, the state where the credit card Co. is located? The state I currently live in?
  2. Thanks folks for the many PMs and the great replies. I've started....see my new topic post that I made today. Any answers to my questions are welcomed.
  3. various collection agencies. Average is three years old. Very small amounts are due...from $100 to $400. Do I deal with ATT, MCI, Sprint directly to settle or do I go to the collection agencies? How much % should I offer to settle? Can someone link a settlement offer sample letter please? Is my goal to get it marked paid as agreed or outright deleted? Thanks.
  4. I've been trying to fix up my credit reports for the last 6 months or so, but haven't had the time nor motivation to stick with it. Family, new business and a million lame excuses. I've gotten a few things deleted, but it seems like the most important thing is to stick with it, which I haven't. I am at the point where I need to delete more items and settle with primarily four creditors. I much rather pay for someone to help me along in the process. Any ideas?
  5. now its time to start negotiating with these people that I owe money to. How do I do it? Do I send them an $ offer and ask them to delete everything from my report? For example ATT wireless, Sprint, etc. Also an auto repo, do I contact Ford, or the latest attny that has mailed me a letter demanding that I pay it off? My FICO is 550, does that really suck? What's considered decent? My Transunion is 605? How is that?
  6. I have 6 to 7 parking tickets that have been paid. I simply disputed these items at TU as having been paid and they were removed. Didn't happen at Experian. Thaey wouldn't take them off the report. Should I fax Experian a copy of the paid receipt from the DMV to prove they were paid? Any ideas?
  7. I owe Ford $3800 from a vehicle repossesion back in 2002. Last payment was OCT 2002. I tried to remove this from all three credit reports with no luck. I just rec'd a letter from an attorney stating that they are now handling the acct. How much should I offer to settle, how to I make the offer, once my offer is accepted, is it completely removed from my credit reports? Thanks
  8. 8 negs "deleted" 6 negs are still on. My score went from 539 to 609. And it only took three weeks to get these results. Any comments and ideas on what to do next? Do you work on one credit agency at a time?
  9. Do I send a letter to the town that reported it ...or the DMV? Also who reported this, the town, or the CA that the town gave the case to?
  10. DocDon... I'd prefer a major bank because in approx one year I am starting a business and would like to set up a few business accts. I will be having clients wire transfer large amounts of money into these accounts. It just looks alot better to people if they are wiring money to Citi, Wells, etc than to a smaller (unknown) credit union/bank.
  11. I'm still confused. They are both the same acct....Do I try to get them both off my report at the same time? Is the one that is closed, but "120 days late" a positive to have? Sorry, I still don't know EXACTLY how I should handle this. Could someone pls spell it out ABC 123 for me? I'm very green at this point.
  12. to TU. How do they actually go about removing the item?
  13. Yes, I really prefer a major bank, and a checking account. Do you think CITI would accept me for a new checking acct if I walk in and pay off the debt in person?
  14. I rec'd five parking tickets from a small town here in Cali in the amt of 55.00 each. Evidently the town turned them over to a CA by the name of PROF RECOVRY. There are five items listed on my report for this. Each 55.00. The thing is I paid these tickets at the DMV about two months ago. (have receipts) How do I get these removed off my report?
  15. On my TU report I have one MBNA account that is listed twice. I haven't made a payment in over two years. The differences are here....this is EXACTLY what it says on both items... Status: late 120 days High Balance : 11,313 Condition : Closed Remarks : Account closed by consumer Again same account... Status : Collection/Chargeoff High Balance : 11,598 Condition: Closed (paid) Remarks: Charged off as bad debt. Account closed by consumer Same acct but diff notes, should this be only one item on my report? Is it hurting my score more because the account is listed twice? What should I do?