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  1. I have been tring to get a CO off my CR's since Aug 2004; no luck. I think it time to Sue. But I have one problem, I don't know where to start. Do anyone have the name of a lawyer. I would like to used a Lawyer because I will include the legal fees in the law sue Thanks in advance
  2. x2sdavis

    BK gone

    Check PG yesterday, BK was deleted from EQ. My Fako went from 632 to 588. NO PROBLEM. The main thing is the BK is Off.
  3. I just finish talk with EX about a Sears CO account. I was told that a CO will remain on the credit report 7 years for the date of CO and not the date of last activity. Is this true?
  4. How do I start a promo block. Thanks in Advance
  5. Just want you to know that, all of the inq are off of TU. It took from June 5 to Aug 6 to get a clean report. Have you started used PG yet? Good Luck.
  6. Sorry it want happen again. I deleted the other post. Yes, I would like to have it deleted. It will come off in 7-06 But I hope I don't have to wait that long
  7. I filed Bk in 08-96 but my CR's show 7-96. I disputed the date. It came back verified. I call TU and ask for the number of the person that verified the disputed. They gave me 1-800-510-8284. I call this number and enterd my SSN and the information that was on my CR was the same. Have any one ran across this before. Do I dispute again or what. I have only heard from TU. I'm still waiting on EX and EQ results. TU verified this info in about 15 days.
  8. Yes, after signing up, I pull my report once a day every day. I signed up for the 2 month trial. My free trial will end on Aug 14, I hope to have EQ and TU clean by then. After checking my report today. None of the Inq fell off. better luck tomorrow.
  9. I started pulling around June 5. On June 23 I had 15 inq on TU and 18 on EQ. Now, on Aug 1, I have 3 on TU and 9 on EQ. All were removed thru Pulling my report thru PG. All 3 on TU are Hard and 2 out of the 9 on EQ are Hard. By the weekend I hope to have all of the Hard's off EQ and TU. I still have all of the inq on EX. HELP!!!!!
  10. Forgot to mention that out of the 9 on EQ only 2 hard; all are hard on TU
  11. Have you tried pulling your credit report thru PG. I started pulling around June 5. On June 23 I had 15 inq on TU and 18 on EQ. Now, on Aug 1, I have 3 on TU and 9 on EQ. All were removed thru Pulling my report thru PG. I still have all of the inq on EX. HELP!!!!!
  12. I have been work on this since March 2004. And all EX keep sending is Previously Investigated. After they recieve my letter, in about 4 day, I get the Previously Investigated letter. Where do I go from here. Here is a copy of the last letter I sent. What am I doing wrong? At a stand still. Re: Account Capital One Bank Account CBUSears Account Homecoming Financial To Experian, I am not asking for a reinvestigation to be done. This is a request for deletion of disputed items. I have attempted to have this inaccurate and incomplete reporting verified by Experian to no avail.
  13. I requested from EX a description of the procedure used in investigating my TL. I recieved a form letter with Ex procedure. I call and was told that that is all they were required to give; and they would not give the infomation recieved from the creditor. Is this correct? I read the FCRA Paragraph (6)((iii) and it said 'a notice that, if requested by the consumer, a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information shall be provided to the consumer by the agency'. Did I miss something? Where do I go from here???? Also, I send the same letter to
  14. I send EQ and EX a letter CMRR on 6-14 and I call to check the status and EQ and EX said the Item were being disputed. I told her that it was a procedural investigation not a disputed. She said I had to wait until the 30 days were up. This was the 3rd time I ask them for the Procedural used. I would like to send a very powerful ITS letter. Are there any sample out there. I tried a search and could not fine any. HELP. Or should I get a Lawyer and sue? Thanks in Advance