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  1. THanks for your response. My new mortgage is a fixed rate 30 year conventional mortgage, so debt ratio is easily calculated. What's bringing down our scores? We have a few paid chargeoffs that had DOLA's of over 2 years when we paid them off with our first mortgage a year ago. We also have a lot of lates, but nothing in the last 30 months. We had a paid state tax lien that is coming up on 2 years old. We have no revolving debt, but have some cards open so there are some open trade lines. I think at this point, the only thing that is going to bring up our scores is good ol' time. Thanks again for your response. We may start shopping for that 2nd in the next couple of months.
  2. Both my husband and I have ~620 middle scores. We just refinanced the house we purchased last March to get out of PMI, and lower our interest rate since our our scores had improved 50 and 60 points since we bought the house. Our payments went from $2703 or $1725! We have pretty low DTI, the only other debt we have is our truck and my student loan payment totalling $800 together. We make $150,000/year. Our house just appraised at $350,000 and we owe $252,000 on the mortgage. We'd really like to put in a pool for the summer and have gotten quotes around $40K. Would it be better for us to take out a stand-alone 2nd mortgage, or to try to get a HELOC to finance the pool? With scores ~620, is either even possible? The loan officer who just did our re-fi said she couldn't do much for us until we got our middle scores up to 660. Any input? Thanks!
  3. We've made two payments on our mortgage, but hasn't shown up on our credit reports yet. When can we expect it to show up? When it does show up, can we expect a small increase? We don't have any mortgage accounts on our credit reports and in the text of "what you can do to improve your score" when we get our reports, it says to add a mortgage account. Any input? Thanks.
  4. I bought my husband's Experian score for $5 after viewing his free annual report and it came in at 576 - VERY POOR. Back in March I pulled his My Fico Experian score and it was 649. Comparing the two reports, there is nothing but improvement between the two... a charged off account that was deleted last month. Tell me to breathe here... which score would be more accurate and which score do the creditors see... Experian PLUS or MyFico??... when they pull our Experian reports. Thanks!
  5. Uhhh.... DRATS, Charles! Not the answer I wanted! But it's very sound advice that I would be a damned fool not to follow. I'm just such a character of instant gratification.... must work on that.
  6. We closed on our house March 15th. We've made 2 house payments. Our scores have come up a bit and I think we can get out of the outrageous PMI we're paying right now -- $600 out of our $2700 payment is PMI. Our appraisal value has bone up at least $50K since we signed our purchase contract last year in June. Homes that are smaller, with less rooms, are going for $320,000 and we paid $270,000. We owe $254,000 on the mortgate. We would like to get some cash for landscaping our backyard, which will include a pool. We're looking at at least $40K to get this done. So, would we refinance with a cash-out? or Should we take a HELOC? What's the best scenario for us in this situation? We make $140,000/year and have 1 car payment of $600, $185 for student loands and no credit card debt. WE'd like to do this in September. There is no pre-payment penalty on our mortgage. Thanks for any experience.
  7. Still works for my husband, but doesn't work for me any more
  8. I have no idea how I let this happen. I use online banking and I have that payment scheduled on the 15th of the month for the past year and it's never been late, except this time. So, will I get dinged for a 30 day late? or am I just going to have to eat the $20 past due fee? My payment records is impeccable for the past 2 years and I'm just sick this happened.
  9. This happened to me with Credco as well. Ask your broker to pull a Credco report, changing up a 3 of the input fiels just a little. For example, our broker listed our middle names the second time, listed our street directional in our address (NE, for example), and one other thing (which I cannot remember). That was enough to trigger Credco to get a fresh report. We went through this for weeks with our broker who insisted she was getting the latest, but I was seeing no hard pulls on my credit report. I finally got ont he phone with a nice gentleman at Credco who gave me the above tip to give to our broker. We were about to get screwed because we had a bogus BK removed and it was still showing up on my husband's report. Good luck!
  10. Just cancelled mine as well. They didn't seem surprised and didn't even try to stop me. Jerks.
  11. I've had two paid accounts with them ($119 each) for me and my husband and have been pulling everyday for about 9 months. Today, I follow my usual routine and grab some coffee, sit my arse at the laptop and log in to pull from PG, and I don't have the option under "Request Reports" to pull my credit report. I have neighborhood report, and the loan calculators. I still have the options to view past reports, though. Anyone else?
  12. I don't post much anymore since I think I've gotten my groove in this credit repair thing... But I just wanted you all to know in the past month, I've closed on my new house, and yesterday I walked into a Dodge dealership and bought a fully loaded Dodge Durango Limited 4X4 for 12,000 under sticker price, after walking in with my own financing -- the *only* way to buy a car in my opinion. All my collections are paid off and slowly falling off the reports now, haven't been late on a payment on in 14 months, and I'm now living comfortably in the lifestyle I've dreamed of living my whole life. I can comfortably answer the phone without needing a caller id, I don't dread going to the mailbox, and I feel good listing close friends and relatives as credit references. New house: $270,000, New car: $30,000, Dignity and Self Assurance: PRICELESS
  13. Okay, I've been in a cave -- when did this take place? My and my husband's EQ scores on PG went *up* ~20-30 points today with no apparent change on our reports.
  14. Thank you for this informative response. Our escrow officer is more than willing and encouraged us to call and get settlement for lower amounts. With proof in writing, she will re-cut checks for us and reimburse us the difference. Thank you!
  15. I assume they cut the checks and gave them to us because they assume we would know where to send them. The mortgage broker required we pay off those collections as a condition of approval for the loan. I told them I didn't want to pay them off until we close, and this is how they chose to do it. Is this practice not common?