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  1. Okay, but They are an assignee...is that a JDB? Is Capital one suing me? I am not really sure. On my credit report Capital One reporting only $1,200 how can they say I owe $6K. this is the part i am not understanding. I would consider settling for the amount i actuallyowe Cap one and not a penny more. Thank you for all your help.
  2. Thank you! I guess i should be more specific. this has been passed around by about 5 debt collectors. the amount increases by 1K each time. I asked for validation and they would just pass it along to another collector without giving me validation. I should have requested validation from this JBD law firm but i just sent the a C&D. I was frustrated. I have never had a credit card over $1,000. they are saying i owe over 5K and they have statements from CAp one. They dont equal 5K. The only time they provided statement is when i had my attornery answer the lawsuite for district court. Now there is a CAp one charge off on my credit report for about $ 1,200. So they are suing for over 5K? Can they sue me for 5 k when the debt was actually $1,200? Do me/my attorney push them for how much they paid for the debt? I want ot fight them. I'm a little confused as to what to do. I want ot help my attorney as much as possible. I dont want to settle... My attorney said they offerd to settle for 1/2. I said no way. Sorry for typos...at work There are laws in place that limit the amount they can go after me correct? I have no assets and i dont own anything.. They pulled my credit report a couple of days ago.
  3. Say that Joe shmoe has been asking for validation of debt from 5 collection agencies over a period of 3 years. Then a law firm saying they were assigned by Cap one sends a letter. Jo smoe tired of the harassment sends a do not contact me letter. The law firm files suit in small claims court for over 6K. Keep in mind that the numerous collection agencies have never validated the debt. They just passed it on to another collection agency. Joe shmoe checks his credit repor t and there is a Cap one charge off for about $1,200. What can Joe shmoe do? can he defend himself? Does the law firm file for Cap one or is the law firm actually filing suit under the collection agency. The court papers say Cap one and the law firm is assignee. Cant he law firm actually try to collect over 6K for a a $1,200 debt? Is cap one suing or is it just the collection law firm?
  4. In Pa we cannot record. I will get my CR and see. The last time i got my report they were not on it.
  5. This has been bothering me for the past two weeks. I keep getting calls from this phone number 866-594-8640. I tried the reverse # and no results. I searched the BBB site and used the phone number option. I don't know why i did not think of this before! Here it is I have never recieved a notice from these people. HOw should i handle this. NO mimi miranda. I don't even know what this is for! FBCS INC. General Information Street Address: 841 EAST HUNTING PARK AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA 19124 Telephone Number: (800) 220-2018 BBB Business Classification: Credit-Collection Agencies Principal: MS. JAMIE CAIN RESOLUTION ADMINISTRATOR Customer Contact: MS. JAMIE CAIN RESOLUTION ADMINISTRATOR The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources. This report is not to be used for sales or promotional purposes. Additional Phone Numbers (866) 594-8640 Additional Doing-Business-As Names FBCS /Sprint FEDERAL BONDING COLLECTION CO. Additional Addresses
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