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  1. Yeah, that's a pretty long distance. But sure no problem. Once I have the website, I'll let you know.
  2. I really don't know about the website... I haven't asked him but now that you told me, I'll call him up and ask him. The house is located northeast of Houston. Around the Humble area but in the city limits.
  3. The builder is building a beautiful brick house one block from where my parents stay at. That's the only way I found them. If it weren't for that, I would have never found them.... But the house he is building a block away is over 3000 sf. When I called him, he tried to convince me to go for at least 2500 sf. But I told him that's too big for me.... Yes, that includes everything except the garage... The cost is separate.
  4. Thanks everything for the help... That was very helpful information!!! Maybe I can evite ya'll once I finish building the house for a view THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!! ybrew: The house isn't too big or too small.. I think it's just right for me.. I got an estimate from Progressive Builders. The House size is aproximately 1800-1900 square feet. That's just one estimate... I plan to keep searching until I feel I'm getting a reasonable price.. But so far, progressive builders is at the top of my list.
  5. I really don't know what to do? I haven't build a home yet because I'm still searching for the right builder. I don't want to get screwed. I've heard lots of stories of builders buiding homes completely wrong!! I'm scared of that.... I bought the lot for $12,000, however, it's now worth $30,000. That's how much the city appraised it for. I believe a bank will appraise it for more. NO.. I sill haven't found the right builder. What I don't get is why do I need 2 loans. 1 for construction and the other for mortgate????? And how does the land equity benefit me... Does this mean I have t
  6. Hello Fico, I am also intrusted in building my home. But I don't know what to do. I have land/lot that is paid in full... I'm just waiting to build a house. What I don't understand is that value of the land-equity... Why does that mortgate company care about that and why does that benefit me.... Any help is welcomed....
  7. Does anybody know if NACA accepts contruction of new homes? I have a land/lot where I want to build my house and since NACA sounds good, I want to try it with them, but I don't know if everything applies with a new home contruction????
  8. Who offers confforming loans? Is countrywide a good one?
  9. Yes.. This is a great!!!! THANKS! What do you mean about collection cost????? Collection cost for what?
  10. You got that right! I really can care less for Citi and its partners!!!!!! Citi makes me sick... At the time, I had lost my job and I couldn't pay the card and I told Citi, but did they cared, NO!!! The only once who really cared were Discover and Capital One. Discover and Capital One gave me time to pay the balance so I paid only the amount they were offoring which was very low.... BUT CITI DIDN'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT CHANCE!!! Until this day, I still have Discover and Capital One. Citi can rott to hell for all I care!!! But thanks for asking...
  11. Yeah you make a good argument. I, on the other hand, have only 7 years of credit history. But what brings my score up is my 19 accounts in good standing. The more accounts in good standing, the better it is for your credit score.
  12. I agree with Breathing_easier. Myfico scores are heavely based on the history of an account. If you TL have been deleted, then your credit score should have gone down, rather than up. Try not to delete a TL just that bad factor. If you have several lates, you should make sure to remove only the lates and not the TL. When I started here, my credit score was 615 and now: Exp: 748 Trans: 759 Eq: 750 My scores are that high becuase I tried my best not to delete my TL. Only the negs. Hope this helps.
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention my credit score is from