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  1. I disputed a tradeline on Equifax because it listed an old C/O with Discover Card with the DOLA as 11/98 and DOLP as 7/99 and yet they reaged the date the major delinquency was first reported as 10/2004. I recieved Equifax response and said they updated the tradeline and removed the payment history, but still left the C/O listed. I thought the law was that if any portion of the trade line was inaccurate, the CRA had to delete the entire tradeline? Is that coreect? If so, what portion of the law can I quote to enforce that they need to remove this item. I spoke to CRA on the phone and told them that they had to remove, but got nowhere.
  2. I have a few CO's that are still listed from 1998 and 1999 and now there's a new tradeline that states Date Major Delinquency First Reported. Discover Card is reporting that date as 10/2004 which I'm sure impact my credit score even though they have listed this as a CO since 1998. How can I dispute this? Thanks
  3. Am I correct in thinking that is illegal to change the amount listed as past due on the credit report once an item is listed as a Charge Off? If so, what is the statue I can quote? Cap One has consistanly updated the amount of a CO first listed in 1998 and I want to send a dispute letter. Please advise - Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the input - but one of my original questions was: If the CRA does not respond to my request for method of procedure, does that add to the amount I can sue for and under what statue? Thanks
  5. I sent two DV letters to CA and they never responded. After each time I sent letter to CRA stating that CA failed to validate the debt. Both times CRAresponded back as item was verified. Then sent final notice to CRA (certified) requesting procedure of verification (understand they have to respond within 15 days) and notice of intent to sue. It's now been close to 30 days and they have never responded. Since they did not repond in the 15 day period, does that add to my legal ability to sue CRA for damages? Under what statue? Thanks
  6. I'll try that on one, but the other is Cap One, and I've had to send the DV for other debt that they purchased and they have been a bear. I finally won out, but might need another approach? Thanks
  7. I have used the DV method to remove several items from my report listed by CA's, but am unsure what method to use to try to remove the remaining two - both are from '99 (past SOL) but are listed by the original creditor. What is my best approach? Thanks
  8. I have sent two DV requests to Risk Mgt and also disputed twice to Experian saying that Risk Mgt. has not validated the debt. This debt is way past SOL. Both times Experian has come back and said they validated it was mine and ignored that Risk Mgt. has never validated the debt. I have now sent Experian a request for method of verification and notice of intent to sue. I am about to sue both Experian and Risk Mngt. in small California claims court Both companies are headquarted out of state, but have resident agents in Calif. Here are my questions: 1. Should I sue both Risk Mgt and Experian in same suit or seperately? 2. Do I need to sue their resident agent or just have the suit served to the Resident Agent? 3. How do I list resident agent in the Small Claims lawsuit paperwork? Thanks in advance for advice!
  9. Thanks - I'm locked and loaded and ready to sue if I have any more problems. Do you know if I have to sue the Calif. resident agent and Equirax or just Equifax and have the resident agent served?
  10. SOL is from the date of last activity - not the date of charge off. Same with the 7 year reporting period (actually it's 7 1/2 years if you read the statute). Hope that helps!
  11. Cap 1 purchased 6 year old debt and relisted as different account # and reaged to say June '03. Sent DV letter in June with no response. Sent 2nd DV letter in end of July and disputed with Experian for both lack of validation and reaging. Finally got reponse dated AUG 16 from Cap 1 that "since I had disputed they would close account, delete tradeline and stop reporting, but it would take 60 to 90 days." Called Experian to advise of letter and they said that Cap 1 had again verified dept on AUG 31 and they were not going to remove. Bastards! Wonder if Cap 1 is playing game of saying they will delete and keep it on as long as possible while trying to sell debt to another who will relist? Sent Experian Fed Ex with copy of letter and final notice to remove and intent to sue if they don't. Will wait to see response....
  12. Thanks - I will request how they verified info. Both are way past SOL. What is an ITS? JP
  13. What is a procedual request? Do you mean the means they used to verify the information? Suing under the following statutes: FCRA Section 605 © Running of the reporting period (Cap One keeps reaging) $1000 FDCPA Section 809 ( (Failure to Validate the debt and still report it to CRA) $1000 FCRA Section 623 (CRA fail to correct info after being provided proof)
  14. I've sent 2 DV letters each to both Rist Mgt. and Cap One and they never responded to any of them. I sent all this coorispondance to Experian and Equifax and both have come back stating they verified the debt. I now have no choice but to sue Risk Mgt. and Exquifax for one claim and Cap One and Experian for another claim. Here are my questions: Do I sue CA and CRA seperately or jointly? If I sue together, and I can sue for $1000 because they did not validate debt, do I sue for $2K (one for each of them)? I'm in Calif and have to list these companies Resident Agents to be able to serve them. Do I list these Res Agents in lawsuit of just for service? Thanks for the help JP