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  1. The FTC sold the accounts to a JDB and pocketed the money? Actually, if I remember correctly the debts were auctioned off with all the office equptment, ect.....
  2. The FTC sold the accounts as part of the deal. What a bunch of morons.
  3. Plenty of Americas' Internet backbone goes through Canada.. For awhile, my gateway was in Nelson B.C. It is now Los Angeles.
  4. Send a Refusal of Arbitration letter. I think it is included in the link above. If not, try Whychats from Creditboards.com.
  5. Nope, not a bulding contractor. Mobil communications.
  6. LOL!!! At present I work on Mirabeau Parkway for a large Government contractor...
  7. Small world..... I worked at Parker Toyota many years ago and still live quite near it.
  8. Must be a collector.....
  9. No, then they would change it and no-one would be able to benefit from it....
  10. The SOL did NOT restart! If your State allows recording, do so. Also, a DV CMRRR with a limited C&D. If you are POSITIVE that the SOL is over, make it a (not limited) C&D.
  11. Chase Executive Offices 2500 Westfield Drive IL1-6215 Elgin, IL 60123
  12. None of the above applies. This is the OC, CrapOne.....
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