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  1. Yes, my EQ on PG is screwy as well. I am planning to cancel PG when my trial is over. The bumpage thing hasn't worked for us and it seems to be the same report each day. Even though I know that EQ has deleted certain accts those same accts are still showing on PG more than a week after EQ deleted. Jane
  2. Hi, I'll try to help. I'm in CALIF as well. They, not sure if they is the furnisher of the info or the CRB that has to tell you but my understanding is within 5 days of placing something on your CR. I don't know if this applies to all new TL's inserted or just previously deleted stuff that is re-inserted. As far as the pulls go, if you are doing it it's a soft pull and has no bearing on your score but if a hard pull like when the CA or a creditor pulls then it does inpact your score but I'm not sure how much. Sorry I don't know more but i am sure the experts here will chime in. Jane
  3. Hi, Congrats. I am not the least bit surprised you got this response. Back in 1999 I had a videostore send me to CA because they said I didn't return some videos but when they gave me the paperwork they put down they didn't know the titles of these videos I supposidly didn't return. So the CA put it on all 3 CRB's. Then a couple months ago After I found these credit boards I disputed it with all 3 of the CRB's. Two took it off but the third one it came back verified. Now how come they couldn't verify it with the other 2 CRB's but this last one they could? Anyway I checked the CA out with the BBB which listed this CA as a good one, no complaints prior. So I complained online and last week called this CRB it verified with and the CA told the CRB to delete it. So I think complaining with the BBB is a really good thing to do. Jane
  4. Hi, Thanks for your answer. The thing is my ins was issued by the State and this hospital is a major receiver of patients with this ins. They know or should know full well that whatever wasnt covered they had no legal rights to come after me for even a penny of it. Which I suppose would explain why I never got a bill. Guess they thought they'd just slip it through there. Jane
  5. Hi all, Ok, I just got an updated copy of my EXP CR today. I had disputed a CA TL that was there that I truly didn't recognize. So I found out today that it was for a major teaching hospital here in CA that I had taken my kid to 4 years ago. Actually 4 years and 4 months or so. Past the SOL. This was a dental clinic my kid went to that found a big mass in his throat and they did a biopsy in the dental clinic. Turned out to be nothing thank god but they are billing me for $375.00 and I know that I had ins at the time that this clinic was obligated to accept whatever they were paid and were prohibited by law from coming after me for any balances. I never even got a bill from this medical facility. The thing is on my updated cr today it says: Major Hospital name Head and Neck Surgury. It's this part I am questioning. Can they state what the procedure was that was done like this under the new HIPPA laws? Thanks, Jane
  6. Hate to disagree here but it's 180 days, not 210. Jane
  7. Hello, Has anyone here had any experience dealing with this Collecion Agency? Any feedback needed. Thank you, Jane
  8. I don't think so since the whole point of emancipation is to be considered an adult under the law. Was it a court approved emancipation? Jane
  9. Oh Elyse, he is so beautiful. Is he your first baby? Seeing him makes me want another one. Enjoy him, he will grow so fast. I cant believe mine are as big as they are. Anyway, thank you for sharing the news and his pictures. Don't ya just love that babies online website? My granddaughter was born 2 months ago ( I am not as old as that statement implies. My son started very young as did I when I had him) and I wanted to get my daughter in law hooked up with it so we could post our own baby pictures. Don't forget to send more pictures of James. Such a beautiful baby you have there. Jane
  10. Can someone explain to me what this reference I see everywhere to the red pill is? Something to do with the matrix. Thanks, Jane
  11. Couple years ago I lost my job. The same day I lost my job I got a new computer. Since I was unemployed I went for dial up to save money. I only have one phone line at the time all this went down. So anyway, starting the same month as my unemployment started my SBC bill started to climb and climb high. Every month it went up and up. I was getting bills every month for anywhere between $185.00 to $300.00 every month. I did pay these bills for almost a year despite calling SBC more times than I can count to no avail. I did everything possible. I put a block on my phone, got a pre-paid calling card, nothing helped. I have, in the past 2 years asked SBC on at least 10 occasions to send me duplicate bills and they keep saying they have done so but I'v yet to get one. I'v offered to p/u the bills, they say no. I asked for the bills to be sent certified, they said no. They are full of **** and I'v just said no to paying their bills. Now, I'm in collections. I don't care, i will eventually get them for all of the grief they sent my way. Jane Hit em hard.
  12. Yes, SBC sucks big time. They are a lying bunch of crooks. Hit em hard. Jane
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