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  1. I had to cancel my Hooters Mastercard. They raised the APR to 16% from 9%. Also wanted to start a annual fee of $48.00 billed monthly. I could not keep this card regardless if it lowered my score. Right now I'm in the mid to upper 700's. Just bought a new car with 4% interest. I will not have any big ticket item buys for awhile so I will wait for the closure to correct itself. I'm tired of being the scapegoat for these credit card companies who think that they can beat the consumer all they want and disregard those who have been loyal customers.
  2. First I reside in Florida. Midland bought a Providian account and then hired an collection attorney here in Florida to collect since Midland is not licensed in the state. A judgement was filed by the attorney and I agreed to payment. I have been paying on this account for 3.5 years at $125.00 a month. Do I have a right to a breakdown of how they come up with what is owed and who would supply that info, from the attorney or from Midland? Also should I be getting a monthly summary of pmts made and balance owed? Judgement read as: Plaintiff pays principal sum of $7,316.39 Interest $770.90 Court Cost $151.50 Attorney Fees $400.00 Post Judgement Interest 6.000% per annum
  3. Midland Credit Management does not have a license to collect in Florida. Can they collect and file a judgement if they utilize an attorney in the state? This attorney's office is in the sole business of debt collection. The attorney has not bought the debt, Midland still owns the debt.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm also having trouble finding SOL on UCC's for both Kentucky and Florida. I have checked lawdog and several other sites but cannot find SOL for UCC. Can anybody help on this?
  5. Question about UCC and what state it applies to. Mobile Home repossessed in Kentucky. I was living in Florida. OC saying they needed to follow Florida UCC, I thought they needed to follow Kentucky. Does anybody know which UCC would apply?
  6. I have been looking but cannot find if in Kentucky the UCC has a time limit. Mobile Home considered under motor vehicle in Kentucky for repossession. It's been over three years since hearing anything from Greentree. They did not notify of sale or give time for me to redeem property. Is there a time limit under the UCC that they have to request payment of deficiency amount?
  7. Lisa71, I live in St. Petersburg and am now seeing home prices slowly going down. Our problem here is that they are going Condo crazy, building and converting everything in site. I'm hoping the market will get oversaturated with sales so it can become a buyers market again.
  8. Having to move since apartment complex going Condo. Have to be out by April 30th. Apartment complex that I was going to move in also just recently sold for Condo conversion. I think buying a house may be a good move since it looks as though the market is cooling. Scores are Eq 629, Ex 665, TU 661. Looking for 100% financing with annual income from full time job and disability through VA which averages around $36,000. My rent now is 808.00 and looking for something between $180,00 to $200,000. Have two charge offs one on which I am paying. Cleaned most of my report up. Is there any hope?
  9. Albatross, can you update on your situation? I have almost same circumstances and live in St Petersburg, Florida. Would like to know how everthing is going.
  10. I may be wrong but if someone else knows chime in. I thought that car repo's fell under the UCC of that state and sometime have different SOL's than a regular written contract. Also before the vehicle was resold, you were supposed to be given an opportunity to take back the vehicle and after the vehicle was resold you should have been sent paperwork specifying the amount it was resold for and the balance. Please check the UCC statutes for your state on car repo's.
  11. Sorry to hear you have had problems with them. I have been using MCK for several months now with no problems. The only concern I have with them is they only alert you to changes in your credit report if they feel it is fraud related. When I disputed with Cavalry and the notation was made on my report of my dispute, I was not notified of the change. When I spoke with customer service, they said that notifications were if they suspect fraud, not if the consumer initiated the response.
  12. Hello! I also was on a debt management program, you will see some do not agree in using these services but it worked for me and worked very well that I am finished and have no credit card debt. I also had lates on my accounts. Once they were paid off I sent goodwill letters via Planet Feedback. Even when some of the companies initially stated they would not change the status that was being reported, after several letters they finally changed the account to never late. Also they deleted the statement under credit counselling services from my tradelines. Hope this is helpfull.
  13. When you wrote the letters to the bank was that to the corporate office? If not go on Planet Feedback and find the corporate address and send your explanation letter to them.
  14. DV them. You say the insurance may have missed paying this? Some insurances will take a claim up till one year past the date of service. Call your insurance and see if a claim was ever submitted by the hospital.
  15. DV them. You say the insurance may have missed paying this? Some insurances will take a claim up till one year past the date of service. Call your insurance and see if a claim was ever submitted by the hospital.
  16. Equifax Legal Department. PO Box 105518 Atlanta, GA 30348
  17. Equifax Legal Department. PO Box 105518 Atlanta, GA 30348
  18. The CRA usually does not remove unless the CA either does not verify or the CA lets the CRA know to delete the item. Wait and review the documents that the CA sends you. If not validation, I go up to three attempts at proper validation, have you sent everything CMRR? When you refer to the CRA, which one is it? The CA "should" be getting the original information on your account from the OC. "Most" JDB do not have the proper validation and will attempt to retrieve it from the OC, notice the words "should" and "most" and if the account is old, the OC may not have any of the original signed contract forms. Also is this still within SOL? I have just went three rounds with Asset Acceptance. They have never validated yet continued to verify with the CRA's. Since this collection was listed on Equifax only, I called Equifax to get their legal departments address sent all my documentation along with a stern letter. I am still waiting for response.
  19. Did you get a letter from the CA stating it would take them 90 days or you have not received a response from them yet and it is past 30 days? What I have done is when I have no response after the initial DV and 30 days are past, I send a 2nd DV. I want to make sure I give them ample opportunity to reply so that if and when I need to sue I have documentation of my attempt at validation. Also once I receive my green card back from my DV, I will send a dispute to the CRA. If the CA verifies with the CRA without validating with me, another violation.
  20. I also listed a complaint with the BBB on the internet. My complaint was with Asset Acceptance. This was at least two weeks ago, I haven't heard back yet. If you filed the complaint online, they have a update window you can go into and check on the status of the complaint.
  21. You want to validate the debt. Make sure you send all correspondence via CMRR to start a paper trail.
  22. Hi Kim. Try Planet Feedback. You can put in the company name and it will pull up the corporate office and at the same time you can draft a letter to them. Planet Feedback will then send a confirmation via your e-mail.
  23. Make sure everything you do with the CRA's and CA's is sent via CMRR to keep a paper trail. What state are you in? Is the SOL up? They can still attempt to collect the debt but if they sue or file a judgement and SOL is up, then that would be your defense.
  24. Dispute with the CRA's as duplicate account.
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