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  1. I paid two collections with a "restrictive endorsement" printed on the back --I forget exactly what I wrote but I used my printer and used small font. The collection accounts were eventually removed. First, I believe you need to check with your state laws to see if RE are valid or whatever legal term they use. Second, write the CA and tell them you are going to pay them and there is RE. Third, pay them. Fourth, if they do not remove the collection write them and be creative. To be honest I do not know if the accounts were removed because of the RE or my letter writing and phone calling ---what ever you do be persistent.
  2. try this website --it may provide some useful information and some contacts. good luck!
  3. Stressedout you said It may be easy to get a money order and send it out --but even if you pay it will still be on your credit report. Also AA may not delete it after you pay or even fix the date.... It may be just as easy to send an ITS or get an attorney. Let them know you have the ability to level the playing field.
  4. What we really do: Essentially the Buyer's agent represents the buyer of a property and his/her interest. There are three main responsibilities for the buyer's agent in California --they are: a fiduary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealings with the buyer. Buyer's agents and Seller's agents are project managers. Sellers are required to provide buyers with all federally mandated disclosures such as lead-based paint, flood zones, FIRPTA, etc. State requirements include the proper delivery and execution of Agency documentation plus other state and local requirements as well. For example, in California there is a mandatory environmental hazards disclosure, a separate state version of FIRPTA, a Special Studies Zone disclosure for active earthquake faults, as well as a Mello Roos disclosure. Los Angeles requires a City Report as well as the installation of automatic gas turnoff for earthquakes, installation of low-flow toilets and showerheads. In brush or other high risk areas where standard homeowner insurance policies are not available, the agents must coordinate the buyer’s applicationfor the transference of a California Fair Plan insurance policy or the issuance of a new policy. Financing contingencies Does the seller have a prepayment penalty and if so, who is responsible for paying it? What happens if the buyer can’t obtain a fixed-rate loan as per the contract? What happens if the appraisal comes in at less than the sales price? What happens when the buyer gets cold feet and the interest rates tick up where the buyer has a legitimate reason to cancel the transaction? What happens when the buyer doesn’t qualify? These are just a few of the challenges Realtors solve on a daily basis, none of which can be solved on-line—each of these requires the wisdom of experience by a live agent. Inspection contingencies How are incorrect findings by inspectors handled? How are legitimate differences in property condition resolved between professionals such as geologists and roofer? I once had both sides of a $900,000 transaction on a town home where the units had shared attic space. The termite inspector informed the seller there was $12,000 worth of termite damage. The seller was absolutely not going to pay for it and neither were the buyers, since the problem was in the common area. After three other inspectors and numerous discussions with the HOA, we finally discovered there was absolutely no problem with termites at all—there were simply some dead beetles. The existing wood damage occurred a year earlier prior to the last treatment. The point here is a savvy agent can save both parties time and money as well as protecting them from unscrupulous inspection services. Coordination of real estate affiliated services In addition to the above, agents must coordinate the title services, escrow, attorneys, as well as a host of other service providers. If your company provides a moving services bureau or concierge services that assist buyers with change of address, movers, repair people and the like, this adds another layer to the project management list. Resolving disputes between the parties In addition to coordinating all the aspects of the transactions, when disputes arise, the agent is usually the first line of defense for their principal. Agents know how to work around appraisal problems, title issues, differences in opinion as to who is responsible for repairs, etc. Up to 95 percent of all transactions have problems severe enough that the parties believe the transaction won’t close. Ninety-percent do close and less than 1 percent with litigation—why? Because the agents involved successfully negotiated the dispute to the parties’ satisfaction. *taken from a real estate newsletter "Gateway"
  5. Ravenous, I'm sorry but I could not tell your age? Anyway, as I have said in my posts as I was going through the process; one must read a lot and investigate various strategies, try different ones, execute the ones that work. Be creative and take advice easily from others that have gone from 450 to 700+. It takes time. NEVER GIVE UP!
  6. Yes, only once. NCO took one off then it reappeared with the Northland Group. I then sent a validation request and they responed that they would stop all collections and would be sending it back to NCO. I never heard from them again. Now the account is over the 7 year time limit.
  7. When I started here I had 13 negs I recieved my big3 credit report two days ago with only 1 neg. It has taken a little over 2 years.
  8. Credit scores do not tell the whole story about our character but give a very generic reference point. I know --I had bad credit and I did bad things --now I have good credit and do good things. HMM!! About doing nothing ---I love to do nothing and every time I have a chance I do nothing. As for bearing fruit --that's for trees.
  9. fallacious!! My dad can beat up your dad!! hehehehehehehehehheeh!!!!! argumentum ad hominem Hasty Generalization Unrepresentative Sample Slothful Induction Fallacy of Exclusion Straw Man Too Broad Style Over Substance Subverted Support and finally "Anonymous Authorities" Can't we all just get along?
  10. I am curious about your proposed plan of "disputing" because it is obsolete. Regardless if the account is past sol the OC is entitled to report for 7years and in some cases 7 1/2 depending on when the account became delinquent. You will have to dispute the APT with the OC or CA --try to get validation and if they do validate think about a settlement with them. Consolidation has proven to be good option for those with many student loans. Rates are still low (historically) and you may benefit in the long run with a lower overall pay back amount.
  11. Never give your SS# to anyone for any reason --especially a CA. Simply write a letter (there are samples on this board) disputing the debt and demanding validation. Send RRCM. At the same time dispute the account as "not mine" or whatever with all of the CRA that are reporting it. If you call any CA you should expect, to some degree, that they will attempt to manipulate your emotions and the current laws. Expect them to lie to you.
  12. More info here: As for Nashville I agree that it is at "most" times obvious that if you pay a debt it was or is yours. However, there are exceptions to every rule and if one were to set up an argument to support that "you paid to facilitate a business transaction" one could also come to a reasonable and valid conclusion that it was not your debt. However, with letter writing and proper notice given I was able to have the collections deleted. Maybe they did not want to waste any more of their time----they got paid after all and could really give a hoot about my fallacious letters, they just deleted to get rid of me.
  13. Jefftech --check to see if your state honors "restrictive endorsements." Do a search to learn more about this and your states laws. There are other ways to have paid collections removed as well. Just because you pay does not imply they were your debts. You could write a "nice" letter to the CA and insist they validate and that you merely paid to facilitate a business transaction. Restrictive endorsements (RE) worked for me for 3 outstanding accounts --they were all unpaid parking tickets from about 4 years ago-- Washington State. However I did have to write a follow up letter. There is a process you must follow: 1. Send them a letter to inform the CA that you intend to pay with a RE> 2. You must allow the CA reasonable time to respond--different time frame for different states. 3. Pay them with the RE printed on your check --I used very small font and used my computer and took copies of the checks before and after. 4. Send a follow up letter demanding deletion. Although long, what follows are copies of the letters I sent. Initial letter: AllianceOne 6565 Kimball Drive Suite 200 Gig Harbor, WA 98335 09/04/04 RE: Seattle Municipal Court; XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear Sirs, This letter concerns the money I allegedly owe you. I have recently received a bill from you stating that I owe $203.75 for Seattle Municipal Court. To settle this debt I will send you a check for $203.75 with a restrictive endorsement and if you cash that check it will constitute an accord and satisfaction. In other words, you will receive from me a check that states "cashing of this check constitutes payment in full and that you agree that all negative listings be removed from my credit reports, i.e. all collection accounts listed by your company to all credit reporting bureaus will be deleted.” If you do not respond to this letter I will assume that you agree to these terms and a check in the amount of $203.75 will be sent to you on 10/08/04 and I will consider this matter closed. Sincerely, Second letter: AllianceOne 10/28/04 RE: Seattle Municipal Court; XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear Sirs, Per my telephone conversation with CA REP on October 26, 2004 I am enclosing payment in full for the listed alleged debts. As I stated to Ms. CA REP these debts are not mine but to facilitate current business transactions I have elected to pay them under the conditions set forth in my prior letter to AllianceOne dated September 4, 2004. Ms. CA REP acting as an Agent or an employee for AllianceOne assured me that the conditions set forth in the prior letter are acknowledged and agreed upon pending payment. I therefore submit payment in full in the amount of $203.75 with a restrictive endorsement and if you cash the enclosed checks it will constitute an accord and satisfaction and I will consider this matter permanently closed. Sincerely, Third letter: AllianceOne P.O. Box 2449 Gig Harbor, WA 98335-4449 Re: Acct # RE: Seattle Municipal Court; XXXXXXXXxXXXXX Dear Sirs, I recently received a copy of my credit report from TransUnion credit reporting agency. To my surprise, your company is reporting two listings. I have tried in vain and with great patience to resolve this issue. I have gone as far as paying the amount even when this alleged debt is not mine. I paid this debt so that I could facilitate several business transactions, not because it was mine. I spoke to a Rachel CA Rep on October 26, 2004 and agreed to pay in full the listed alleged debts. As I stated to Ms. CA Rep these debts are not mine but to facilitate current business transactions I have elected to pay them under the conditions set forth in my prior letter to AllianceOne dated September 4, 2004. Ms. CA Rep acting as an Agent or an employee for AllianceOne assured me that the conditions set forth in the prior letter were acknowledged and agreed upon. The agreement Ms. CA Rep committed to involved having the listings removed once payment was received. The listing were removed but then re-inserted in to my credit report using a different credit-reporting agency. Why your company has re-inserted these listings bewilders me. Payment of these alleged debts included a restricted endorsement in accordance with laws of the State of Washington specifically; RCW 62A.3-311 At this time I will also inform you that if your offices continues to report invalidated information to any of the 3 major Credit Bureau’s (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion) this action might constitute fraud under both Federal and State Laws. I will not hesitate in bringing legal action against you for the following: Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Defamation of Character Finally, I demand that you validate these alleged debts or remove them from my credit report. It would be advisable that you assure that your records are in order before I am forced to take legal action. This is an attempt to correct your records; any information obtained shall be used for that purpose. Best Regards, All of the paid collections were promptly removed after this final letter. Also look to the "sticky" "Removing paid collections." Good luck
  14. Does anyone know the process to change your name for the big three after getting married?
  15. My experience with Cavalry has been very difficult. They have always verified with all 3 of the CRA. I have disputed them several times. I have DV'd them several times (all CRRM). They never responded. This process has been over 3 years. Since the OC is about to fall off because of the 7 year rule, I sent Cavalry a letter stating that they were reporting past the legal allowable time(in actuality they still have few months). After a couple of weeks they sent me a letter validating the debt. They had copies of the agreements that I had signed. I lost. All I can do is wait and let if fall of because of 7 years. Cavalry sucks! PS --I was willing to setttle this debt because I am responsible for it, however, I was not willing to pay 2300 for a debt that was originally 752(I tried to settle with the OC but they told me no), and since they would not deal with me I have decided to wait this out. Good luck to you.