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  1. 1000.00 credit limit. I am really happy with the card so far. Elyse
  2. Hi Folks, Just had to let ya know, I got approved for Hooters for 1,000 cl and I just went to sign up with a local credit union and got approved for a 500.00 line of credit! Gosh, I just couldn't be happier!!!!Thanks to this place and A LOT of research and time, things credit wise are really starting to come together. I hope everyone is doing good. I've been so busy w/ 2nd shift work, signing up for spring quarter "online" college via the local community college and planning a move, sorry I haven't been around a lot. But I had to let you folks know about the great news!! Elyse
  3. ....but than again, it hasn't been no 2-3 wks! LOL! Oh well....pins and needles man and I don't mean the GOOD kind like acupuncture! LOL. Elyse
  4. I only applied in the hopes that I would be approved and would thus have the excuse to use THIS emoticon... LOL... Elyse
  5. Ok, I did it-I applied by phone. I was told that it would take 2-3 wks for processing. So, here's hoping!!! Elyse
  6. The minimize button (the one to the right of it actually) is light, won't click/enlarge AND it will only let me pull up the page so far. It sucks. Elyse
  7. ...but the stupid application won't enlarge for me and I can only pull it up so far (can only see my name, ssn info) anyway...thoughts? Maybe call to apply? Elyse
  8. Ok, so I checked my credit files via Truecredit. It is still listing my BK from Oct 2000 (dismissed) on my Equifax report. The other two files have removed that information. Also, the FAKOs on that site read as follows; TU 630, EX 632, Eq 609 Thoughts? I'm sorta chickening out anyway---I am thinking I should dispute the BK along with wait for my other cc accts to age a bit. I think my oldest is maybe just over a year old. Not sure. Maybe I'll wait until this summer. Dunno. Sure would LOVE to get rid of that First Premier one though. It's PIF. Elyse
  9. See, the whole idea is to open one w/ them and CLOSE my stupid First Premier. I know, I know...it was stupid of me to open it in the first place-lesson learned. PIF for them just doesn't matter. They just suck in general. Anyway, not sure my FICO's support the Unionplus just yet--they're in the 620 range last I checked, but I'm going to check again before I bother applying along with researching what credit file they'll pull, the liklihood of getting approved, etc. I had a FA on, but those are gone now. Thanks again, folks. Elyse P.S. Nice to see some familar faces! Been at work--good ole 2nd
  10. Hi Folks, I have an Orchard card and this last summer went rounds when I attempted to apply for their regular, unsecured card. I had received an offer in the mail as I recall, so I went ahead and applied (I was applying for a regular HSBC I believe, gosh-can't remember!) anyway...I was initially denied due to "having the maximum card limit" with their company. That's right, I had one SECURED card. What was suggested by the folks at Orchard/HSBC was to pay up and close my secured and that they'd open me the unsecured. I ended up doing that. At any rate, I am wondering if anyone has the Orchard
  11. I realize it's one day early, hopefully that won't be a problem...but I have been working my buns off...too bad not literally....and am not sure when I'll make it back 'round to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration! In fact, I work the usual shift today. Our plans are same as usual--family time. My dh makes our turkey, cooks it overnight and I'm already smelling it! In fact, I got up this morning and thought he already had it in the oven!!!! Work has been going fine, but I've had to work some weekends and have had so much going on. I've missed you all and hope/pray you're each
  12. elyse449

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    Ok than, I'd be an "inexpensive date." LOL. Elyse
  13. Just remember-it doesn't matter that you've been a good consumer in the past, they just wait for folks to make ONE false move and than they go for the throat. I'd do ahead and tranfer balances. I'm sorry, I understand that if one goes over their balance that the company has the right to exercise their option to up your interest rate, however-it doesn't mean they HAVE to, especially when that person has otherwise always been an exemplary consumer. There is NO loyalty anymore. There are fifteen different ways to punish someone. I'd just transfer the balance and chalk up to learning something val
  14. Hi stress, Ok-I will file the complaints as you mentioned. Would I just say that they are attempting to collect w/ out a license? Is this what I'd say in BOTH complaints to BOTH agencies? Sorry for the questions, but I want to deal with these AH's NOW...things are FINALLY going better financially and I don't want it mucked up. Also, would I do this PRIOR or AFTER sending THEM a letter about the letter they sent us? Would I even bother sending a response? Elyse
  15. Unfortunately, as I recall they DID send us notice of sale. What ticked me off though, was the sale was in EASTERN Washington so we had no way of having our things in the vehicle returned to us and again, they refused to give us a condition of sale. We wanted to know if the vehicle had been damaged after the repo since it sold for such a low amount. I will go look up the posts mentioned. Thanks again. Would it be do-able to just write up a simple, "You're beyond the 4 yr UCC code SOL..." letter? Elyse
  16. We live in Wa and they're attempting to collect from my dh, also. They're trying to collect on a 4 yr old Repo. Last date of payment/activity is April of 2003, official repo occurred on July 3rd 2003. Elyse
  17. Hi folks, Well-it seems like JUST when ya think you're getting things under control, some other crap pops up. My dh had a car repo as of July 2003. Final payment received/sent was April of 2003. On Sept. 15th 2007, we received a phone call from yet ANOTHER company attempting to collect. I reminded him of the 4 yr UCC, told him I'd expect a dunning letter within 5 days of the phone call, never got it...until now (Oct. 20th 2007). Here's the letter...your thoughts/opinions will be much appreciated. Anything in parenthesis are my comments. Brachfeld&Associates A collection law firm October.
  18. I understand how you feel. I truly prefer Target myself also. I must add though, that I got the Macy's at the same time I received the Target. I am wondering w/ a few months time if you can get Target to reconsider? Either way, congratulations!! At least with Macy's VISA you can shop ANYWHERE Visa's are accepted and that's a great CL! Elyse
  19. Bon Marche was bought out by Macy's. Not sure if that makes a difference, or not. Anyway, sorry for your dw's denial. I am SO careful of where I apply because I hate seeing that word, "sorry, we're unable to grant your credit request at this time." LOL...forget it. Elyse
  20. Did she ever pay that account? I had a paid Bon Marche acct from back when I was 18. Stupidly, it went delinquent-but I did pay it, however they were mad at me for being late and they closed my acct anyway. Point is, I was granted a Macy's card about 6 months back. So, I was just wondering if your DW had ever paid the delinquency? Elyse
  21. I still have Crown Jewelers and was wondering at what FICO level were some of you when you applied w/ OTHER jewelers. Oh, and what jewelers did you apply to? I've heard a lot of talk of Kay's, are they relatively fair w/ approvals? TIA. Elyse
  22. I guess I didn't know they'd do co-signers, that's wonderful!! So, your score for Eq was a 550, then? Did I read that right? Congrats on the engagement too, buddy! We're so happy for you! Oh, and it's a GREAT idea to keep yourself some JEWELRY lines of credit...hint, hint. Future gifts, ya know? LOL. Elyse
  23. I wouldn't advise closing cards unless it will truly benefit you. See, the positive credilt line is a benefit to your credit because if it's paid up, it increases your utilization levels to healthy amounts AND it adds "age" to your credit reports. If you HAVE to close an account, make sure it has a -0- balance. Honestly, I wouldn't do it unless you're extremely concerned you will misuse it. Elyse
  24. I think it's great that Cav shared this w/ us. It gives better clarification on the importance of ALWAYS being on time. Sure, LIFE does happen and it's great that they worked with you-if you've been a good customer for such a long time, I can't see why you wouldn't deserve it. However, it serves as a good lesson to us all that we need to be ever dilligent on our bill payments. Thanks, Cav cause I didn't know they did this! Elyse
  25. What was your TU score? If you don't mind me asking...GEMB seems kinda like a hard company to work w/ as far as getting approved. Than again, perhaps my CR's just aren't where they need to be. Oh well, I wish you a lot of luck w/ this. Elyse