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  1. What does this mean? it may just fall off from lack of response. Thanks to all!
  2. I filed BK on 5/29/09 for 7 cc's. The 7 cc's were all current never late! up to the day I filed. on my credit report they show all iib and never late exept for june update they show a red circle as a charge off is this the way it should be reported? Thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  3. How long does it take the bk court to send out lettres to credit card creditors after you file BK?
  4. BOA pulled all three wich sucks because my BK still shows on EX & Tu
  5. I just have had 4 come off EQ it still works for me!
  6. Are you going to the Tri-Cities to the boat races? and visit your MIL I was born in Pasco And I know it get hot there Have Fun!!!! Michael
  7. Thanks to all of you that posted all of this It has helped me! Michael
  8. No you dont csc handles your dusputes for EQ Michael
  9. Good luck with TU they will not delet any of my old inquiries if you get them deleted post your letter and I'll try it! Thanks Michael
  10. Pay the OC and tell the CA to jump off a short pier! That way its not a paid collection. Only pay for delete and get it in writing and stand firm on that! Michael