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  1. during a recent doctor visit my doctor recommended and performed a particular procedure. prior to agreeing to the procedure I asked if there would be an additional cost and doc said no. Three months later he billed me $127 for the procedure. Health insurance (Cigna) will not cover it (they actually said no insurance co covers it). Does the Florida Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities have any teeth? I've already called and written and the doctor's office says I'm responsible for knowing what my insurance covers. Should I just roll over and pay this to protect my credit or do I have
  2. bmc100, be careful. If your DW is not willing to learn the material she could end up getting you in trouble. I don't know about your state, but in my state it is illegal for a non-party spouse to assist with a case. When my DW had her case the attorney, the mediator, and even the "judge" all asked her repeatedly who wrote the documents (answer, affirmative defenses, counter claims, motions, affidavits, etc.) for her. They were trying to get her to admit that someone helped her because it is illegal in my state for a "non-lawyer" to write legal documents for anyone but themselves and that
  3. I received a letter from Midland (Funding/Credit Management) that is confusing me. Here is the body of the letter: *Can anyone tell me what this is about? *Are they attempting to comply with Florida's Notification of Assignment statute? *Why the comment that "this is not an attempt to collect a debt"? *Aren't they obviously attempting to collect a debt? *Isn't this letter a 'communication in connection with debt collection'? *Should their letter have included a 1692g notice? *What should my response be? Thanks!
  4. In Florida an out of state (non-resident) plaintiff must file a $100 bond with the court. The defendant must notify the plaintiff of their failure to comply, after 20 more days of non-compliance the defendant can motion to dismiss the case for the plaintiff's failure. sample notice and motion here:
  5. I too am interested in the outcome of this case. I hope it works out for the best.
  6. I disagree, in my experience, the Hearing Officer (fake judge) did not allow the spouse to speak at the hearing, or even to be present during mediation.
  7. this is all I've found so far... So from reading these, it doesn't look like I'll be able to get credit reports entered as evidence... so how do I prove what the JDB place on my credit reports?????
  8. How would one go about getting Credit Reports entered into evidence in a counterclaim against a JDB? Does the hearsay rule apply to Credit Reports? Does one need to subpoena a CRA employee to testify as to authenticity? Can the CR be submitted Redacted except for the pertinent parts? Thanks
  9. the 5th Amendment is available in Civil actions, but only against self incrimination for criminal acts, and there can be consequences. See
  10. I think they may have changed this policy, see my post AAA will accept cases when Consumer agrees to arbitration which indicates that if you ELECT arbitration, the JDB/OC can initiate and AAA will accept the case.
  11. So, does anyone have any input as far as what a motion to intervene would look like? I don't mean the caption, I mean what would make sense as far as a legal argument that the judge could agree with to grant the motion? Thanks
  12. 10 things found in a Courtroom 1. Judge 2. Attorney 3. Liars 4. Defendant (HeeHee @ #3) 5. Eleven or more angry men 6. Podium 7. 8. 9. 10. glad I could make someone chuckle
  13. I like the idea. Just don't let my wife find out about them
  14. Here's the Florida statute: and here is the Pro Se exemption: So it looks like, in FL, it doesn't matter if you charge money or not, it's still a FELONY to practice law without a license. Does anyone know of anything that creates an exemption for spouses? I'll
  15. 10 things found in a Courtroom 1. Judge 2. Attorney 3. Liars 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  16. I would still end up paying if she lost, and if there were an unpaid judgment against her it would affect our plans to purchase a house in the near future. DW is rather timid, and I believe that the Atty and Judge will just walk all over her if I'm not there to support her. Like I mentioned before, I'm not terribly concerned over the amount of the claim ($1,300 roughly), and I think we have a case, if we lose I'll pay it, although I would like to use that money for groceries and such... I really appreciate all the responses and assistance. I'm still interested in any verbiage or templates f
  17. What would be some good wording for a motion to intervene?
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  19. I would have liked to see that motion to dismiss as well.
  20. I don't know what that means, the names on the account are my name and her name. It's just a regular joint checking account.
  21. Should we fill out the part at the bottom about "a non-lawyer help me fill out this form"?
  22. without trying to sound argumentative, and with the utmost respect for the more experienced members, Admin, and attorneys: What about our Joint Bank Account? I am in the same predicament at this time. DW is being sued in small claims court in FL. The amount ($1,300) is not so much that if she loses we can't pay it, although we'd rather keep the money and use it for groceries, etc. HOWEVER, if the JDB wins the suit, won't they attach our Joint Bank Account for the judgment anyway? If the money is going to come out of 'my' pocket (I make 80% of the household income), I might as well be a par
  23. Can a non-party spouse assist their Significant Other with writing pleadings (answer, counter claims, motions, etc) in a civil/small claims action (in Florida)? any references?