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  1. DH just got his clearance a few months ago. Naval Shipyard Electrician. After their investigation they had a meeting with him. Asked some questions about his semi-criminal past(young and stupid) and then said they had to deny it because of his credit. HOWEVER>>>>>They told him that if he could explain WHY specific items were on his credit and back it up with documentation, that they would reconsider. So I pulled out lots of paperwork, wrote a letter to accompany it explaining circumstances and sent it in. 3 Weeks later. Security Clearance GRANTED. Moral is I think that as lon
  2. The first and foremost thing before you do anything else is to make sure your name and address and employer are all correct and any variations of your name and old addresss are removed. Then you move to the individual tradelines. And YES do it all in WRITING
  3. well what I have found it that they just freeze the whole amount. However their intentions are to just set up the payment plan for the garnishment. Im sure they know that most people don't have thousands of dollers just floating around in their accounts. Theyre just letting you know there is no more ignoring it and theyre not waiting anymore. When you go to court, the court will actually determine a percentage of your income that they are allowed to take from each paycheck or bank account. They then get there first payment from the freeze and release the rest of the funds back to normal. By
  4. They will do it as long as it is a valid account. ANY account and has .50 cents in it. I don't know if they do multiple accounts at once, I would think not but I know they will get it if you got one. THey don't know your balance. They just hope you have teh money and not to mention it gets your attention. But they can only do this if they have already gotten a judgement against you. Mine actually stayed frozen til we went to court and I fought back and won because they got a fraudulent judgement and sued me in the wrong city. So the judgement was revoked thus unfreezing the account within
  5. I had this happen but for only about 3 grand. It simply put my account into the negatives. Any outstanding checks were bounced and any deposits made will simply add to towards that first. Its a realy ugly situation. Your pretty much F*$%ked. We had no cash on us and were screwed till he got a check and I had to cash it at Walmart.
  6. just reading around and want to make sure I have this right. Can I use that statute against cap one. I read that it doesn't apply to OC. Capital one is doing it not a lawyer or collection agency. Am I right? If I can't use that what can I do?
  7. no, it is in a different district Awesome link though, thanks.
  8. I am helping someone with a Warrent in Debt. It is in a court that is not in her County or judicial district. She does not deny the debt but would like the venue changed to her city. I know we can ask that the court move the venue. We are drafting the letter citing 15 usc 1692i but should we also write it out or just say we want it moved because of 15 usc 1692i?? She's never lived in the city of the court nor was the contract signed in the city of the court where the warrent in debt has been issued. I want to elaborate but don't want to doubt the judges knowledge of the statutes. Should w
  9. Well, not sure what an "arbitration judgement" is but I do know that I got a default judgement from Cap one. Within 3 months......One day tried to use my bank card, was denied. Called, found out cap one took the amount due from my account. Mind you I did NOT have 3 grand in my account so what it did was freeze it. Seriously into the negatives. It stayed that way until the court date. Which I fought and won. Another story in itself. Anyway, they will without telling you, take and HOLD the monies until the court date for a garnishment. If you fight and win it will be released. If you l
  10. I can help with the BK part. I just used the sample outline from this website for my letter. I mailed it directly to the court with a copy of my discharge paper. It was done and vacated within a week. No questions asked, no court date. I would probably do each one seperately. Just my experience.
  11. I was recently told by my lender to start paying my loans that were deferred also. He assured me it would help my score. I did two months ago. We'll see soon if it has helped any. he said it builds a positive payment history. Hope this helps.
  12. One problem, there was no hearing. Unless it's something they did without me. I sent in a motion to vacate to the courts, thinking a court date would be set etc,etc. 4 days later I received the papers back with a copy of the original judgement stamped "released" I remember thinking WOW that was quick! So experian results back today. They DELETED it!!!! Why can't equifax do the same? Still waiting on TU... THis makes my head hurt.
  13. So, my command wants me to get a GTCC for my AT this year. That would be my Annual Training for the reserves. It's the only way to do my training. I charge it up, Navy then reimburses the expenses and I pay the card off. BUT, I wonder if any of you have this and how you got it. It is my understanding the Navy will give one to anyone, yet you have to qualify. My credit absolutely will NOT qualify. Do any of you have any experience with getting this card or being denied for one???? Thanks