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  1. vader

    response from DV

    Got a response from Mitchell Kay. To my surprise he folded like a cheap tent after the first DV letter. He sent a letter that said: "Please be advised that we have noted your dispute regarding this matter. Accordingly, we are closing our file and will return this account to the creditor referenced above." But of coarse, the exact same day I get another letter. This one is that scam that looks like a credit card offer, but it is really a Dunning letter. This one is from Genesis Financial Solutions., referencing the same account from Portfolio. Anyone have an address for Portfolio Acquisitions & Management?
  2. vader

    response from DV

    Good idea, but I have no information about Portfoilio. Anyone have an address?
  3. vader

    response from DV

    well I thought I had finally heard the last of this acct last Aug. But today I got a new letter. This time from Mitchell Kay. It says the creditor is - Portfolio Asset Management MBNA This one is actually a little different. They offer a 6 month payment plan or I can pay them a lump sum of 50% and they will consider the account settled. Gee, how nice of them. I read in other posts that people have DVed them and they go away. I will do that. But since this is the third letter I have received from a CA referring to Portfolio Asset Management, I expect it to turn up again. Unfortunately the statue of limitations in my state is 7 yrs. Guess i will have to wait a while to finally be rid of them.
  4. just used "cppsavings" as the code on still good for 20% off.
  5. vader

    response from DV

    i have not heard from P& C since i sent the second DV letter. and the only thing on my CRs is the original inqury from P&C and it is only on Experian. Looks like these scum don't want to mess with people that knows their rights.
  6. I have not heard anything from P&C or Portfolio since I sent the second DV letter. I just checked all my CRs. The only thing on there is the original inquiry on Experian from P&C. Looks like they don't want to deal with those of us that know our rights.
  7. That is interesting. I never had anthing listed on my CR and i never heard from Portfolio. Just got the letter out fo the blue from P&C and they say Portfolio is their cliet. I'm going to send them a second letter tomorrow. and see what happens.
  8. Ya, I had the same line in my letter. "we are going to send this back to our cliet". That would be fine by me since I never got anything from Portfolio. Did Portfolio ever cotact you?
  9. Nothernlights: Did they ever make you an offer to settle? I have never talked to them on the phone. Since I sent the DV letter, they have stopped calling and leaving messages.
  10. Thanks for the info. So if i wanted to sue them for a FDCPA violation, do I have to do it in the state they are in or can I do it in my local court?
  11. I have an account that a JDB is trying to collect on. Of coarse they have said they may take legal action. I'm wondering if they file suit against me, where will they file the case? The JDB is in NJ and I live in Hawaii.
  12. Yes it is legal. In fact it may be the only way to collect a judgement in some cases. For example, years ago I won a judgement against an ex-employer for salary he didn't pay me. Silly me, I thought I would get paid after I won the judgement. I was told it was up to me to try and collect on it. I went to the sheriff's office and told them I had a judgement. They said, "well what do you want us to do?" I had no idea what to tell him. He said, " I can't give yu legal advice, but if you look on the wall over there, you will see some forms you can fill." On the wall, were thngs like ganishing wages, seizing assests, etc. There was also one for bank accounts. I found out all I had to do was fill one out for any bank, pay the $5 fee and they would give it to the bank. If the bank had an account with my boss, they would have to freeze the account and pay my judgement. The sheriff told me if I didn't know what bank my boss had accouts at, I could send out as many forms as I want to try and find were my boss had accounts. I got lucky and found his account. However, the bank call my ex-boss when they got served and my ex-boss then immediately filed an objection witht he court saying the account was not his. He said there were 4 names on it, and it was his mother-in-laws account and the money was not his. I got a letter from the court saying I had 10 days to request a hearing or they would drop the case. ( isn't the law great, all he had to do was oject and say it was not his and then I had to scramble to get down to the court and file for a hearing) So the lesson learned, if you have a judgement, you can serve every bank in town if you want t.
  13. vader

    response from DV

    Actually I would say that statement is a violation of the FDCPA, since they sent that after I requested validation of the account and they have not provided any.
  14. vader

    response from DV

    The reason I was questioning if Portfolio really owns the account or not; 2 years ago I was contacted by Midland Credit Management. They said the same thing, that the account was purchased by MRC Receivables Corp. and they sent the same type of letter, just acct # and balance. They had placed it on my CR. I DVed them, they responded with basically the same letter, I sent anther letter and contacted the CRAs. I never heard from them again and it dropped from my CRs. So the question is; if the account was sold to MRC , did they or can they resell it to Portfolio? or are they both lying and it was just assigned by MBNA? If a JDB buys an account and doesn't collect on it, what happens to it? I tought I read on the board that MBNA never sells account only assigns them. That doesn't make sense. If they have my account info I'm not hard to find. They did an inquiry on my CR and the next day they sent the first letter. More likely that they just bought another list of a 1000 accounts and and they started working down the list.
  15. vader

    response from DV

    So let's back up a bit. Phillips and Cohen claims that Portfolio owns the debt. On my CR the MBNA account is listed as "sold or transfer to another lender" How can I find out if Portfolio actually owns the account or if it was just transfered to them.? Anyone know if MBNA sells accounts or do they just transfer them? If Portfolio actually bought the account, why have they never contacted me?