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  1. OK...campus debt solutions is a scam. They do not consoldate private loans and neither you or your son would likely qualify for a private loan consolidation. As a general rule, the esignature for a private lender would carry on for year to year for both private loans and federal loans. DId you wife cosign on private loans or were they PLUS Loans?? PLUS loans are federal loans that the parents take out on behalf of the student.
  2. Private loan consolidation is basically non existant now...and you have to have more than perfect credit to get it. If you are in default, not a chance in hell.
  3. "was then sold to another CA and I'm making payments through them now. Not sure if that's the norm though. I now have one TL in good standing on my report for this loan."Z" No, your loan was NOT sold to a CA...student loans are never sold, simply assigned. And if you successfully completed rehab, your loan was transferred to a lender, not a collection agency.
  4. A PLUS loan will NOT appear on your are not party to the debt. The parent has 100% responsiblity for it. Parent Plus loans become due as soon as they are fully dispursed. Did he apply for deferemnt? If he did not apply for deferment, the loan has likely defaulted. Call 1-800-4FEDAID
  5. Oh please...they defaulted on a low interest loan with multiple payment really think a bank is going to lend them money unsecured??? Aint gonna happen... On the private loan side, even those with good to great credit are being denied.
  6. Federal student loans in default can be consolidated regardless of how long they have been in idea where the above poster got the 255 day number. Contact Direct Loan Consolidation program.
  7. Call the student loan ombudsman....joint or marital consolidations have there only special rules.
  8. Federal loans do not generally sue unless you have balances in excess of $100 K. They use tax offset and admin wage garnishment
  9. Have they defaulted you yet?? There are basically no options. With the hit your credit report has taken you would not be eligible for a private loan consolidation. (They are almost impossible to get even with great credit) Sallie Mae will sue and they do on a regular basis. DVing (which they can easily prove with a copy of the prom note) will speed up court proceedings. Unless he pays it off quickly or settles it, both he and his grandparents will be sued. They can't take the grandparents home but they will place a lien on it. Centriq Training is most definately a for profit computer training center. Sorry it couldnt be better news.
  10. Sounds like a FFELP loan that was subrogated by the the Feds which restarts the entire reporting cycle all over again.
  11. Sallie Mae does not "sell" the loan per se...they file a default claim with the guarantor. When HESAA first called you, you were already in default, not going into default! made a payment Aug 2010...did you continue to make payments until the garnishment started? Did you respond to the 30 day garnishment notice objecting to to the garnishment and request a hearing? Was your loan ever rehabbed? There is too much information missing. Bottom line....if your loan is in default, they have every right to offset your taxes.
  12. Tutition accounts from a private non profit schools have no SOL.
  13. Private loans are also non dischargable. If they were FFELP loans, Citi would report the same....and upon discharge, file a claim with the guarantor. It sometimes takes 3-6 months for things to get going on student loans post discharge.
  14. Technically they are reporting correctly. You chapter 7 was doesnt mean that the debt was. Have you attempted to contact them and get repayment going on this?
  15. By definition paying less than the full amount due is a settlement. I was a top DOE collector!