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  1. Congrats to you Orion!!! Who did you get your secured loans through and what was the minimum $ amount they would do it for? Thanks! I got it through my local credit union. The first loan was for $1000. the second was for $5000. it is worth to mention that after this loans where paid, I was able to request credit increase in all my accounts.
  2. Well in my personal experience, the one thing you have to do more than anything, is to be patience. A few other things you could do... -Send good will letters (80% of the time they wont work, but that leaves 20% chance they might, so start sending them letters) -Check your CR (if you can, everyday) -Check your CR. -Dispute, dispute, dispute. -LEARN TO BE ORGANIZE, IT PAYS OFF! (keep copies of everything, receipts, certify mail stubs, copies of letters you have sent.) -Did I mention patience??? That is if you're repairing your credit. In order for me to increase my score, I had to watch my Income to Debt Ratio very closely. Also I got a couple of secure loans (if anything I'd say that was the main factor that increase my score fast) Not to many accounts either, you have to have a good balance of revolving accounts and loans. Just my 0.2 cents. Regards.
  3. CONGRATS!!!!! WELL DONE! I too have recently join the 700's club 2 1/2 years ago... Ex: 520 Eq: 500 Tran: 509 Today... Ex: 710 Eq: 711 Tran: 748 Providian Visa: $2500 CITI Visa: 4000 CompUSA: $5400 HomeDepot: $6000 And yesterday I got my Amex.! I love it. Couldn't have done it without the help of Doc Don!!!! Thanks!
  4. Greetings yall TU=743 EX=741 EQ=714 I want to raise EQUIFAX score and try to make it even with the other 2 I was wondering if some one could recomend a card that pulls EQUIFAX only? Regards
  5. How can I do the daily pull once I have the account? is there a place in the website, or a different link once you log in?
  6. I have a similar situation, interestedly enough is with Providian. I send them a letter and call as well. Waiting on response.
  7. lmof!!!! Extremely successful people have that trend in common, risk taking!!!! “a wise man learns from his mistakes, a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others” Think about that one!
  8. My reply was directed to MR CJ. A CO is a CO. So what if you paid for it. It is still there, it might give you a lengh or history, but what it might be telling a creditor is that at one point for whatever reason that account went bad. Any body in this forum will agree that if you manage to strike a deal with the OC about a CO or "a paid for delete" you will be better off. any body else want to coment? Doc Don?
  9. Any time you take cold hard cash out from under your mattress and try to make it earn more money for you, you're taking a gamble, true? Even leaving your money under your mattress is still a risk... Fire, burglary, snooping relatives, etc... At the risk of being redundant, you must do your homework. Everything you do involves a degree of risk; if you are knowledgeable about what you want to do you reduce the risk. As someone above, so eloquently stated, even having your money in the mattress is risky. But will you live your life in fear of loosing your money and deprived yourself from being successful or will you make the plunge and find what you are really made of? Just a thought.
  10. "1997" this account is 8 years old and should be deleted. Send out another letter stating account is past seven years and it should be deleted. You dont even have to tell them that the accounts SOL is up, just dispute as not yours! in most cases is the SOL is up, the CRA's will just delete em
  11. I had this problem, you know what I was told? get a small container with water... put the cards in it, and put them in the freezer. (I am serious) or cut the cards.
  12. Unfurtunetely, you did not negotiated with them, to delete this accounts from your CR. I do not know for sure if you can get them deleted now that they've got their money, but there's always a way. I agree with divemedic paid collections are the most difficult to get rid of, simply because they have no obligation to do it. how old are these accounts?
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the SOL in this account due already? I had a similar situation with company XXXXX from 2000 I disputed this Account and it came back verified they even sent me a copy of the contract. I pull my CR on Jan. 15 and the account was gone in all 3 CA's just my $0.2
  14. Any time you take cold hard cash out from under your mattress and try to make it earn more money for you, you're taking a gamble, true? You're right on - don't risk more than you can afford to lose. Most important - do your homework. AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!