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  1. i agree, sending copies of a statements from oc does not prove i owe money to this law firm they did not validate their claim,i will send another letter,perhaps same letter verbatim from November,but didn't their window of opportunity close after 30-45 days?
  2. go t a letter from a law firm claiming i owed them money for a debt 10/30/10, i d/v them 11/25/10, they responded yesterday with actual copies of statements 120 days later , now what? was a cap one debt,they had no signatures of contract between them and me!btw,chargeoff 12/09
  3. went to court and yes they did have a judgement,i beat mbna ,citibank and discover for thousands with debt validation, how did a lawyer get judgement and access to a bank account,is this new ,my credit stuff was done in 2004 is debt validation dead?
  4. went to court and yes the did have a judgement ok,next told by court to fill out forms show cause should i dv them again or just pay, this lawyer seems diabolical i never had these problems or heard of lawyers getting in peoples bank accounts ,i always thought they would go the garnish route , i cleaned my credit up using what i learned here and i have helped other people as well but an alarm company owed 1200 getting a lawyer to sieze assets is scary everyone should be made aware thanks all!
  5. pulled all three credit reports this am, no judgements,no mention in any as a negative not reported the bank is gonna be in hot water they received letter telling them to move 3200 to an escrow acct even tho the balance is ,was 1600, either lawyer misrepresented or bank is lame will keep all posted look forward to reading replies,glenn
  6. can a collection agency or original creditor take money out of your bank account my friend owed 1200 to an alarm co. i dv'ed them, no response of course! they went and took 3250 out of her account without her three months after dv letter did they violate federal laws what can she do what can i do to help,dv again?thanks all,glenn
  7. two inquires shopping for a car almost 20 points i thought shopping around was viewed as one as long as in a 2 week period,
  8. i had a 760 and they deleted because of age and now i'm at 749 figure that out no derogatories at al 780 equifax and 741 experian with 3 paid charge-offs from 2001
  9. whats the law say anyway 1 year or two equifax is one experian says two?
  10. thank you i was just so excited to post good news 1000 pardons
  11. rjm is gone off tu and exp thanks to 2 1/2 dv's 8k but exp is still 665 when will it go back up
  12. your not going to believe this one but thanks to chod and 2 and 1/2 dv's to rjm my collection account is permanently closed and deleted from all cra's it true i checked if i did not read this groups post and ask questions i would be screwed thank you everyone now all i have to do is tell experian to raise my 665 to over 710 but i called EVERY 1888 number they have tonite maybe it will take a week? anyway persistance pays off dont stop cmrrr's and phone call it works 9/2002 eq 550 12/2004 eq747 ex 510 ex665 tu 523 tu708
  13. well i have a clean credit report all 3 thanks to the education i received from this group rjm acquisitions quit after 3 dv's over 13months
  14. gonna try 2104 but still have not recd green and letter cost 4.63