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  1. Yes, this does apply to a federal taxlein. The burden of proof is on the IRS. However, it is my understanding that for individual STATE laws and STATE leins the burden of proof is on the taxpayer.
  2. I've decided to pay off a state tax lein from 1986. It seems as though there is no sol for Indiana, only Ca and NY. They have agreed to settle but refuse to remove from my cr because there was no returned mail in my file. (They sent a bill to an old address) I've discovered that the burden of proof is on the taxpayer. After 18 years, I no longer have proof that my personal taxes were paid. Before I write the check, would the state tax court be a viable option? Or, shall I just pay and have the tradeline on my credit as a "Paid" collection for the next 7 years?
  3. I recently became aware that the state of Indiana has put a tax lein on my credit from 1986 for personal income taxes. I no longer have my tax returns or W-2's for that year. However, I received a printout from the Social Security Office stating that my income was 6,178.00. I was also a full time student. The State of Indiana is telling me that I owed 402.75 for that year. How can these figures be correct? And what can I do? The state cannot prove my liability and say that the burden of proof is on the taxpayer. Do I have any options or will I just have to pay it?? This is causing problems for me applying for a mortgage